Square Sun – Ascendant


(Natal Sun → Natal Ascendant)

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Conflicts between personality and the way of its manifestation outside. It is difficult for them to show themselves as they are. Conflict between consciousness and its expression. The manner in which they approach business is not harmonious. Attempts to command and behave in an incomprehensible way, which leads to difficulties with the partner and the public. To gain recognition, you have to part with your individuality.

Het Monster. Aspects of

The desire to dominate, often – excessive self-confidence, which can be replaced by uncertainty or offensive refusal to take any action after the first major failure.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

The aspects between the Sun and the Ascendant express the correspondence between the content, the true essence of the personality and its external manifestations. If the Sun and the Ascendant are in opposition or square, then he can, albeit unconsciously, mislead others about what he really is, or take a position that can harm him.

A. Ryzhov. Health, ASC, Sun, Moon

Causes physical disorders and diseases from cold. Colds, acute respiratory infections, sinusitis, sinusitis, consumption.


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