Sun in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The inclination to intellectual activity, interest in science, the desire to enrich themselves with knowledge in order to understand the internal mechanisms of life processes are very curious. The need for study and communication is of great importance to you; You are very good at expressing yourself as a writer, teacher, or in the dissemination of ideas and information. In a conversation, you are convincing and able to influence people with words. Restless and inquisitive, you like to be on the move, you like short trips and excursions, allowing you to see what is happening in the world around you.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

For a person, contacts are especially important, a strong attitude towards communication and mutual understanding, he likes to make new acquaintances in different cities. Can authoritatively express the most commonplace things. Great craving for variety, at the same time is fond of several activities. She learns well in the process of communication, in game situations. When the Sun is affected, he spreads rumors, discusses others.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The foundation of the learning process is not the teacher’s rod, but the student’s backside. This position of the Sun in the 3rd house gives a great tension in social contacts. In general, the position of the Sun in the house, as a rule, means its defeat, since it gives an imperative need for working out, which a person does not initially suspect. The sun in the third house gives a great activity of the social environment, which rarely leaves a person alone, forcing him to show will and initiative in a variety of relationships with people. Man, on the other hand, has power over them; his words are usually listened to, and this is the subject of temptation; the main karmic task of this position is the development of social ethics. If the Sun in the II house gives the temptation to become the ruler of the entire environment, i.e. of the entire external world (including the geographical environment), then the Sun in the III house limits its desires to the social environment, but makes them more specific. At a low level, this gives a complex of social greatness, which leads to the fact that a person in social communication constantly asserts himself at the expense of others, humiliating them. Elaboration, which means, first of all, the replacement of the principle “people owe me” to the opposite principle, gives greater power over society. This situation is good for major public figures, politicians, some ministers and in general those in power who, by their nature, are in direct contact with their people. At the intermediate level, these are all kinds of professions related to interacting with the flow of people: service industry, secretaries, translators, journalists, etc. The sun in the third house signifies an imperative need for constant practical training; what exactly, the position of the Sun in the sign, its aspects and the very life of a person will show, which will make this training necessary, and only the degree of his conscientiousness will depend on the person. Over the years, a person will understand that none of his learning efforts (and there will be a lot of them) ultimately do not go to waste. This position provides a natural teacher who will have direct power over students and the temptation to abuse it, just as in his youth he was most likely suppressed by the figures of some of his teachers. The teacher needs to learn to give students more freedom and remember that any teaching in the III house (practical) must be combined with the spiritual (IX house), at least in a background image.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

For the Sun, this is a good, strong position, indicating a person born into a good family. They are inventive, active people with skillful hands, expressive. They are good storytellers or writers, treat others well, have good health, and have a good reputation. These people show courage and conviction.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. The position of the Sun in the third house shows that you are fascinated by the stimuli generated by any natural or human environment. Quality is less important than quantity, content is less important than form, for your life is full of violent surface activity that creates a huge amount of energy for all other life processes. Depth is less valuable to you than breadth. It should also be noted that simple daily activities are as important to you as breathing. Where there is no movement, there is no life. The central task of your life is to discover the infinite variety of what is “not-you”, to nourish yourself with this variety and to interact vigorously with the environment. Concrete thinking. This level is the main level of interpretation of the 3rd house; The position of the Sun in this house indicates that the essence of your life purpose is the evolution of a particular mindset. The development and use of rational mental faculties becomes your first priority. Your pride is directly related to the development and expression of your intellect, and the same is true of your shame. The view that all kinds of life experiences are to be regarded as teaching is true to some extent for all of us, but it is especially true for those people in whose chart the Sun is in the 3rd house. For you, learning is the essence of all interactions; logic, rationalism and categorization are all ways to absorb and transform life energy for personal use. Curiosity may or may not be a strong personality trait in your display to the world. You may appear calm and self-centered. But what we see on the surface is determined by many other factors. And once you open up, there is no doubt that curiosity becomes a fundamental source of motivation for your actions. It lifts you to your feet, makes you strive, and even when life becomes unbearable, as it sometimes happens, curiosity revives you, lifting your spirit. Basic education is the foundation for fulfilling your life. It is not one of your equal growth phases, but rather represents a stumbling block from which everything in your life later grows and flourishes. If the acquired experience of primary education is positive, then the child’s life will sound with all the chords. On the other hand, if this experience is reduced to nothing, then much that comes to a person later in life will be the result of struggle. In any case, everything rests on the fundamental concepts of basic education: reading, writing; and speech. Education is a significant part of the essence of your life; and it should be especially noted that with this position of the sun, communication is the cornerstone of learning. You, more than other people, depend on your ability to verbal communication, for the development and use of the rational abilities of your nervous system is the key to achieving life goals. You want your words to carry the light of your self. As is usual for the Sun, the sign in which it is located and aspects to it will indicate the tonal quality of communication and speech patterns. But regardless of sign and aspect, the topic is central to you. Anything that cannot be understood through thought or speech is less valuable to your development. Communication is the fuel line that fills the life energy tank.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person knows how to attract the attention of others. He has a scientific mind and a harmonious combination of optimism and flexibility. Able to make the right decisions at the right time. Surely a good speaker and writer. He loves to travel, willingly gets involved in all things happening around him. Childhood, most likely, was happy, relatives played a big role in life. Either he is impartial and able to control himself, or arrogant and inclined to dominate others. He seeks to prove himself in the intellectual sphere, characterized by broad scientific interests and a desire to enrich himself with various knowledge in order to understand the internal mechanisms of life processes. Curiosity is intense, he is tirelessly interested in new objects and unexpected things. The mind is resourceful, creative and generous. The mental faculties are easily used to realize the pursuit of success and fame. Such a person willingly enlightens others and is able, in cooperation, to bring them great benefit due to the development of his own mind. The development of pride and conceit is very dangerous. Logic and memory are well developed. There is a penchant for literary activity and journalism. Such people successfully master foreign languages and willingly go on trips. Success in philology and philosophy is possible. Such a person enters into his environment easily and freely, easily asserting himself among acquaintances and expressing himself strongly and brightly. A well-known “superiority complex” over the environment and a tendency to dominate one’s environment are possible. Often, such people show an interest in pedagogy and reforming social reality in order to rationalize and streamline it. They easily change their own views if they see them as defective. It is not uncommon for such people to advance quickly and achieve great influence.