Sextile Sun – Neptune


(Natal Sun → Natal Neptune)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Such interaction of these planets gives inspiration, imagination, fantasy, high states of consciousness, high sensitivity, ability for telepathy, diagnostics, healing, psychological sensitivity, the ability to beneficially influence the mental state of those around; musicality, poetry, kindness, mercy, interest in spirituality. The negative side of this interaction is dreaminess, idealism, hovering in the clouds, detachment from real soil.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Creative forces, inspiration in art, religion, mysticism. They know how to see a picture with their inner gaze, and then give it reality in form. People of art. The imagination is often focused on the practical area – money, power. Compassion for the pain of others gives humanism. They love animals.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Sun Sextile: Wrong choice most often means not frivolity or mistake, but betrayal of your God. The Sextile of the Sun gives a person in the areas ruled by the Planet opportunities, the implementation of which will require volitional efforts and initiative from him; it is also likely that in the course of working out these possibilities, he will have to face rather tough, imperative circumstances, which, however, will not be hostile to him, rather, on the contrary, potentially friendly, but still require a certain approach and mutual adaptation. The Sextile of the Sun, as it were, throws a man (in the areas corresponding to the Planet) a male challenge, offering to check whether he has a will capable of overcoming obstacles and establishing cooperation; the obstacles are meant to be non-antagonistic, and the cooperation is supposed to be beneficial and effective. If a person does not feel ready to accept this challenge, he can reject it: once, twice, three … after a while, such a consistent unwillingness to accept any constructive proposals of fate begins to work against the person, he degrades and falls into tough karmic programs, into which his choice is minimal or absent altogether. On the other hand, the sextile of the Sun provides a very valuable opportunity to work out its principle, that is, its own will, in the course of constructive activity related to the Planet. Solving the internal problems that arise in connection with such activities, a person learns to correctly direct his will, gets the opportunity to determine which egregor it is directed by, and to coordinate it with external circumstances and various programs of the subconscious. For example, the sextile Sun – Moon is a very promising aspect, it, in particular, gives great opportunities for both physical and spiritual development, at a high level it is an aspect of spiritual teachers who are well versed in the ratio of higher and lower principles in a particular person and are able to put it on a constructive path of evolutionary development, inherent in him. Neptune Sextile: If you can understand – understand, because there will be no more such an opportunity. Sextile of Neptune gives a person the opportunity to truly understand the principle of the Planet, but they will require a certain amount of work from him, and often not of the kind to which a person is ready and accustomed. Neptune gives a distortion of reality, both external and internal, and working through sextile means moving away from gross distortions and illusions, which are called deception and self-deception, towards subtle ones; some of them are called art, others – meditation, others – prayer … Therefore, the choice offered by the sextile of Neptune often has the character of a gross temptation; sincerely rejecting it (which may require a lot of internal efforts and elaboration), a person receives from Neptune a more subtle distortion and a more subtle temptation, and so on. At some point, the level and way of seeing the Planetary Principle suddenly become such that it can be a revelation for other people – if a person manages to convey his vision to them, and this will also require some work. At a high level, the sextile of Neptune gives a subtle understanding of the Planetary Principle and its inclusion on such vibrations of the energy flow that one gets the impression of a revelation or a religious miracle. At the same time, a person may be poorly aware of what exactly and why he does exactly this, but the feelings of the height of the flow and at the same time the strong resistance of the material will be indirect signs of the achieved perfection for him. At a low level, the sextile of Neptune gives many opportunities for deception and self-deception, but also a sense of attraction from the Planet, a sense of ecstasy while mastering its principle. However, this will require a lot of effort, and especially the development of internal honesty in assessing their real achievements. If the Planet is struck, it is possible to escape from troubles into the world of illusions, in which Neptune, of course, will help, but over time, severe disappointments or blows of fate will begin. False pity is different from true compassion, which a person feels great when they are directed at him.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Creative forces, inspiration – in the arts, religion. Figurative thinking. With the affected aspect, all the power of imagination and talent is directed towards obtaining money or power. With good aspects – humanism, compassion for the pain of others, love for animals.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: The interpenetration of the conscious and the irrational creates a rather incomprehensible subject, who does not always understand who he is and who is not easy to guess. This is a very sensitive, receptive person who is attracted by everything that goes beyond the usual vision and logic. Often an idealist and a mystic, he strives for the abstract absolute. Trine, sextile: there is no interpenetration as such, but there is a certain flow that has a harmonizing influence and makes perception more subtle. In general, the values are the same as for the connection.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child has a highly creative imagination. He easily manages to tune in to subtle emotional levels, it is easier for him to play roles than to find himself. He will draw creative strength and inspiration from theater, dance, music, religion. Such a child loves all living things. It is difficult for a child to see a “real” father. It is possible that the child sees his father almost as a saint, and is disappointed when he realizes that this is not so.



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