Sextile Sun – Pluto


(Natal Sun → Natal Pluto)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

This is success and the ability to win the attention of others, subjugate them to yourself, popularity, fame, enthusiasm, enterprise, striving for new things, the ability to ignite and ignite. The negative side – easy success gives self-confidence and satiety, the temptation to use the position for profit.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Ingenuity, willpower, the ability to revive yourself and others. An almost imperceptible but powerful energy radiates from them, giving them stamina and endurance that others do not have. Even when the forces are running out, they are able to renew them unconsciously from the prana of the Universe. Interest in yoga, meditation, occultism.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Sun Sextile: Wrong choice most often means not frivolity or mistake, but betrayal of your God. The Sextile of the Sun gives a person in the areas ruled by the Planet opportunities, the implementation of which will require volitional efforts and initiative from him; it is also likely that in the course of working out these possibilities, he will have to face rather tough, imperative circumstances, which, however, will not be hostile to him, rather, on the contrary, potentially friendly, but still require a certain approach and mutual adaptation. The Sextile of the Sun, as it were, throws a man (in the areas corresponding to the Planet) a male challenge, offering to check whether he has a will capable of overcoming obstacles and establishing cooperation; the obstacles are meant to be non-antagonistic, and the cooperation is supposed to be beneficial and effective. If a person does not feel ready to accept this challenge, he can reject it: once, twice, three … after a while, such a consistent unwillingness to accept any constructive proposals of fate begins to work against the person, he degrades and falls into tough karmic programs, into which his choice is minimal or absent altogether. On the other hand, the sextile of the Sun provides a very valuable opportunity to work out its principle, that is, its own will, in the course of constructive activity related to the Planet. Solving the internal problems that arise in connection with such activities, a person learns to correctly direct his will, gets the opportunity to determine which egregor it is directed by, and to coordinate it with external circumstances and various programs of the subconscious. For example, the sextile Sun – Moon is a very promising aspect, it, in particular, gives great opportunities for both physical and spiritual development, at a high level it is an aspect of spiritual teachers who are well versed in the ratio of higher and lower principles in a particular person and are able to put it on a constructive path of evolutionary development, inherent in him. Pluto Sextile: In an effort to make the world worthy of yourself, remember that this is impossible. Pluto Sextile gives a person the possibilities of purification in the spheres ruled by the Planet, and these opportunities should not be neglected. In life, this influence often has a not too pronounced emphasis, but still a person notices that when choosing the opportunities offered by the Planet and realizing them, he should be careful, because wrong actions and especially all kinds of hack-work lead to irreversible losses and the collapse of constructive undertakings … Sometimes Pluto can offer the Planetary Principle several options for sacrifice, and here a person should be very careful and not proceed from momentary considerations, in any case, try not to move the victim as long as it basically succeeds: it is always better to prevent sharp blows of plutonic rock in advance , and in this case, karma provides great opportunities for this. Working out provides a cleansing of the Planetary principle in the inner life of a person, in particular, the programs of the subconscious mind, associated with the spheres of influence of the Planet. This purification occurs as if by itself, as a side result of a person’s internal efforts aimed at achieving a particular goal from among those proposed by the sextile, and includes, in particular, the eradication of the thirst for power over people who activate the Planetary Principle for a person. At a high level, the emphasis in sextile can shift to Pluto (at the middle level, this is rare and means heavy blows of fate), and then a person takes an active part in large programs associated with the burning of karmic knots, and a constructive influence will be felt in specific forms of his work Planets. At a low level, a person will try to avoid options for constructive cleansing and sacrifices for himself, trying to postpone them as much as possible or shift them to other people over whom (in the spheres of the Planet) he will have a certain power, and he can clearly see their shortcomings. With good energy, this projection can work out well for some time (subject to the application of efforts), but games with plutonic programs always follow the principle of “raising the sword from the sword and perish”, in the sense that the purification of others is either preceded by a voluntary / or compulsory self cleaning.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Ingenuity, willpower, the ability to restore strength – your own and those of others. An invisible but powerful stream of energy emanates from them, giving them stamina and endurance that others lack. Even when the forces are running out, they restore them unconsciously. Interest in yoga, meditation, occultism.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: the aspect of a secret and deliberately hidden force, which gives great opportunities for dexterous manipulation of others, like “Deus ex machina” in the ancient theater. A strong will, a tendency to assert oneself, not to be anyone’s debtor, to live by one’s own mind. The ability to change everything, to question everything. Psychologically, the significance of the paternal model is great, but this model is unsuccessfully implemented or becomes unacceptable. Trine, sextile: the meanings are the same, but the ability to regenerate is especially emphasized. A person has significant internal resources that always allow him to change course – sometimes to the exact opposite – depending on his interests.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child has a strong concentration ability and a strong will. His ingenuity and discretion attract other children to him. He knows how to properly react to defeats and losses. It is extremely important for him to learn to set goals for himself that are within his reach. A child may consider his father to be omniscient and omnipotent (these qualities arise in the child’s fantasy due to observations of life situations).


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