Sixth House in Astrology


Sixth House of Service and Health. Often referred to as a home of service to people, it indicates your need to help others and benefit humanity. In the past, he controlled the relationship of a person to servants and everyone below. Now this house defines your relationship with colleagues, subordinates and superiors. The sixth house is also associated with your health, especially with illness caused by anxiety or emotional distress. The sixth house often indicates how strong your constitution is, what diseases you are prone to.

The sixth house can be best understood by looking at the houses that precede it. After acquiring self-awareness (1st house), defining the boundaries of personal territory (2nd house), developing communications (3rd house), gaining security (4th house), developing personal creativity and risky intrusion into the social sphere ( 5th house) we reach an intersection.

We may now find that we have been wasting our lives playing in a tumultuous 5th house spectacle. If we fail to resist the emotional impulse, then our health is deteriorating, stress or neurosis can lead to illness. Wine, women, and song are all great, but not conducive to a good daily diet. We may find that our ego has become huge, overshadowing the rest of the people, and now we must somehow counteract our own arrogance. All these interactions, no matter how negative they may seem, are in the sphere of influence of the 6th house.

The sixth house is the last house of the lower hemisphere. Its cadence means transition, change. In the process of the complex development of social consciousness, we, in general, did not change our essence: as we were, we remained egocentric, despite the fact that we became sensitive to the reactions of other people. We now feel the time for a major change is approaching.

Until that moment, every person in our life was, in essence, just a symbol of our dream, a simple actor in a film, the script of which we write, which we shoot, which we direct and where we play the main role. Now we are starting to understand that there must be something more in this film. Until we fully realize what it is, what it looks like, but nevertheless we begin to realize the essence of this something, we gradually come to the idea that other people have their own life. This is an objective reality, the realization that we are actors in other people’s films, just as they are actors in our films.

We are on the verge of moving from subjectivity to objectivity. For such a transition to take place, a self-purification stage is required. We declare our readiness for such a transition through self-improvement, correcting any personal flaws that should not be transferred from the subjective sphere of life to the objective one.

There are many ways to purify and improve ourselves, but all of them recognize the need to find a teacher: either a person or a system of personal discipline that we can follow. The disciple kisses the feet of the teacher in the hope that he can attain the Piety that he sees before him.

It does not matter whether the teacher is actually a Realized Being, but what is really important is humility and a sincere desire to improve oneself through service, the willingness to throw off the old shell, to cleanse the accumulated poisons through devotional service. This is the spiritual essence of the 6th house experience.

From a pragmatist’s point of view, people want to work effectively. They want to achieve their goals. We see our own waste and inefficiency of work, and the 6th house gives us the experience necessary for gradual self-improvement in order to achieve tangible results.

And again, I do not understand everything in the traditional interpretation of the house. I understand why sometimes the phrase “favorite animals and small animals” is placed in textbooks where 6th house is discussed. This phrase reflects unequal relationships. It is clear. But nevertheless, I have questions. How appropriate is this phrase here? How do you use it in interpretation? Very few of my clients have told me about small animals and how important their beloved animals are to them, so I don’t spend a lot of time analyzing these relationships.

Perhaps the social movement “in defense of animal rights” will infuse life into this level of interpretation, wait and see. I understand that it is interesting from the point of view of the symbolism of the house, but I think that at this stage it is not one of the fundamental levels of interpretation of the 6th house, so the phrase “favorite animals and small animals” can only be considered a curious remark …

Let your radiance manifest in due time and as it sees fit, without your ego’s claims to control it. Create something out of nothing and share recognition with the Gods. The Sixth House defines the zodiac sign Virgo and the planet Mercury.