Sun in the 12th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The tendency to withdraw into oneself, are often lonely and shy away from normal contacts. Find self-affirmation by working in hospitals, shelters, physical and spiritual retreats. Secret activity. They may have very powerful secret enemies, or unconsciously be their own enemies. You are interested in helping professions or activities where your efforts are not visible, where you can act behind the scenes. The need to assert yourself or stand in front of an audience can cause you great discomfort.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The task of a person is to pay off the debts of the collective. Karma of the team or society in which he was born. “Hostage of the system.” He hides his pride, ambition, desire to dominate, drives it into the subconscious. Has an inner feeling of losing his “I”. Circumstances conducive to introspection are associated with praise, praise. This world looks as if from the outside. Likes to play alone. It’s a game with yourself – good, good-natured, graceful.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

God is the creator. The will of this person (karmically) should be directed to impersonal service to the Absolute, and if a person does not do this, karma takes its own unequivocal measures in order to direct him along this path. In a harmonious version, the pressure of fate does not cause a person any special inconveniences, he quite voluntarily does what she offers him, and is not inclined to grumble; only, he sometimes lacks conscientiousness, firstly, due to the general relaxing effect of harmonious aspects, and secondly, because the responsibility of serving in the 12th house becomes obvious only at a high level of human development. Nevertheless, even with a completely harmonious Sun, a person feels his difference and remoteness from all other people and from the world as a whole, as if a thin, but quite tangible shell covers him. The meaning of this shell, constant confinement, is not to separate a person from the world, but to separate him from his own lower manifestations, so that he can perform his service at a sufficiently high level. However, a person rarely correctly understands his position and purpose, especially in his youth, and often seeks to destroy this shell and be with everyone like everyone else, sometimes trying specifically for this purpose to indulge in debauchery, which still will not satisfy him and will not provide the desired result. The defeat of the Sun gives a tough karmic program – the outside world leads a person along a complex, but clearly defined path, and he must learn to adjust his will to the imperative orders of the Absolute, as if guessing them, which is given only by long practice and the complete abolition of arrogance and personal attitude to his life … This person is a hostage of the Absolute, and he is allowed to realize only inner freedom: external restrictions must be observed. A strong-willed riot here leads to disaster (for example, hospitalization). Working through requires the ability to calm and humble one’s lower will, and then a person opens his own and partially world karma, and within its framework – the freedom of life creativity. This position of the Sun predetermines the need for sacrifices, mainly in the form of restricting external free will, and one must learn to see these restrictions and voluntarily follow them, perceiving them as indications of the correct path. At a low level – the fate of a prisoner of circumstances or a jailer of his loved ones. The main hidden enemy is one’s own voluntarism, the imperatives of the “ego”, perceived as absolute or as indications of the higher “I”. This person understands very well the rejected, unhappy and lonely, and feels his duty to them, but he will selflessly help them only with a significant study of this position of the Sun: at a low level he will hope for a reward, on the average he will secretly wait for a feeling of unity, return sympathy, or even though admiration and fleeting power over those whom he helped. In general, there are many secrets, mysteries, mystical coincidences in life, the meaning of which should be sought more in the inner life than in the outer one.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This person may have spiritual knowledge and have little interest in material name and fame. Such people have poor eyesight, they separate early from their father and show weakness or indecision if they become a leader in any business. They often change their activities, may lose a child, love to travel, visit foreign countries and often live in secluded or unusual places.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Imagination. Fantasy is central to your life. No dreams – no life energy. Fantasies are created around two groups of images: monumental conceit, where you command the entire universe, or total sacrifice, liberation from the “I” and dissolution in space. The difference is that one image expands the ego, while the other evaporates it, but the end result is identical: reunification with everything. The trap is not distinguishing between what is real and what is only possible; what is really happening and what is happening in your imagination. Don’t get lost in the Twilight Zone; you can get crazy. The task is not to offer resistance to any of the spaces. Let dreams influence your real life and vice versa, and let fantasies gently guide your development, rather than cloud reality. Defocused intuition. Give your intuitive perception an important place in your life, without controlling the specifics of what you accept, and your life will be filled with energy and sound. Drop your intuition and you will block access to cosmic energy. Do not strain trying to understand why you are entering streams of images, feelings, bits of information. Don’t try to figure out what they mean and what you should do with them. Your job is to remain radiantly calm, vibrantly quiet. The trap is misinterpretation, creating complex shapes, but omitting the truth. The task is to become a clean channel through which the universe could send messages; become a prism for invisible light. Separation or solitude. You need to move away from ordinary life very often. You need privacy to recharge. Your life purpose is revealed when you are most isolated from life. You return to the world with renewed enthusiasm. You are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, a real person and just a vessel into which divine revelations are poured. The balance of this paradox, the simultaneous existence of both poles give you strength. Meditation in any form is essential. Selfless help. When you give all of yourself with complete compassion, then you are directly connected to your divinity. When you act by forgiving, you are absorbing the life force. When you surrender yourself, then you fulfill what is destined for fate. But this surrender does not mean martyrdom for you. You shouldn’t sacrifice yourself at all. Instead, you need to make people understand that we are all passengers on the same ship. Do not try to be a saint, for quite often such behavior is a boomerang reflected in the growth of your egoism. Respond with all your being, with your whole life to that power that does not come from the ordinary human self, but from above. “Not my will, but Yours.” “Past lives.” Your past lives press on you, disturb you so that you feel and understand them. You need to combine the entire set of past lives in the current incarnation into one whole if you want the holistic evolutionary pattern to be filled with spiritual meaning. The exact nature of these lives cannot be judged from the position of the sun alone. However, we can assume that their basis is the development of the effectiveness of the existence of the individual with the help of the fullness of individual power. In addition, it can be said that your relationship with your father or other authority figures is of a karmic nature. A natural enough trap is to repeat the mistakes of the past without letting go of attachment to it, which allows these patterns to play a major role in your life. The task is to see in every event a sign of the past and adjust your behavior accordingly. As a result, you can achieve true spontaneity, and not be destroyed by repetitive cycles of unconscious response.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Although such a person lacks self-confidence and loves to spend significant time alone, he is still able to understand the subconscious part of his own nature. Until the age of 30, he is under the influence of many restrictions. He is attracted to work in organizations, charities and research centers, although more often he likes to stay out of sight. Aspect is great for acting, as playing a certain role helps to hide your true feelings. If the planetary energy is misused, such a person becomes a great enemy to himself. He must learn to serve others and never allow himself to indulge in self-pity. Such people like to go into their own depths in order to explore the sources of their subconscious. They often live alone and avoid active social contacts. Even if they occupy a leading position, they prefer to act “from behind the scenes”. Show an active interest in psychology and esotericism. They assert themselves in their work in hospitals, orphanages, church institutions and prisons. Improper use of energy enhances neurasthenic tendencies, creates extreme shyness and even unsociability. There is a desire to guide others in secret and covert means. Such people are unconsciously selfish and openly strive for power, although they do not show it, because their lust for power is hidden in the depths of the psyche. And the leadership style itself is discreet and bright, but behind the scenes and mysterious. Such a person often has a lot of strong secret enemies. The tastes and inclinations of such a person are very rare and unusual. They can achieve success in medicine, chemistry and esotericism. They need calm, safe and solitary activities, as solitude allows them to assert themselves and avoid disturbing conflicts. Their life takes place far from their homes, help and mercy come immediately after realizing their needs and requirements. They are prone to self-sacrifice, love inconspicuousness, patiently endure solitude and are often busy looking for exciting situations that could awaken their perceptions and “tickle their nerves.” They achieve success in life by honest, selfless work, overcoming significant obstacles on the way to it. There is a tendency to mystical perception of the world, which leads to alienation from people. The bosses treat such employees with a poorly concealed dislike, since rumors and gossip create a bad reputation for such a person. If energy is misused, health is weak. There is a tendency to unwittingly create conditions for limiting one’s own freedom. Often such people are interested in naturopathy, herbal medicine, astrology, hypnosis and extrasensory perception. Their life is full of travel and travel. The premature death of the father is not excluded, especially with the defeat of the Sun.



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