Sun in the 6th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Poor health requiring careful nutrition and diet. Great workers, proud of their work. But they need visible, tangible recognition, and if not, they sulk at bosses and employees and change jobs. Your energy is aimed either at improving your skills, abilities and abilities at work, or at improving, purifying and improving yourself as a person. In all matters you show critical analysis, attention to trifles and details. A strong motivation for you is the desire to bring a state of completeness or optimal functioning to all areas, and you strive for perfection in everything. You easily plunge headlong into what you are doing, in your job, or in matters related to your own health or “growth process.”

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person strives to work with high efficiency (if he is not in the public service, then he is looking for effective ways to solve everyday problems and hygiene problems). It is important for him to take a leading position. If the Sun is not hit, then the relationship with the authorities, subordinates is harmonious, if hit, it behaves defiantly, especially with the authorities; subordinates are pampered, patronized, or authoritarian. The solar consciousness ignores subconscious impulses – the signals of the body do not reach it well. Vulnerable pride disrupts health. Healing methods – sunbathing and “solar” metal – gold. At home he keeps a rooster or a large, bright parrot.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Karma beats with the whip of the slave driver. This position of the Sun in the house will require the development of a lot of hard work, especially if the Sun does not stand quite harmoniously. Every day God sends this person a very specific job, which must be done fairly conscientiously, otherwise, with the accumulation of debts, karmic sanctions will follow in the form of forced labor, for example, illness. A person must understand that his life is a job, and any situation in which he finds himself requires certain actions from him, and which ones can be understood only by asking this question. In this case, a careful study of all situations in which a person finds himself is not a wish, but a karmic necessity. On the other hand, a person is given strength and tools for work, you just need to learn how to use them, and then no one can overtake him. In the absence of elaboration, a person will try to burden others with his work, turning them into his slaves, which can end up in his own enslavement, for example, his own illness or the illness of a close relative, whom it is necessary to take care of and endure all his antics. The difficulty of working out this position of the Sun lies in the fact that the spectrum of work is karmically quite precisely defined, it is always clearly indicated, and a person’s freedom lies not in the choice of work, but in the manner of its execution, which is often difficult to come to terms with initially. This position of the Sun rarely gives good health. Most often, some vulnerable areas are identified (they will be indicated by the aspects of Saturn), which will require constant attention, prevention, etc., otherwise chronic diseases quickly arise. The dietary regime is important, which should be found and strictly adhered to; it will most likely be individualized, but it will bring very positive results, significantly increasing the tone. When this person is healthy, he appears as a model of strength and energy, such are portrayed on posters confirming the strength of gymnastics and tempering.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This disposition usually indicates a strong, cheerful character. Such people can be involved in conflicts, but they get out of them with success. They are independent in character but serve well. They are interested in the customs of other countries and often travel overseas. They can successfully work in the fields of medicine, law, and politics. They meet very important persons or become well-known people themselves.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Illness and treatment. Illness and nurturing health recovery are central themes of life. You came to Earth in order to investigate and correct everything that interferes with the restoration of the integrity of both your own and other people. Even when you are healthy, disease is still present in your life; she will be connected to you in some important way. This is often a professional interest in health and treatment. Any significant disorder is usually associated with pride and self-esteem. The trap lies in compliance, in literal surrender – in surrender to diseases of the body or neurotic conditions. The challenge is to recuperate through persistent research on the topic of health; Explore and practice a variety of treatments Unequal relationships You are very susceptible to the ritual of communication of individuals with different social status. The fulfillment of your goals depends on how well you behave when communicating with your superiors or subordinates. The trap is confusion and confusion in front of authority. When we give in to a judge, policeman, lawyer, lawyer or doctor or even a priest, we do so out of respect for the position, not out of respect for them as people. The intrinsic quality of a person is not necessarily reflected in the social position he or she occupies. The challenge for you is to treat each individual in accordance with their role in society, while striving at the same time to honor equality in the spiritual realm. Curiously, it’s a lot easier for you to be in the subordinate position, but the boss’s role brings you anxiety. Duty and service. It is very important for you to be useful to someone; if you do not show a sincere interest in helping other people, then you are disconnected from the source of cosmic energy that feeds your being. However, the likelihood of such a disconnection is small, and even if the disconnection occurs, the contact is quickly restored, because you immediately feel the outflow of vital energy. A huge danger is the feeling of inability to provide full help to other people. It is very important for you to be proud of the services you provide. The worst trap is accentuated subservience – false humility, which is actually self-blackening, posing as loyalty. It is necessary to show true humility in service, in rendering assistance. However, do not forget that compensation or payment for service is also very important for the fulfillment of your life purpose. Accepting gratitude is as important to you as providing competent help. Technical thinking. One aspect of your life goal is to turn analysis into a skillful lifestyle. When you use your mind to organize and comprehend a sequence of events or logical processes, then you are connected to the source of universal energy that fills your fuel tanks. As discernment turns into mindful reflection, the energy you acquire becomes more pure. Let your mind rush to the significant, even if it starts with the trivial. The challenge is to observe and interact with what interests you; learn how it works and empathically learn why it exists and what function it performs in the wider world Discipline and patterns. The regularity of your life is extremely important to you. A life without discipline is not life at all. You are on Earth in order to understand the essence of efficiency in order to increase productivity in the area of your pragmatic and spiritual aspirations. The real regularity of your life depends on other factors, such as the sign of the Sun and aspects to it, but do not forget that through regular work you can come into closer contact with life energy. The trap is not to see the forest behind the trees, while the task is to organize all the layers of “I” so that they shine with the light of efficiency.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is an excellent worker and organizer who can be rightfully proud of his achievements. A determined and devoted person who values highly the beauty of the body, a healthy lifestyle, hygiene and proper nutrition. Emotional well-being requires that life go on in the order it sets out. A positive attitude towards people helps him to overcome physical weakness and overcome ill health. He is successful as a responsible employee and a persistent athlete. Such people usually recover for a long time. They want to stand out from the environment through hard work and service to others. They need visible, tangible recognition, and if not, they tend to change jobs. As bosses, they are strict and authoritative, as employees – they require special privileges, equality and recognition. Such people are accustomed to instinctively taking care of their health, and therefore often gravitate towards the medical profession. Their opinion of themselves often depends on the quality and volume of the work done. Their vitality is somewhat reduced, there is a tendency towards dystrophic and chronic inflammatory processes. There may be a lot of disappointments in your own family due to confrontation with a life partner, separation and separation. The parents of such a person are usually ordinary and not rich. These people are most successful as secretaries or healers. Their interest in esoteric knowledge is associated with the desire for enrichment. These people were born to serve others, and only in this way can they create authority for themselves, and then only among relatives and subordinates. The bosses often hinder the development of such people, forcing them to immerse themselves in routine work, and are not inclined to adequately reward for their work. Often such people are involved in ritual services or veterinary medicine.


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