Our personality and customs may define our inclination to certain sports activities. According to your zodiac sign, you can see what sports are the best for you or the ones you can enjoy most.

ARIES tend to be very competitive, so they like contact sports, martial arts, boxing, rugby and football, but be careful with injuries.

TAURUS are very predictive, and they think twice before doing things. Extreme sports are not the best option for them. They should practice sports such as tennis, swimming and ping-pong.

GEMINI are active people, they like soccer, biking, and watching car or motorcycle races. They love to play team sports.

CANCER like to spend time with their families playing games, eating and drinking. They like to watch boxing matches, baseball games or important soccer championships.

LEO like adventure sports. They like parachute jumping, diving and hiking. They also like to watch extreme sports and the Winter Olympics. 

VIRGO need to be perfectionist in any kind of sports. They like tennis, target shooting and bow and arrow.

LIBRA’s connection with nature leads them to sports that depend on a natural environment, such as mountain biking, rafting and mountain climbing. They love to surf, windsurf, dive or go snorkeling.

SCORPIO are not very active people, so they prefer passive sports, such as  bowling, golf or chess, and they love to watch a good soccer or baseball match.

SAGITTARIUS are very competitive, they like to win. They are usually the captain of the team, and their favorite sports are foosball, jogging, volleyball, basketball and baseball.

CAPRICORN love to feel free, so they need open spaces. The best sports for them are mountain biking, paragliding, Taichi and open-air yoga.

AQUARIUS love all sorts of sports. They don’t miss any important sports events, world cups, the Olympics, major baseball leagues and NBA basketball. They like to go to gym and watch their team playing.

PISCES love the sea and water sports they can practice at the beach. At the beach, they like to play soccer, volleyball and racquetball. In the morning, they like to surf or Jet Ski.