Sextile Moon – Jupiter


(Natal. Moon → Natal. Jupiter)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Strong imagination, intuition, love for beauty; clear, accurate and correct understanding and judgment; great cheerfulness, nobility, justice, friendliness, sympathy, generous soul, kindness, sociability, humanity, popularity, ability to meet, success in life, in business, in studies, good material security. Men have love for their mother, women have good health, healthy children (usually more than one), hospitality, excellent qualities of a hostess, wife and mother, great vitality. The negative side of these aspects is the compassion and compassion of the unequal for the equal, and the rich for the poor, happy for the unfortunate, protection from troubles and misfortunes do not give a complete understanding of the sufferers and the lost, give loyalty to the existing order of things and the inability to fight.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Generosity, empathy, kindness, charity, especially in relation to the family. They spare no money for comfort. Piety and idealism in matters of faith. Contentment and optimism, a cheerful disposition – contribute to success and well-being. Honesty, justice, sincere love for one’s neighbor contributes to success in business. They are often engaged in the sale of real estate, food, housing, household items. Instinctively know what contributes to convenience, know how to choose products. The home connection does not allow for long trips. When traveling abroad, you are very lucky. A rich imagination and, if there are other aspects that indicate mental ability, creative talent. A special nose for good things.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Moon Sextile: Overcoming his laziness, a person gives impetus to social development. This aspect gives the prospects for subconscious development in areas ruled by the Planet. For example, with the Moon-Mars sextile, a person will have the opportunity to increase his physical strength and dexterity (the aspect of athletes) more than once during his life, as well as mastering the skills of work that requires significant participation of the subconscious (development of clear conditioned reflexes); for example, these are various working professions: locksmiths, turners, drivers (especially with the Moon in the VIII house), etc. Moon Sextile gives great prospects for spiritual development, since it offers the opportunity to constructively work out purely selfish programs of the subconscious by transferring them to higher vibrations, and the person himself to a broader way of seeing the world (and his participation in the evolutionary process). For example, the sextile Moon – Venus gives real opportunities to move from a passive-consumer attitude to love and art (which in any case will play an essential role in a person’s life) to an actively creative one: a person will have the opportunity (if desired) not only to be passively in love with another, but also with your love to build it anew, at least to really help in the spiritual development and transformation of the programs of the ego – his, and at the same time his own. Similar effects will be observed in aesthetic development – a person will not only be interested in art and, to the extent of his understanding, enjoy it (which is typical for trine); he will often feel that the perception of other people’s paintings is not enough for him, and fate will provide him with various options for participating in artistic creation, musical activity, etc., which will require certain efforts from him, but will bring great inner satisfaction and, which is very important is a much deeper understanding of art (with the Moon-Venus trine, these problems, as a rule, do not exist: a person is completely satisfied with his level of perception of art, other people and Divine love). Inattention and stubborn ignorance of the opportunities offered by the sextile of the Moon, over time, give deep dissatisfaction with life and oneself (which is often projected onto others) and the triumph of superficial egoism in areas ruled by the Planet. Working out gives not only a subtle creative development of the principle of the Planet, but also the general spiritual growth of a person associated with a constructive transformation of the lower programs of the subconscious. Jupiter Sextile: Brilliant opportunities are better given than taken. Let’s pay tribute to Jupiter: any aspect of it (especially the major one) to the Planet gives an expansion of opportunities in its spheres, moreover, completely free of charge; the only question is how to treat them correctly and reasonably dispose of them. Jupiter Sextile gives a person an interest in expanding the spheres ruled by the Planet, a broader comprehension of its principle both in external and internal life. Jupiter will offer him many convenient occasions, furnishing them with his usual pomp. However, a person, believing that just as splendidly the cornucopia began its activity, so it will continue, is greatly mistaken. Further, his personal efforts will be required, and brilliant prospects will require appropriate efforts for their implementation (Jupiter will, of course, help along the way, but you will still have to pay somehow for helping, as well as for the help of unexpected patrons). Jupiter’s sextile is good because it expands the possibilities and forms of labor and gives a better, broader understanding of the principle of the Planet, especially if you start working on the sextile. The sextile of Jupiter is also characterized by the fact that a person gets opportunities on credit, and often they have to pay in an indirect form (not according to the principle “I give you – you give me”, but rather “you give me – I am someone else”) it’s always easy to understand. At a low level, a person perceives the sextile of Jupiter as a trine and seeks to absorb all advances, giving nothing in return, which leads to unpleasant consequences for him, in particular, very seemingly promising opportunities are unexpectedly and forever closed, and a person feels unfairly bypassed by fate, moreover that the major aspect of Jupiter necessarily gives in the spheres ruled by the Planet, a hint of megalomania. The development of sextile means not only a large expansion and effective use of the spheres of influence of the Planet, but also a large number of promising developments that a person will provide to the outside world.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Generosity, compassion, kindness. They do not spare money to ensure comfort. Idealism, sometimes religiosity. Optimism, cheerful disposition. Honesty, justice, and sincere love for one’s neighbor contribute to success. They are closely connected with home, family, so they rarely embark on long journeys. But trips abroad nevertheless always turn out to be extremely successful. A rich imagination and, if there are other confirming aspects, talent in any form of art – or several.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Trine, sextile: generosity and friendliness prevail. One finds joy in sharing with others. Soul impulses guide his actions; he prefers not to notice or denies what is inconsistent with his views of the world.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child is generous, kind, friendly, always ready to help others. He has a good, optimistic character. He loves to reason. Both from himself and from others, he expects too much and pins great hopes on this. The mother may appear overly caring to the child. (Eat everything, leave nothing on your plate!)



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