Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords
Seven of Swords

The seventh card in the suit of Swords is the Seven of Swords.  This card symbolizes all possibilities.  Do not jump into conclusions with your life.

The Seven of Swords represents someone stealing and being deceptive.


The past in the Seven of Swords card shows that you have a period of time that you are in conflict.  It also shows that there was a time when someone did mean things to you behind your back even when you were kind to them.  This affects how you feel about people but now you are learning to trust again.


The present of the Seven of Swords shows that someone is working on something behind you that will hurt you.  They will pester you to do something and if you do it then you will regret it.  You will have a bigger person to ignore you and to stop this from happening.  This can represent that you will have life issues.


The future of the Seven of Swords shows that you are on a path in life that will bother people.  This doesn’t mean that you are making the wrong decisions and you have to do what is best for you and not for everyone else.  There are ways to go into your future that you have not thought of yet so take time and learn these things.  If you rush into things someone will get hurt.


With the Seven of Swords, your work will show that there could be someone that is going behind you and sabotaging you.  Keep an eye out and watch for this.  See how you can benefit other people, even people in power.  Rumors are spreading about you at work or school and it would be best if you stayed away from this gossip.  If you think someone is sabotaging you, figure out how to protect yourself.  Tell others about your plans and keep a backup in chase.


The love of the Seven of Swords shows that you trust your partner and that even though you do, things might get hard for a while.  You are keeping secrets from each other and this cannot make the relationship work.  Spend time with each other and talk about the relationship and make sure you have no distractions.  Look at the reasons why you would keep secrets and expect your partner to find them out fast.  If you are single, you have to show who you are to find the right partner.  Don’t put on a fake face.


The friendship of the Seven of Swords shows that you will have friends that are being sly and are gossiping about you.  If you are in a fight with your friends, then you need to not make it worse.  Chances are you won something, and you need to tell the group.  You will need to stop abusing the trust of others.


The finances of the Seven of Swords show that you need to be safe.  Don’t give money to people you cannot trust and when things look too good to be true, don’t fall for it.  Taking more than you need can cause you to make a huge mistake.  Pay people fairly and what they are worth.


The health of the Seven of Swords shows that you are not attached to things well.  You have unhealthy attachments that you need to break.  You need to not accept bad, but you need to change it.  If you are fighting with addiction, work your way out of it.  Don’t listen to what people tell you and don’t jump to conclusions.


The spirituality of the Seven of Swords shows that you are a person that acts before thinking.  You need to make sure you are not being misled and that you are not being exploited in life.


The Seven of Swords card in reverse shows that you will exploit people so that you can get ahead.  If you did something wrong, you need to take knowledge of it and admit you were wrong.  Don’t blame others for what you did.  This represents a time when you were secretive but now it is coming to the light.  Deal with this humbly and honestly to be better in life.


The numerology in the Seven of Swords represents the number seven.  This makes you think about other people’s motives and look to see if people are deceiving you.  Before you act, you need to think things through.  If you get a lot of sevens in this reading it can mean you need to calm down and think about how your situation is affecting you.



The element of the Seven of Swords is air.

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