September 8 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Saturn.

September 8 Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this September 8 Virgo birth date indicate that the world around you has a tendency to work with you, rather than that of working against you.

As a September 8 birth date you are, in the main, not a very demonstrative person emotionally, and although you project an appearance of being demure and modest to others, you do in fact have a deeply passionate aspect in your nature.

This is a quality of your personality of which very few of your friends and acquaintances are really aware.

As example, the September 8 will prefer to greet others with a smile and a handshake to that of an exuberant exhibition of kissing, hugging and cuddling.

This does not mean that you are unable, or have any restrictions in embarking upon an intimate experience. Rather that for you, the preference will be to only allow yourself to really open up to someone for whom you have a very strong and powerful attraction.

For those of this birth date there is generally very little in the way of a middle ground, things need to be clearly clean-cut so that you are either totally turned on by someone, or are totally turned of by them

As a September 8, you are unlikely to hastily dive into a relationship, and it can take you some time to open yourself up to that person who may be the subject of your romantic intentions. When you do however, there can be little doubt that your gentle exterior hides a healthy fiery core.

You are gifted with considerable intellectual and organizational skills that quite often, for many September 8’s tend to be directed toward the arenas of service to others, and social reform.

With these inherent abilities you seem to be able, and quite effortlessly, to locate, meet or will know the right people in order to be able to get a concept or project underway and moving forward. In most cases these could relate to matters that can result in a much-needed change in society.

Other associations related to this birth date and, in keeping with the aforementioned skills and talents, indicate that you can have strong feelings for those who may less fortunate than yourself. Under this scenario, it would not be unlikely to find a September 8 engaged in some form of socially beneficial work activity.

As example, the vocation of counseling could be an ideal career for you as this is an activity in which you could utilize the combination of excellent communication skills with that of your genuine concern for others.

Physical fitness is an important factor for the September 7, and you should consider endeavoring to keep your mind and health in top shape condition through a good nutritional diet and some health supplements.

Your stomach, the lower intestinal tract in particular, can be very sensitive area of your physique. You can find that any emotionally upsetting event can tend to effect a reaction in your digestive system. For you, it is worth remembering that what your body can absorb is often more important than, what you eat.

The September 8 can be one who might like to delve behind the veil of mystery and intrigue, and this could indicate that you may well possess some measure of clairvoyance or extrasensory abilities.

You might like to experiment with a pendulum for divination, or own a set of tarot cards. The danger of this path is superstition, or an over commitment to a shallow form of fortune telling.

As a September 8 birth date, yours is a path in life of cultivating a comprehension and understanding of true inner guidance. This will require that you hone your inner hearing and develop the shrewdness in order to dismiss idle mental chatter.

Perhaps your principal objective in life is to be able to provide power to those people who may come to you for help.

The colors of turquoise, sky blue, grayish-blue, orange, and yellow resonate well with this birth date, and the gem called “labradorite” is one that can help to open a mind to the unseen ideas, concept and inspirations.

On the home front, as a September 8 you might like to consider incorporating within your home some items and objects that relate with earth, your ruling planet

These could take the form of items made from natural resources such a wood ornaments, natural fiber weavings, dried flower arrangements, or a collection of unusual rocks or stone bought back from your various travels.

You can project your personal joyous outlook for life through your décor and color schemes. As example, some bright yellow or bright orange colors in your kitchen will project a bright and happy environment.

You do have an attraction for things of a finer and delicate nature, therefore some fine crystal ware in the form of vases, bowls and glassware would be good items for you to admire and display.

On the out doors front, the September 8 likes an outdoor natural landscape that embodies interesting environmental features.

As example, unusual topography, interesting geological formations, impressive water features, or geothermal activity with “geysers” are all the sort of things that can inspire your mind and imaginations.

Similar interest factors can be expressed in your garden, in the form of some unusual rock features, stone or carved sculptures, or other forms of unusual and interesting garden ornaments.

Your garden is a place in which you can order up your thoughts, dream up new projects and ideas and relax in order to renew your energies.

For you, the simple gardening activities of weeding, watering, pruning, and planting etc are but meditative activities.

An herb garden could be of particular interest for you as its produce can be utilized in your culinary activities.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 9. The eighth day of the ninth month reduces to eight, and the number eight hold the interpretation of vibration, involution, and evolution.

The 252nd day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the quality of being able to derive a clear expression of an idea that began a cycle. This is something that will aid the comprehension and clarity of your inner thoughts.