Sun in the 11th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Striving for friendship and cooperation, scientific adventurism, ingenuity. Often the tendency to gain recognition through creative achievement alone or in teamwork. Strong humanism, love for one’s neighbor, respect for human dignity, bias, preference or addiction is alien. Leading groups and classes, engaging in group interests, social activities, participating in all events or movements – these are the areas where you really shine and show your creativity. It is natural for you to be aware of political affairs, to follow how individual activities affect society.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Friends and like-minded people play an important role in a person’s life. He is immersed in group activity, manifests himself in small teams, companies. The stronger the main card, the greater the likelihood of leadership. Expects active, expressive behavior in romantic relationships from a partner. Planning your life path Far ahead. Expectations affect the moment.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

True friendship is felt by circumstantial evidence. The sun in the 11th house is in symbolic confinement. This person feels inside himself responsibility for all the affairs and life of the group – both internal and external. Through it there is a live broadcast of the will of the group egregor, which is painful, especially when the Sun is struck: the egregor will be unstable, and its instructions and will are contradictory. This will also affect the person’s relationship with the team: on the one hand, he will be highly respected, and many of his wishes will be fulfilled unquestioningly, like orders, on the other hand, first of all (without knowing why) the members of the group will go to him with their complaints, discontent and claims to the group as a whole, and the person will answer to them as if on behalf of the group. With a harmonious Sun, this is everyone’s favorite informal leader, whose opinion often accurately expresses the general feeling of the group, and he does not need to exert much effort in order to maintain his authority, which can lead to laziness and a decrease in attention to group affairs. When the Sun is struck, a person also enjoys the respect of the group, but his will often goes against the collective, and the problem of maintaining his authority is very acute for him; rivals and intrigues on the spheres of influence in the team are possible. Here, self-expression in a group goes through a strong-willed influence on it, which requires great care and restraint of personal ambitions: group interests should really be higher than personal ones, and this is very difficult. At a low level, attempts to usurp power in the group, the position: “The collective is me.” In relations with friends, volitional moments are also strong: either a person in one form or another subordinates them to his will, or submits himself. With the harmonious aspects of the Sun, this does not cause protest, since it is done tactfully. If he is defeated, there may be conflicts, but still this is a more promising position, since relationships with friends always tend to stagnate, and working out (aspects and relationships) leads to significant progress, in particular, in the ability to overcome difficulties together. Without elaboration, defeat gives tyranny and dictatorship with friends, and with low energy, you yourself can fall under the rule of such a strong and tough managing friend.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people are usually gifted with good looks, live long lives, communicate with great people, own property, are able to earn money and dispose of it well. They may come from a well-to-do family. These people are selfish and have few close ones. They are proud and somewhat boastful, but highly regarded by educated and skilled people.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Participation in the life of groups. Groups are the area of life where you shine. However, practice diplomacy, because you can waste yourself on trifles, becoming in the position of the boss or chief. Equally try to avoid strong identification with the group so as not to create a psychological clique, a group / all-outside-group, “us and them” division. These traps initially make you feel more stable, safer, and more confident, but over time they can drain your energy and jeopardize your life goal. Remember that every person on the planet is a member of the same group: humanity. The challenge is to find your place in social reality, let the groups help you identify the most important topics in your life and implement them. You are very social, you do not create your own standards of behavior, you absorb the rules of appropriate behavior directly from the environment. As soon as a social group changes, your sense of correct behavior changes with it. As usual, the sign and aspects of the Sun can greatly complement this reasoning, but in any case, you will feel what other people expect from you. What is invariable is the emphasis on dignity. The main pitfalls are being overly proud of your “ideal” behavior. and in a haughty response to criticism. The challenge is to find a way to merge your inner self with the best outer behavior, so that one supports the other. Friendship, social circle. In friendships, you absorb life energy. The support of real friends is a very important condition for achieving your life goal. No friends, no life. Your social circle is huge and diverse. It is not enough for you to have one or two friends to satisfy your need for contact. Equally, if all your friends are the same in mindset or orientation in life, then you limit the possibilities for realizing your life. It may seem to you that you are building a wonderful world, but later you will discover the inferiority of your Divine gift. Loyalty is important to you, however, conflicts around dignity and power are inevitable. Don’t let pride take over. Be the most loyal friend to other people, as you understand it, and then see how they relate to you. Your power increases when you creatively work within the group, and this power, this energy is available not only to you, but also to the rest of the group. And although this creativity is, by definition, collaborative, you want to lead. Moderate your ambitions, humble yourself. Your creative role is to be the source of the group’s creative expression, supplying both power and purpose. Acceptance of love. Showing love to you means treating you with respect. It also implies that the other person is paying attention to you; if people say they love you, but then they ignore you, then you do not feel loved, even if you are deep in the heart of these people. Caring should be powerful and pervasive and permeate your life center. Curious, in order to feel loved, you must love. You cannot imagine that someone loves you if you do not feel love for them. Equally paradoxical is the fact that you do not perceive a person’s courtship if you have not already chosen him as your lover. Yes, you are susceptible to flattery (sometimes even too …), but if you do not love a person, then his compliments are attributed to friendship. Those who love you should know that their love is accepted by you. The challenge is to first become loving and then allow the love that comes back to feed your life center until you blossom.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person seeks to do only his own affairs and in the end achieves everything he wants. He loves companies, leads an active social life, he has many friends. Such a person is not afraid of difficulties, he is good as an organizer and leader, is able to inspire others and captivate them with his interest. Often, such people find themselves in providing various services to others, or they turn out to be leaders and pioneers in any new field of activity. They have a particular interest in friendship and cooperation, as well as in scientific research, invention, and the study of esotericism. The people around him highly value such a person and help him with both means and their own influence. There is an opportunity to earn widespread recognition thanks to creative achievements in the spiritual realm, found alone or in collective creativity. Such people gravitate towards informal leadership very much. They are distinguished by their pronounced humanism, love for their neighbor and respect for human dignity. They consider things and phenomena in the light of knowledge of world laws that have an equal impact on everything that happens. Bias, preference, or bias are alien to them. With a negative use of energy, they seek to manipulate friends and acquaintances, guided by selfish interest, or they succumb to their manipulations and find themselves first used, and then left to fend for themselves, that is, misled by a person with secret plans. It is very dangerous for such a person to “dig a hole for another”, since all evil designs will certainly turn against him. Such people are distinguished by clear and lofty aspirations and dreams. They are respectful of their superiors, as well as all those who are loyal in thought, honest in intentions, and have dignity and wealth. They prefer to associate with those in power and position. Thanks to friendly alliances and the ability to cooperate, they get the opportunity to realize all their plans and achieve wide popularity, honor and respect of others. Such people look happy and optimistic. They are ambitious, but they accurately balance ambition and hopes with real opportunities. As friends, they are reliable, noble and constant. Public success awaits them on the path of any cooperation. They are often associated with prominent members of the social elite. Their interests, willingly or unwillingly, are protected by powerful and influential people. They often have rich sponsors and benevolent patrons who help them move forward and upward, gain authority and good social status. Such people strive to create around themselves a creative working group of people freely chosen by themselves. Often, their ambitious plans receive the support and sympathy of high-ranking officials who tend to provide significant patronage to the project. It is very important to beware of unfaithful and false friends, selfish sponsors and fear of betrayal and accidents.



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