Seventh House in Astrology


Seventh House of Partnership and Marriage. On a personal level, he is associated with your spouse, life partner. He often indicates what kind of marriage you will enter, whether you will get a divorce and remarriage. This is the home of partnership – not only in marriage, but also in work, business, law, and sometimes politics. He patronizes business alliances and contracts, the two sides of any issue or discussion. The seventh house determines your ability to collaborate with other people. Paradoxically, he also rules over what astrologers call your obvious enemies – usually competitors in a business or profession. The seventh house is the opposite of the first house of personality; here you interact with partners to achieve common goals.

Reflected awareness – awareness of oneself through the “reflecting” influence of other people when interacting with them. In the 7th house, which is the middle of the cycle of human experience unfolding, we see the principle of complementary polarity in action. The first and 7th houses are opposite to each other and are markers of the eastern and western boundaries of the horizon, therefore they are connected to each other by the principle of polarity.

In astrology, the horizon symbolizes the experience of gaining self-awareness, through which we orient ourselves in the surrounding space. The eastern part of the horizon is the point of dawn, the rising of the Sun, therefore the 1st house is associated with self-awareness – the awareness of the personality of oneself by radiating oneself into the environment. The western part of the horizon is the sunset point, therefore the 7th house symbolizes a complementary type of experience – self-awareness not through active radiation, but through a reflected image. It is recognition or “awareness” of oneself through other people with whom a person interacts. In the 7th house, with regard to self-awareness, “everything is done with the help of mirrors.”

The state of the 7th house reveals the characteristic way in which a person “deceives other people” in order to learn something new about himself from them. Your thoughts about yourself are one thing, but your real opinion of you is quite another. Equal relationship – all types of equal relationships between people, such as marriage, business relationships, etc.

The seventh house is the sphere of relationships, but relationships are different and they relate to a wide variety of houses. The seventh house describes an equal relationship between individuals – in essence, it is a partnership between people who are equal to each other. Partners may not be “perfectly equal” to each other, and they probably are not; one of the partners undoubtedly differs in its influence, tenderness, wealth or consciousness from the other. However, these details are irrelevant here; the decisive factor is that each individual sees himself and his partner as equal to each other, for the 7th house symbolizes the recognition of the true reciprocity of the relationship.

The state of the 7th house reveals the psychological qualities that a person must follow in order to achieve reciprocity in partnerships. The phrase “must follow” refers to the characteristic way of establishing contact, but it also indicates the struggle with the obstacles that arise in the way of establishing relationships with potential partners. Contracts, obligations – experience in concluding social contracts; the meaning of making promises.

The seventh house is the first house of the upper, visible, or “objective” hemisphere, and it symbolizes the emergence of “collective” or “social” experience. Therefore, a 7th house relationship should not end with a simple recognition of equality and equity among its participants. The partnership must be confirmed in society, and this is done through the conclusion of a voluntary contractual agreement – a promise or a commitment. All 7th house experiences are, by definition, public and wide open to the world.

Такие обязательства, как брак, партнерство в бизнесе или другие контракты, требуют засвидетельствования ритуала заключения соглашения, чтобы заверить общественность в искреннем согласии личностей быть партнерами. В этом и заключается сущность брачной церемонии. Состояние 7-го дома показывает, каким образом человек заключает договорные отношения. Оно раскрывает природу контракта, а также качества личности, которые будут вынесены на обозрение публики через партнерские отношения.

Collaboration is negotiation, compromise, and collaboration in a relationship with a specific goal. Collaboration is one of the hallmarks of the 7th house, which literally means “working with”, but to achieve true collaboration, each person involved in a partnership must master, understand and demonstrate the skills of successful negotiation in order to achieve creative compromise. The motive for these actions is the willingness to cooperate; Mastering the art of give-and-take provides a full experience of true collaboration.

The state of the 7th house shows what relationships and functions shape the experience of dynamic interactions of the personality necessary to create a sense of positive coexistence with other people, especially with intimate partners. Partners or partnerships are qualities of a second ego, real partners or real partnerships.

The misunderstandings and confusion that are encountered when interpreting the 7th house arise from the isolation of a given level of life experience. Its symbolic identification with partnerships, contracts and agreements between equal persons is beyond doubt. The problem that has long plagued astrologers is the confusion and differentiation of the various levels of intimate relationships.

Firstly, the 7th house symbolizes the qualities shown by the person himself in partnership. At this level, it is not the features of interaction with a real partner in partnership that are revealed, but only the psychological qualities of the person whose map is being investigated.

In addition, the 7th house symbolizes the emergence of objective qualities and characteristics, and it can also indicate the real traits of the “natural” partner, the “second self” of modern psychology. Here, the house reveals the characteristics not of a native, a native, but of a person with whom a relationship is formed. We believe that the person we have chosen either already possesses the characteristics described by the 7th house of our card, or will seek to develop them in the course of partnership.

And finally, the 7th house reveals the tonality of the partnerships themselves, and not the characteristics of the individuals entering into these relationships. At this last level, we observe the invisible “being” of the partnership, the “personality” of the partnership itself.

In life, it is most likely to meet a combination of all three levels at once, although the possibility of any combinations cannot be ruled out. Astrological interpretation is a very subtle art, and the multi-level nature of the 7th house confirms this, because the simplification and primitivism of human relations are unacceptable for astrology, however, as well as for life. The Seventh House determines the zodiac sign Libra and the planet Venus.