Sun in the 10th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Those who have the Sun in the 10th house, like you, are characterized by ambitious thoughts, self-confidence, and a strong will to win. You are ready to work hard for this and receive the necessary knowledge. As a rule, you have good organizational skills. Strong moral conscience: You tend to reject anything that could harm your dignity, moral character, and reputation. Your career, reputation and how you are perceived in society are very important to you. You really want to be influential and leave your mark on the world. You are not satisfied with the sphere of personal interests; Your ambition is to do something big, to achieve widespread recognition for your contributions and efforts. You can underestimate the importance of the personal factor and the inner side of life.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives an objective self-awareness. A person is able to realize his mission, feels responsibility, looks like a leader in society. The profession itself is not important for him, but it is important that it be an honorable, respected, prestigious place. A person rises above his environment, has the ability to break through to the light. He has a good relationship with the mighty of this world, natural social growth. If the Sun is hit, then there is an excess of ambition. The role of the father is great. Sometimes – in a woman’s chart – the Sun does not show a person’s own successes, but the successes of a husband or father.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

If conscience is contrary to duty, resign. This is the position of the home of the prime minister or lord of karma; a person who gives imperative orders to the hierarchy entrusted to him, receiving them directly from the Absolute or from a higher hierarchy. The sun and generally not a very democratic planet, but in this case it is felt especially acutely. The karmic tasks of this position of the Sun are as follows: first, to understand the subordinate hierarchy; secondly, to learn how to convey to her instructions from above impersonal and understandable, since the authorities always speak another language. Impersonality means not only the absence of direct self-interest and personal attitude to what is happening, but also the general absence of the influence of the lower programs of the subconscious, which always sharply distort information flows. The difficulty of this position of the Sun in the house is that a person, whether he wants it or not, is a practical spiritual teacher for everyone around him, at least when his will is turned on, and everyone somehow feels it, but the level of his teaching may be low , first of all, due to insufficient vision of the external situation and the inability and unwillingness to impersonally relate to what is happening to him. Working out here is difficult and follows the path of realizing the force passing through a person: first as external to him, and then as having a spiritual origin and purpose. At a low level, this person constantly breaks through commanding intonations, especially aggravated as soon as he occupies a minimum managerial post and receives administrative power, which he perfectly translates, even without having a strong personality. This is an ideal employee of the hierarchy, he only needs to find it correctly, and fate itself will drag him from one managerial chair to another, until he reaches his level of incompetence, inclusive. This person with great respect (when the Sun is defeated, often with great contempt) treats any major boss, well feeling the power of the hierarchy; the subordinates are treated as obedient performers, and here, instead of the impersonal, an indifferent attitude is often obtained. A person should treat his choices, especially imperative ones, very responsibly, since he is a conductor of a specific will of karma and directly forms karmic programs for himself and others; nevertheless, at a low level, this feeling is persistently repressed; instead, the person may give a lot of ill-considered advice that will irritate others much more than he thinks. He needs free will in direct accordance with the level of vision of the situation; if vision is absent, it is contraindicated, and the person struggles to convey choice (and responsibility) to those around him.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This is usually a healthy or powerful person, very efficient. Such people are engaged in humanitarian work and therefore have a good reputation. They become politicians, love to be listened to, and have managerial skills. They have good parents and they have good children. They can make good doctors, composers and government officials. They have strong feelings, they are quite attracted to the opposite sex.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Collective responsibility. Your vital energy comes to you as a result of your awareness of life in the visible world, of a collective culture. This is the domain of guru consciousness. It can be deep and powerful, or subtle and almost imperceptible, but other people feel a powerful divine force flowing through you. Your task is to manifest this energy as fully and correctly as you can, because you have come to Earth to carry out a mission that exceeds personal interests in scale. Every time you accept responsibility, when you act in the right direction, you absorb life energy. To live, you must find your place in the world. The challenge is to find your niche where you can contribute to the development of society as much as your potential allows. Professional ambition. You can look conservative, sort of a three-piece suit with a tie, formal and forward-looking, or you can be completely different, the person who rises above the crowd to assert his own opinion, however, the specific opportunity will be determined by other factors of the card. In any case, you are very susceptible to power in society, you strive to grab as much as you can, regardless of whether it is earned by you, inherited, borrowed or stolen. Your career fills you with vitality, and whenever you want to cheer yourself up, the most natural way to fulfill this desire is to do professional things. The symbolism of the Sun is too extensive to accept specific activities. However, she points out the following: everything you would do should be vital to you; you must do it with great dignity; you have to influence the whole world. The challenge is to gain widespread social respect. Remember – be authoritative but not authoritarian Missions and messages. Your personal goal and your mission are one and the same, although you may not perceive them as such. There is often a conflict between living for yourself and serving a great purpose. Surely you are self-absorbed, perhaps you have a slight divinity complex. This does not mean that you consider yourself to be more significant than other people, but you are very self-centered in expressing your message. This message is yourself. As we watch your life, we remember how important it is to be noble; we recall the state of personal integrity. The position of the Sun in the sign and aspects to it indicate the tonality of what is going through you, therefore it is necessary to investigate these factors to clarify the message. The parent, “externally connected” with the person. Your father is the embodiment of power, either explicit or more subtle; note that you have learned many of his character traits. Its importance in your life cannot be underestimated. If he was with you when you were a child, then he had a deep and lasting impact on you. The older you get, the more the similarities between you and your father are found. If he was physically or mentally absent, then you will flounder in life until you find a surrogate authority figure who can fulfill the function of an absent father, or until you become a father to yourself. Authority can be either your powerful strength or your Achilles heel. It all depends on your maturity or your ability to handle the paradoxes provoked by pride. If your inner development proceeded harmoniously, then you can become an example of responsible power. Otherwise, you are able to be duplicitous in your behavior, opposing any external authority, authority superior to you, but at the same time, totally dominating the lower people. This trap is called “Don’t laugh peas, no better than beans,” and ultimately leads to opposing you or undermining your power. The challenge is to understand the soft power of true fatherly concern, to develop and release the power of authority hidden within you, so that you can respectfully and respectfully treat both other people and yourself.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person feels an urgent need to prove his own worth. Therefore, sooner or later he turns out to be widely known and very successful. Although such people do not always work in plain sight, they tend to carry out leadership functions among colleagues and employees. They gravitate towards political activity, as love of power is combined with ambition. They never go unnoticed, because they are often hot-tempered and even impudent. They are full of ambitious thoughts to occupy a position of responsibility. These people are very confident in themselves, they are distinguished by a strong will to win. They actively strive for honors and recognition, are ready to tirelessly accumulate the knowledge necessary for personal development, and are excellent at working hard. They have good organizational skills. Often such people are born into families of famous people and major leaders. They are strong in their moral stance and reject anything that could harm their dignity, moral character and reputation. Understand that it is their duty to serve as an example to others. They are almost always noble and generous. Development of dictatorship, shamelessness and excessive lust for power is dangerous. The tendency to use any means to achieve power is dangerous. This can lead them to public disgrace and the collapse of their personal careers. They are independent, although they have constant support from their parents. They love to patronize themselves and almost always get the support of influential people. They are capable of lasting success in any profession and in any position. Such people tend to occupy important government posts and receive high honorary titles. They are distinguished by increased vitality. They usually find themselves in a very supportive environment. If energies are misused, they fall into pride and excessive self-conceit, which incur opposition from rivals and determine many unpleasant changes in fate. Such people always strive for progress and are very partial to awards and public recognition. They are very adventurous and persistent in achieving their goals. More often they gravitate towards public service, but they can achieve success in business.



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