Sextile Mercury – Saturn


(Natal. Mercury → Natal. Saturn)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Strengthens mental abilities, memory; the mind is accurate, logical, concentrated, deep, clear, methodical, practical, steady; good organizational skills, business qualities; ability to politics, tact, diplomacy, prudence, caution; great mental performance. The negative side – caution can lead to some slowness in making decisions, laziness and passivity in actions.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

A disciplined mind, organizational talent, especially in professional affairs, since there are XI and X houses. Decisions are careful and judicious, good speakers, writers, teachers. Precision and discipline also apply to health and hygiene. Often talent is in mathematics, generally in sciences, if there are other pointers. Nothing is left to chance. Every step and thought is calculated.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Mercury Sextile: The work of thought is effective in the boundaries between what a person does not understand and what he cannot wrinkle in principle. Mercury Sextile gives the Planet the opportunity to constructively interact with the principle of thinking. The statement “the mind is the head for everything” is both a varnishing of reality and its falsification; however, in the sphere of action of the Planet, sextile will provide a person with various possibilities of rational understanding and tactful mental control. The Sextile of Mercury does not give an instant and easy superficial rational understanding of the principle of the Planet, which is characteristic of trine, but makes constructive efforts aimed at comprehending it, and, with a certain amount of work, a person reaches a level where his understanding does not profane the principle of the Planet, but gives him on the contrary, new directions of development. Here, when interpreting, it is important to pay attention to which planet is stronger in sextile. If Mercury is stronger, then a person will be tempted, only having begun to understand the problem, to consider his first (or second) thoughts sufficient and effective and to harshly suppress the principle of the Planet by them, eventually accepting it with great distortions, and the mental control of the Planet will turn out to be too rough … If the Planet is stronger in sextile, then a person will be tempted to subordinate his thinking to its principle, and then rational understanding will be biased, which interferes with the objectivity of assessments, and mental control is too weak. In any case, a person will feel the general need for mental development in the areas ruled by the Planet. Development gives great opportunities for rationalization in the spheres of influence of the Planet, subtlety and flexibility of rational thinking, the boundaries of competence of which a person will feel well. Good for teachers in areas related to the Planet, since this person will be able to give students ample opportunities to master the principle of the Planet, forcing their rational mind to work – a very effective teaching tool. On the contrary, a lack of elaboration, a persistent unwillingness to use rational thinking to work with the principle of the Planet, leads a person to a loss of faith in himself, his abilities and capabilities, mental depression and possible blows of fate in the relevant areas. Saturn Sextile: Human life should be such that it is worth understanding. Saturn Sextile gives a person the opportunity for in-depth study in the spheres ruled by the Planet. It is necessary, however, to be able to see these possibilities, since the handwriting of Saturn, especially at low levels of its elaboration, makes a Man think more about his misfortunes associated with external restrictions, rather than about the development and elaboration of not at all obvious plans and prospects. At the same time, the influence of Saturn makes a person in the spheres ruled by the Planet internally serious and purposeful, but he must realize this himself, and not displace it into the subconscious (which is very likely at a low level, and especially in the fire-air horoscope). Saturn invites a person to deal with the problem of the Planet deeply, to understand the influence of its principle on inner life and only after that to take active outer steps. He promises a deep penetration into the secrets of the Planet, wise possession and management of it – but within the framework of karma, which in this case imposes significant restrictions, and you need to learn to see them. At the moment of activation of the sextile, a person feels some freezing, external and internal inhibition, as if inviting him to look inside himself more closely and strictly deal with the Planetary principle (usually on the material of a specific problem arising as a result of strengthening external or internal restrictions). If a person stubbornly ignores Saturn’s proposals, Saturn can completely freeze the Planet, and then a person will study its principle forcibly. For example, attempts at a frivolous attitude toward love (in any of its forms) with the sextile Saturn-Venus can give a completely heartless person, whom, over time, karma will send, for example, a beloved and equally insensitive granddaughter, forcing him to endure torments similar to those that was once the cause myself.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Intelligence, organizational talent. They are careful and judicious. Good speakers, writers, teachers. Accuracy and discipline in everything, including health and hygiene. Often talent is in mathematics, in general in science.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: strict, logical, sober mind, ability to concentrate, desire to get to the point, intellectual honesty. The ability to reason scientifically; rationality, thoughtfulness. Foresight, objectivity; ability to concentrate, love for intractable tasks. With a bad aspect of this connection – lack of imagination, fantasy, excessive severity; reason becomes the omnipotent judge. Trine, sextile: the same meanings with different shades, but less pronounced. A person is persistent in reasoning and scientific research, diligent, distinguished by the depth of judgment, interest in culture, loves to learn, mastering a new business.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child may not be as eloquent and expressive as he is accurate in thinking, accurate, logical. He has a clear, reliable memory. He studies thoroughly, but he can be too restless and anxious. In conversation and writing, he observes logic, is judicious. It is helpful for this child to learn to focus on positive thoughts. Often aptitude for mathematics, in general for the exact sciences.