Sun in the 2nd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The desire to accumulate money and property in order to develop life, and not just for your own pleasure. Money is earned to achieve financial independence. Ownership gives you a sense of security and you are very partial to what you own. You also have a natural, instinctive understanding of everything related to economics, finance, trade and the valuation of goods.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person pays great attention to property issues, ensuring material independence, acquires things that are large in size, durable, prestigious. He is fond of collecting gold jewelry, objects of art, luxury, as well as objects related to the transfer of energy and light – chandeliers, lanterns, mirrors. The channels of energy supply are associated with solar radiation, a person receives energy through light waves, does not need a large amount of solid food. With a strong position – an excess of vital energy, hypersexuality.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Hear the voice of one crying in the wilderness. In general, the fact of the presence of the Sun in the house means an imperative need to work out the latter, and therefore, as a rule, some of its defeat, regardless of the aspects of the Sun. In this case, a person experiences the imperative influence of the environment, in different cases in different ways, but forcing a person to develop a well-defined ethics of behavior in situations of the second house, which often differs from the general social one. Moreover, the environment forces him to form a personal system of values, which may also be unusual. This, frankly, is not an easy task, but the accepted ethics and values still do not suit a person, and if he does not develop and acquire his own, he feels extremely uncomfortable, like a traveler in the night without a roof over his head. On the contrary, the study of the second house will make him a great authority; many will listen to his opinion on ethical issues and follow him. At the same time, this provision implies great responsibility, a person should be very precise in his interactions with the environment, and especially in financial matters, otherwise he risks profaning spiritual values. For example, when handing over a manuscript, he must demand from the publisher an amount corresponding to the inspiration invested in his work (minus civil pathos), and not a penny more or less. At a low level of working out the Sun in the II house, a person constantly thinks that he is always and in everything right, and especially in matters of ethics, and the ultimate truth climbs out of him into the surrounding space, although the latter makes at times weak attempts to resist … or he decisively sets tasks, much to the bewilderment and offense of a person who always has in mind only the best and most correct.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people are internally strong, although outwardly calm. They can work hard for money and are capable of supporting a large family. They are able to show persistence and suffer losses, opposing the authorities. They can control themselves in food; suffer from dental diseases; they speak proudly, significantly; their appearance is impressive. These people are educated, have an average financial position. For some time they somehow serve in the governing bodies, live independently of their parents, but receive financial support from them.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-esteem. Position (The sun in the 2nd house indicates that a person’s essential life purpose is centered on the topic of self-judgment. Psychological self-esteem determines the direction and fulfillment of your life as a whole. Everything in your life will eventually return to self-esteem, and any the experience can be assessed directly through your personal sense of its significance – past you, for you, through you.If you do not believe in yourself, then in a hurry you will go nowhere.So first accept yourself as you are without worrying about what happens, and then try to make that acceptance manifest through you. Ownership. Here we also note the fundamental importance of personal identity manifested through property. The root purpose of your life can be understood through the study of personal property – which is “mine” ? The most natural kind of property for you is indicated by other factors, such as the sign in which the Sun is located, and aspects to it. being is a trap, and your pursuit of superiority in the number of possessions is the road leading to the realization of your life goal. Self-esteem is a task to be accomplished, while other people’s immunity or exclusion is a pit to avoid. Money. The acquisition of wealth is a central theme around which your life unfolds. Do you always have enough money? Can you have too many for your own good? Does money really reveal your true value as a person? You came to Earth in order to find out the meaning of the concept of “earnings”; possessions or money are important for the fulfillment of life only when they are earned, and thus they can be considered truly as a product of personal labor. The trap is to judge everything in purely monetary terms. The challenge is to base your self-esteem on the quality of the work you do to earn money, not on the money itself, and then enjoy spending money on yourself. The central self must be involved in any kind of personal activity. Do not skimp on anything and maintain integrity, either working with your self or having fun with it. Work is at the heart of the self-creation process, and its productivity is proof of personal value. As with all levels of this house, where the position of the Sun is considered. the analysis of the sign in which the Sun is located, and the aspects to it, is especially important for assessing the style of personal work, the trap is inconsistency. You can undermine your work by believing, on the one hand, that it is worthless, and on the other hand, that your work deserves more than the market estimates it. The challenge is for you to experience your bodily nature in its entirety. The sweat of your work is a tangible manifestation of your spiritual virtue. The principle of having fun is critical to you. You will learn that being in a physical body is temporary and that a significant part of being in a physical body is associated with feelings of pleasure. Touch is a purely personal experience, and your life is filled with contacts to a much greater extent than the lives of other people, you live by them, because contact connects you to the sources of cosmic energy necessary for the operation of your human apparatus; the challenge for you is to make sure that each physical event reveals its positive feelings. Squeeze every drop of pleasure out of the world.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This person is constantly looking for values, he is able to literally “attract” money, although they may not always stay with him. He loves luxury and splendor: what he possesses serves as a symbol of his position. Has powerful friends. More often comes from a prosperous and financially secure family. Financial well-being is one of the main goals of life. It is very important for such a person to learn how to share what is available with others. Its main task is to ensure a constant flow of money and property, not only for the sake of personal satisfaction, but for the development of life in general. It is very important to resolve the issue of the distribution of existing wealth. Such people always strive for financial independence and sustainable earnings. It seems to them that they are able to draw attention to themselves with just wealth. In order to enrich themselves, they tend to manipulate others and impose opinions that are beneficial to them. Easily spend money on expensive jewelry and luxury items in order to stand out and satisfy their egos. Money is acquired by personal zeal and considerable effort, with which the father and older acquaintances usually help. Often, profits grow due to successful production management or due to the occupation of a responsible position in the official hierarchy. The bosses favor such a person. He is prone to pleasure and extensive social contacts. Sometimes it is even generous, but only with guaranteed material security. Such a person is perceived by those around him as well-to-do. He not only earns easily, but also willingly spends money. Benefit and benefit, prosperity and prosperity come to him through patronage and patronage. He often takes part in large-scale business and is engaged in wholesale trade. The well-being achieved is invariably the result of innate abilities, one’s own work and personal merit. Such people are inclined to carry out large-scale, but concrete and realizable entrepreneurial projects.



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