Sextile Moon – Venus


(Natal. Moon → Natal. Venus)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Such interaction of these planets gives kindness, tenderness, sympathy, gentleness, attractiveness, charm, charm, sympathy, mercy, spiritual gentleness, attentiveness, tact, peacefulness, complaisance, humility, cheerful disposition, festivity, talent in art and literature; for women – taste, charm, elegance; men have a happy marriage, good luck in love. The downside is non-resistance to evil, non-doing and inability to change anything in the world, inability to fight; carelessness and frivolity are possible; men can have easy victories over women, femininity.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Good luck in your marriage and household chores, a happy marriage. Men get along well with women, and women are feminine, loving, amiable, charming, housewives. Creative imagination, talent in art. Good cooks, they understand a lot about the household. Intellectual awareness gives skill in social relations. They keep in touch with friends, neighbors. Strong bond with family. Success for the opposite sex and for everyone.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Moon Sextile: Overcoming his laziness, a person gives impetus to social development. This aspect gives the prospects for subconscious development in areas ruled by the Planet. For example, with the Moon-Mars sextile, a person will have the opportunity to increase his physical strength and dexterity (the aspect of athletes) more than once during his life, as well as mastering the skills of work that requires significant participation of the subconscious (development of clear conditioned reflexes); for example, these are various working professions: locksmiths, turners, drivers (especially with the Moon in the VIII house), etc. Moon Sextile gives great prospects for spiritual development, since it offers the opportunity to constructively work out purely selfish programs of the subconscious by transferring them to higher vibrations, and the person himself to a broader way of seeing the world (and his participation in the evolutionary process). For example, the sextile Moon – Venus gives real opportunities to move from a passive-consumer attitude to love and art (which in any case will play an essential role in a person’s life) to an actively creative one: a person will have the opportunity (if desired) not only to be passively in love with another, but also with your love to build it anew, at least to really help in the spiritual development and transformation of the programs of the ego – his, and at the same time his own. Similar effects will be observed in aesthetic development – a person will not only be interested in art and, to the extent of his understanding, enjoy it (which is typical for trine); he will often feel that the perception of other people’s paintings is not enough for him, and fate will provide him with various options for participating in artistic creation, musical activity, etc., which will require certain efforts from him, but will bring great inner satisfaction and, which is very important is a much deeper understanding of art (with the Moon-Venus trine, these problems, as a rule, do not exist: a person is completely satisfied with his level of perception of art, other people and Divine love). Inattention and stubborn ignorance of the opportunities offered by the sextile of the Moon, over time, give deep dissatisfaction with life and oneself (which is often projected onto others) and the triumph of superficial egoism in areas ruled by the Planet. Working out gives not only a subtle creative development of the principle of the Planet, but also the general spiritual growth of a person associated with a constructive transformation of the lower programs of the subconscious. Venus Sextile: By rejecting love, man not only rejects God, but also loudly calls the devil. Venus Sextile gives a person opportunities and an internally tangible need for socialization and the development of the aesthetic principle in the spheres ruled by the Planet. For example, with the sextile of Venus to Mercury, a person deep down wants to attract people with the beauty of his speech, the grace of thought and the perfection of the written syllable, and fate will provide him with opportunities for appropriate development, although this will not necessarily be a literary institution (for the latter, a trine is desirable for Venus, and not as much Mercury as the Sun or Jupiter in the X house). Venus Sextile gives a great constructive power of love in the spheres of the Planet. This is a very beneficial aspect, since love is a good stimulus for work, and a person most often willingly makes some effort towards comprehending and working out the principle of the Planet, as a result of which the latter (under the influence of Venus) is greatly ennobled and softened. However, a person at a low level of Venus development, tuned exclusively to consumption, will not engage in any activity that requires effort, even when the light of possible love touches his face, which will later be bitterly regretted, or will finally grow stale in lonely egoism. Karma always means working out, or at least a periodic activation of aspects, and if a person ignores the influence of Venus through the sextile of the Planet, the principle of the latter will suffer from misunderstanding and lack of love, which will affect the person as a whole. The unfinished sextiles of Venus turn into a special harshness of the reverse blows of fate, so that a person can understand to what extent he needed what he voluntarily abandoned in his time.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Good luck in marriage and household chores. Men get along well with women; women are loving, charming, housewives. Creative imagination, talent in art.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: the fusion of two opposite types of attachments – to the bonds of family love and carnal love – causes the desire to combine both in life. If the aspect of the union is favorable, then kindness and friendliness are characteristic of a person; the joys of life are very important for him, and everything that can interfere with satisfaction, upset the harmony and balance in love, he with all his might removes from the path. Trine, sextile: the meanings are the same. Charm and poise; sometimes somewhat superficial feelings can be born – in part due to the desire for simplicity and ease.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child is kind and charming. The child has a pronounced need for relationships and creativity. Strong emotionality, sensitivity, reaction to beauty and harmony, which often manifests itself in the ability to art. He has great relationships with other children and adults. Mother and child help each other in the arts. Beauty and mother are synonyms for a child.


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