Spells to attract money -1


Spell to attract money

You need a bowl or clay pot; Twelve pieces of dried vegetables, uncooked, such as lentils, beans, chickpeas or any other type of dried vegetable that you prefer and that is not nuts.

The best day of the week to start is Thursday (Jupiter’s day) a few minutes before midnight.

Put the container in front of you in such a way that you can look at the Moon, or if it is impossible for you to see it, make sure you are located looking in its direction even if the Moon does not enter within your field of vision.

When you have installed yourself, with either of the two hands, put a piece of the vegetable you have chosen into the story. Make sure it makes a noise by falling into the bottom of the pot.

Then he extends both hands covering the mouth of the pot and recites this sentence aloud:

Every day that passes, the grains that go throwing will be converted into money !.

Repeat the same ritual for twelve days and add a grain of legume every day that you do the ritual.

When you have thrown the last grain of legume, take the bowl with both hands and shake it so that the pieces of legume form a circle inside the bottom of the pot so that they are mixed together making as much noise as possible and at the same time repeat this phrase:

The vegetable is leaving and the money is coming!

Then leave the twelve grains of legume in the bowl, cover them with a green cloth and leave the bowl aside somewhere in the house where no one can touch it.

After twelve days, whether he has entered more money in the house or not, he goes back to doing the ritual from the beginning.

You can use the same bowl, but now use another type of dried legume; For example, if you used chickpeas before, now use lentils or beans.

And the whole ritual begins again. You will be surprised with the results.


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