Sun in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Taste for life, strong will, creative self-expression, optimism, love for company, pleasure, desire to be noticed and loved. They are ambitious, fond of music, theater, art, and sometimes sports. They behave like on stage, looking for adventure and pleasure. Cloudless mood, cheerful disposition, many friends, sometimes they are childishly naive, egocentric. They love children and are actively involved in their upbringing. But often they have little or no children of their own. By nature you are a dramatic, creative, expressive person, you love to be on stage. You like to be in the spotlight, to shine, and you are looking for an opportunity to excel, to be outstanding at something. You are very interested in your creativity and self-expression, and it gives you great pleasure to develop and use your special talents, in whatever area they are manifested – in art, sports or intellectual activity. You are very proud.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives great artistic ability, the desire to show oneself, the ability to advertise. Self-dramatization. The presence or absence of children plays a crucial role. A person is amorous, passionate, looking for a holiday.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Artist. The sun in the V house is a symbolic ruler. This is a difficult situation, since here the Sun, unless it is completely harmonious, imposes high obligations on a person and strictly monitors their implementation. Here, the solar imperative shifts the emphasis from personality to role, which has an extremely negative effect on self-esteem. Karma, in fact, karma requires from a person a clear and perfect fulfillment of certain roles, for which he must create the corresponding external images of “I”, and it is for their quality that a person is responsible to the Absolute, while such a life attitude is in sharp contrast with the opinion of the public subconscious , which assigns an extremely insignificant place to the external images of “I”: it is important to be something or someone (I or X house), and not to represent the image (the only exception is made by a professional actor). At the same time, the Sun in the V house constantly puts a person in a situation where a very definite role is literally imposed on him (which one, the aspects of the V house will show), and he is interested in his personality and other details to a much lesser extent than the quality of this role. At a low level, a person can sharply protest, reject the role or play it deliberately ugly, for which later (as a rule, immediately) is severely punished. Working out consists in finding your attitude to what is happening and playing a role, having precisely defined the image, in no case being identified with it. At a high level, this is a very creative nature, creating strong and definite images, but the direction of creativity is rigidly indicated by fate. God is quite close to this person, but first of all he demands strict fulfillment of his instructions and orders, and punishes for failure to fulfill; but it provides external protection just as definitely.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people have a strong, attractive body and a high social position. They are good counselors and teachers. They travel a lot and love to reflect. They love games and entertainment. Stomach problems can be expected, a small number of children, or they can have a child with any health problems.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conscious person. The position of the Sun in the 5th house suggests that you are truly the “star” of your own movie of life. For this position, the person and the paradox of controlled, but still spontaneous behavior accompanying this person are decisive. You came to Earth to develop awareness of the radiant energy of the ego and to use that energy like an actor, feeding it into the role of the consciously chosen ego. Every time you see your name on a huge billboard illuminated by spotlights, every time you are in the center of rapt attention, you absorb the basic life energy, which is then converted for use in other realms of the soul. The trap is to be so self-centered, so in love with the presentation of your own ego that other people will be rejected by you. Pomp does not suit your nobility. The challenge is to consciously cultivate a powerful personal charisma while maintaining receptivity to both the audience and other performers. Romance, giving love. Life is a never-ending romantic adventure. You are a courtier who does nothing but stalk your potential lovers. The center of your life purpose is love, risk, excitement, the refined thrill of courtship. The theatrical aspect of love play is part of your being, a way of absorbing life energy from space. If you stop the creative flow of love for a short time, then the flow of energy will be sharply reduced, and you will restore homeostasis due to the “outward radiation” of the accumulated unfulfilled deeds. But if this flow is stopped for a long time, then your life energy can be jeopardized. Love alone is not enough, you must have a powerful impact on other people for this love to manifest itself. Create charisma first, then learn to use it properly. Sex is an important part of your life goal. You strive to be “the world’s greatest lover”. Focusing energy on another person, experiencing the thrill of seeing, touching and feeling the result of such mental – and physical – penetration is a life experience that leads directly to your being. Naturally, the sign in which the Sun is located and aspects to it greatly modify the attitude towards love games, but in any case, a real experience of confirming one’s own significance, acquired through the successful manifestation of sexual fervor, is important for you. Do you like the idea of having children. However, whether you like raising them is a completely different question. Personal creativity. By nature, you are a creative person, and it matters to you what exactly you intend to develop and manifest in life. You can take the artistic path, but it is more likely that you will find your place in the world for other reasons, and then try to use it as a channel or arena for your creative impulses. Whether your creativity will develop or not, creativity will be successful, or vice versa – it all depends on a myriad of factors that do not affect the state of the Sun and generally do not obey the symbolic instructions of astrology, on such qualities as “heart”, character development and especially flexibility in front of face of criticism. Competition. Life is a game of chance, a game that ends in victory or defeat, and no one values it as highly as you do. Every time you take a risk, every time you compete, life energy flows into you. The essence of your life is a paradoxical balance between confidence and risk. Victory or defeat plays no role here. The challenge is to play at full strength, as consciously as possible for you. Play with inspiration.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

He is a strong, popular, creative and enjoyable person. He is pleased with love and children, he is accompanied by success in love affairs, perhaps many romantic adventures. He knows how to handle children perfectly, but he is not inclined to have many children. Can excel in theater, teaching, art, sports and stock exchange. It is dangerous to develop a propensity to exploit others and mental exhibitionism. Aspect gives a taste for life, communicates a strong will and promotes vivid creative self-expression. He is an avid optimist who loves company and pleasure, who wants to be noticed by others and loved by everyone. He is ambitious and ambitious, shows an interest in music and strives to create in everything. In life, he behaves as if on stage and finds a lot of adventures and pleasures on his head. Usually he is surrounded by many friends. His mood in most cases is cloudless, his temper is cheerful, marked by a strange naivety, infantilism and almost childish egocentrism. He is not very subtle in communication and is almost always full of conceit. The admiring attention of others is very important to him. Often, out of blind self-confidence and a penchant for theatricality, he puts himself at great risk. Likes to raise children, but only for his own pleasure. This is a passionate and ardent lover, consumed by an all-consuming passion, at the same time capable of loyalty to his beloved. Such a person often becomes greedy and jealous, especially if the Sun is affected. People around him have involuntary respect, which helps him in acquiring successful and profitable relationships. He is successful as a stock speculator, investor, entrepreneur and show business organizer. This aspect brings success in trade and big business, helping self-enrichment and promoting speculation. Such a person does not hesitate to tell his friends about his love affairs and romantic adventures. Perhaps he will profit from public lectures, teaching activities, or stage performances.



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