Sun in 1st house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Strong will, vitality, strong self-awareness, enterprise. They know what they want. These are pronounced individualists. Good ability to regenerate, which helps to quickly cope with ailments and diseases. We are ready to work long and hard to achieve respect and prestige, which is very important for them. You have a strong sense of your own self, and therefore you yourself and your desires make a strong impression on others. Assertive and self-reliant, you can be a leader for those waiting to be guided, but you compete and often clash with other strong personalities. You feel the need to take control of your life and you may be too busy with yourself, too absorbed in your own interests and at times do not notice other people.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Very high self-esteem. A person thinks that he is the “navel of the Earth”, that the whole world exists for him and is an appendage of his individuality. He perceives his environment as weaker, in need of warming. Feels obligated to sow enthusiasm and optimism around him. Doesn’t like to accept help, likes to give it. If the Sun is in a masculine sign and close to the Ascendant, the first impression that a person makes on others is very bright. He cannot remain unnoticed, attracts everyone’s attention. If the Sun is not struck – a close relationship with the father, who plays a big role in the formation of personality and choice of the path of life. If struck – conflicts with the father because of the stubborn desire for self-realization. High level of claims. Constant striving for self-affirmation.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The scourge trainer tames twelve tigers. The sun in the 1st house is at a symbolic climax. You involuntarily pay attention to this person: a feeling of significance emanates from him, even if he does nothing special; even he listens somehow in such a way that you are imbued with respect for him, and at the same time for yourself. A person has a significant power of his personality over the world, and his requirements seem to others to be largely imperative, for example, requests are often perceived as orders, which he often does not mean at all and does not feel himself; on the other hand, he himself often finds himself in imperative situations where (karmically) he must use his will to resolve an external problem, or (most often) improve his personality, expand the scope and boundaries of attention, be more objective and focused, on the one hand, and increase the arsenal of their expressive means, on the other. If a person does not know this, then he, again imperatively, falls into a social circle that does not suit him. People still often look into his mouth and copy the movements and manner of dressing and expect something else from him, but he is bored with them, on the one hand, and has nothing to say, on the other. This is a difficult situation, because you need to work a lot on yourself, your personality, be versatile, understand everything and not succumb to primitive flattery, seeking not obedience, but the spiritual growth of your wards. The temptations of pride and vanity are strong. At a low level – the tendency to humiliate others for the purpose of self-aggrandizement, a constant strongest impulse to visible self-affirmation. In general, the position of the Sun in the house means the defeat of the latter and the imperative need to work it out, and especially in the 1st house. There are many people here who have put themselves on the final cross, with complexes, neuroses, mental disorders, which are based on the Napoleonic complex. The study gives a spiritual teacher like a prophet in his own country, each movement of which has a high meaning and esoteric significance.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

The person is a little selfish and proud, but kind at heart and can be a good leader. Such people usually have a thin body, thin hair, a pretty face, and poor eyesight. These people are attractive, have a great desire for self-knowledge. They do their job skillfully, love pomp, ceremonies and rituals, travel and visit famous places, meet famous people and are able to become famous themselves. They work for some good cause. These people gravitate strongly towards the outside world and have a materialistic streak of suspicion in themselves. They can get carried away with politics. They are independent in character and come into conflict with people trying to control them. They consider themselves to be quite significant people; they have the energy to organize a difficult, large-scale enterprise. They love to be served by others. They love to spend their time alone. They are pleasant, obligatory, trustworthy people. They make good managers and organizers.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Self-expression. The position of the Sun in the first house indicates that your life purpose is centered on the topic of spontaneous self-manifestation. Everything else is secondary in comparison with the disclosure of oneself. You are not necessarily selfish, although there is a similar trap, but you are a self-creating and self-stimulating person. What you express is of course important, for it determines what you receive in response from other people and from the environment. Yet the only deciding factor is the expression itself. Restrain or block expression and you disconnect yourself from the source of life energy. The task is to radiate oneself outward, allowing oneself to flow, to manifest itself through behavior. Fill your spirit with vibrant life. Natural personality. Usually the 1st house masks the outer entity. However, in your life, we see that your essence is being projected directly through the spontaneous outer personality. When the ascendant and the Sun are in the same sign, then the attitude to life is naive, shaped by the properties of this zodiacal sign. However, much depends on where the planets Mercury and Venus, supporting the Sun, are located: in the 12th, 1st or 2nd house. When the ascending and the Sun signs are different, the personality still retains the “what-you-see-you-and-get” tone, but now it is much more difficult to express oneself. However, any conflicts are open to everyone’s eyes. The trap lies in the assumption that other people are just like you and can be directly perceived through their actions. But this is not so – most people are different from us. The challenge is to be yourself. Your label name says, “I am exactly the same as you see, perceive me,” and you believe that, even if in the end it may hardly be true. Self-awareness. You constantly “generate” self-awareness through activity, but when this activity stops, then your self-awareness gradually begins to fade. The sign of the Sun determines the type of “activity”. For fire signs like Aries or Sagittarius, this type is literal physical movement – you have to do something. For water signs such as Cancer or Pisces, activity can mean a simple emission of emotions – the expression of feelings. The challenge is to awaken the awareness that you exist as a separate person. You live here and now and reveal yourself, more, more and more … Borders. What in the usual sense is a means to an end is an end in itself for you. The sun symbolizes the inner being, and usually we create a bridge to connect to the outside world. For you, the bridge and this entity are one and the same. The “lens” and this essence, looking through it, are identical. Any self-expression that does not correspond to your deep self damages the lens, making real interaction impossible, and a purely selfish outburst blurs the distinction between the inner self and the outer environment, causing social blindness, defective perceptions and the repetitive experience of rejection. The challenge is to express yourself fully, while recognizing that other people have the same rights to express themselves. The state of the Sun, determined by a sign and aspects, is decisive for comprehending your health, but in general you are vital and strong, capable of recovering from a collision with destructive influences, both in psychological and medical terms. You rush in and a life that prompts you to “achieve regeneration”; you want to go through all the obstacles, including personal vulnerability to disease. Your strength is not “conscious,” but it reflects a fundamental drive for survival in the deepest sense of the word.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

This is a strong-willed, self-confident and optimistic person who feels happy. The childhood of such people is developing successfully, they are distinguished by good health and a strong physique. They like to dominate and have a tendency towards leadership. They are full of courage and revelation, and tend to be extroverted. They can become selfish and arrogant dictators. Enterprise, willpower, self-awareness and vitality are great. This is a leader who will not be stopped by the opinion and desire of other people. These highly individualists always know what they want. They are very energetic and have an amazing ability to heal themselves, which helps them quickly cope with ailments and diseases. With a high tension of personal energy, they are passionate about success and willing to work long and hard to achieve prestige and respect. They strive at all costs to feel significant and recognized. Excessive zeal, false ambition, lust for power and pride are dangerous. He is an outspoken, independent, noble and direct person, determined and unshakable. Humane and strong spiritual nature. A quick receptivity and constructive gift that imparts a manifestation of dignity and strength that impresses others. Offensive ambition, confidence in victory and commitment to strength and authority are characteristic, the result of which is a natural rise above the social environment and the occupation of positions of trust, influence and responsibility. Such a person strives for personal progress, he is driven by everything sublime, he longs for glory and superiority in everything. Impulsiveness and recklessness of aspirations often lead to bad consequences. Self-esteem and self-confidence are very high, which creates a fertile ground for successful advancement and upward social steps, strengthening the financial situation, arousing the benevolent attention of the authorities and the favor of society. Such people are usually popular, wealthy and prone to longevity. They strive to be fair, honest, and generous. They gravitate towards social activities, have many friends and acquaintances in the upper strata of society. They are interested in original and outstanding people.