Square Sun – Chiron


(Natal. Sun → Natal. Chiron)

A. Ryzhov. Health, ASC, Sun, Moon

It all depends on the sign in which the sun is. This is always fanaticism, fanaticism of the business to which the sign belongs. Complete disregard for the interests and needs of the opposite side, complete lack of contact, crushing others for the sake of their own well-being. One-sidedness is at best, one-sidedness of development, one-sidedness of attachments, well, such a one-sided person does not understand the duality of the world, a completely closed development of the essence. Up to 49 years old. After 49 years comes the realization that the world is dual, that there are men and women, that there is good and there is harm, that there is the Earth and the Sun, etc.



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