Spells to attract money – 2


It is better to do the spell on full moon nights, before midnight, or on Friday (day of Venus).

Do the whole ritual looking at the Moon, or looking in its direction, even if the Moon does not enter within your visual field.

We need:

-A green candle

-Olive olive oil (or coconut, corn, incense … ..)

-Three Jade  stones

A new coin of five cents / ten / twenty cents (it has to be new and of little value)

-A garden or space with earth to bury the wax of the candle (a flowerpot full of earth also serves).

-Ungid the green candle with the index finger of the right hand without getting to drain the oil.

Then light the candle. Put the shiny new coin between the candle and your body. Surround the lit candle with the three Aventurine stones.

Once you have done the above, repeat three times:

“The money comes to me, I need (the amount you want to ask) multiply the value of this currency.”

After making the request three times look at the flame of the candle and visualize the amount of money you would like to receive and also what you would do with that money.

Imagine that you have already received the money. It is very important that you know in advance what you are going to spend it on, even if you plan to save it and not spend it for the time being.

The candle has to burn completely and when the flame goes out, pick up the wax and bury it in the garden, or in a pot with dirt. Then put the coin in your purse, but away from other currencies. Soon you will see that while you have that shiny coin in the purse you will never miss coins inside it.

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