Sun in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A passionate desire to have your own home, family, pride in family heritage, can behave like aristocrats. The first part of life is a tough struggle, and in the end – well-being and reliability. Love for the homeland and nature, addiction to land and home. You are a secretive person, strive to avoid crowds and public gatherings. You prefer to work from home or in some very personal area of your small business. You put a lot of creative energy into your home, family, and your inner life.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person’s task is to become the head of the family. The main place in his life is occupied by household chores, although his own house appears rather late. For a long time he has been fighting for leadership in the house. Strong connection with father, grandfather. Family traditions play an important role. Khlebosol. Interested in history, agriculture. Patriotism, conservatism.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Father of the world. This is a difficult position, since it is imperative and requires from a person the development of an individual, inherent only life position, awareness of it and subsequent embodiment in external life. At the 3rd level of working at home, a person will feel that his will is often directly controlled by God, and the main role in the world is building the foundation of existence. This position signifies a rather demanding father, who at an early age placed great responsibility on the child; later, fate does the same, for example, through the immediate boss at work, who seems to feel this position of the 4th house of his subordinate, without even drawing up a horoscope. This position at home means the need to restructure the entire human psyche, starting from life positions, obeying an internal development program, the details of which will show the aspects of the Sun and the horoscope as a whole. Opens the prospect of the full development of the Principle of Will. The sun in the 4th house imposes on a person the creation of a self-sufficient reality – both psychic and external, subject to the rules that he will find in the depths of his subconscious. Insufficient elaboration leads to strong, often repressed, existential complexes; deep down, a person feels that his God is not happy with him (the psychoanalyst will say: negative fixation on the image of the father), hence the constant (unsuccessful) attempts at self-affirmation, often at the expense of others, the general meaning of which is approximately the following: “Well, tell me that I I’m worth something! ” When working out, a person takes responsibility; at a low level, he just as diligently avoids it, which is (karmically) impermissible for him, and he must at some point feel it, and then also put it into practice, which is not at all easier. In family life, they will try to assign all affairs and responsibility to this person, whether he wants it or not. When the Sun is defeated, he may try to pervert the situation and become a family tyrant, but this will not bring him emotional and existential satisfaction. He must build his home and family relationships, starting from the foundation, and only he himself knows how to do it.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people are educated, they own the land. They are usually close to their home and like to work indoors. They have good intelligence, few close friends, incomplete education and many opportunities to travel. They own houses and maintain friendships with important people. These people have a good heart, they work for the good of the state or for the sake of some good cause.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Microcosm. The position of the Sun in the 4th house indicates that you came to Earth to realize that you are ultimately the center of everything in life. The essence of your life is to show your all-round self-centeredness in as personal a form as possible. You are clearly modestly behaving where undisguised self-expression is required, for the 4th house is not only conservative, but also personal, and the position of the Sun in this house shows that the preservation of essential privacy, mystery connects you to the source of vital energy – this is a way of protecting your significance. The goal is to protect your sense of the divine center without rejecting the subjective experience of the Divinity of others. Home, family and traditional values that shape the sense of personal security are your core, core. Your goal in life is to achieve and maintain safety; decide what family means to you; provide complete safety for yourself and earn the full approval and acceptance of those people who are emotionally important to you. Whether you feel safe or not, you inevitably return to your quest for the perfect nest anyway. The Sun sign and aspects to it indicate the type of family security that is best suited for your evolutionary development. In the event of a crisis, you will sacrifice everything just to protect your family. Emotional clichés. Emotional clichés and early life environments create a center from which everything in your life arises. Although the matrix of family systems is important for each of us, regardless of the location of the Sun, for you the family is the axis of existence. In your family, you experienced the first feeling of self-importance, but curiously, it was more critical for you to be accepted by the world outside your family. It is likely that this acceptance ended with either the triumph of approval or the trauma of rejection. If the imprints are positive, then your life unfolds as an endless, happy sentimentality, and if they are negative, then your life turns into a long and painful desire to excavate, reveal and free yourself through understanding and approval. A parent who is “internally connected” with a person. One or both of your parents have had a big impact on your development, even more than you usually think. You were very attached to the parent who raised you, for you needed more emotional warmth than other people. This connection exists regardless of what experience you have, positive or negative. Regardless of whether the parent who has an inner connection with you was your mother or your father, you strive to give your memories a “mother” quality. What you learn from your parents and about your parents directly and powerfully influences your awareness of your own central role as a parent, as your life purpose revolves around the themes of protection and safety. In this position of the Sun, it is often useful to understand parental influence, to separate myth from fact, because the task is to develop the best that you know about parents and correct their flaws. Private intuition. Personal intuition is a natural method of rejuvenation, often very important to ignore or take for granted. The internal driver locator is often more coercive than the circumstances of ordinary life. You are seeking contact with the deepest, most personal sanctuary of the self. Every time you truly contact your inner self, life energy flows into your whole being. This is a “return home” to oneself, this is a life built around the answers to the question: “What do I need to feel whole, safe and secure?”

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

The bonds of such a person with parents and children are very strong. Family life plays a special role in its existence. In case of improper development, there is a desire to leave the parental home early. Such a person takes the accumulation of property very seriously and takes good care of the existing property. The desire for self-defense is very strong, the unconscious desire to be safe is great. Such a person is deeply attached to his own roots, his actions and initiatives stem from deep motives that are not demonstrated to others. He is passionate about having his own home and making his family happy. He is proud of his family heritage, tends to be aristocratic in behavior. He strives to turn his home into a standard of beauty. The first part of life is full of struggle and severe trials, but the completion of the earthly path is marked by considerable prosperity and a reliable property situation. Loves his homeland and nature. Very passionately attached to the land and home. Perhaps an inability to get along with their parents, a tendency to be overly proud of their own family and a tendency to tyranny in managing household chores. Such a person strives to become the head of the family by all means. He wants to dispose of the property at his own discretion in any situation. By the end of his life, his aspirations, hopes and desires come true. Aspect favors professional real estate transactions and occupations related to land and home. It is possible to receive a large inheritance from the parents. The life of such people is characterized by noticeable financial success. Often such people acquire their own land and gravitate towards building their own estate. They are very attached to their home and their country. Internal development is often hampered by a difficult relationship with a father. Such people are distinguished by longevity if the Sun is not affected. They are very attentive to their relatives and their problems. They are impressionable and even vulnerable, which is not necessarily combined with sensitivity to the feelings of others. Most often, they are surrounded by the love of relatives and the care of parents.


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