September 7 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Saturn.

September 7 Birthday interpretation.

This September 7 Virgo birth date identifies with a path in life of constant expansion and the ongoing search for new barriers and ideals to break through. As a September 7 you will always be looking out for the next challenge or conquest in your life.

What you must remember however is to recognize and accept the benefit of rest, and give time to relaxation periods between your various endeavors and activities.

As a person who is driven by the forces of sheer passion and creativity you must take some caution, and endeavor to give consideration to those qualities for tolerance and patience.

Those of the September 7 birth date are not the type of folk who will leave a task uncompleted. They will do everything in their power to eliminate and overcome whatever obstacles or set backs they may encounter in order to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

You are one who has the inherent ability to develop and gain a deep insight and understanding of the way the world about you operates.

As a September 7 you project an inherent outlook to life of both stylishness and elegance, and a sound wisdom when it comes to the political arena.

By your personality and nature you have an interest in the better desires in life, and in becoming involved and associated with others who are on an upward and spiritual path. In other words, a path of purity is your ideal.

As example, an image for you could be that of one of King Arthur’s knights of the round table.

You are one who will value confidentiality and privacy.

You can be an excellent confidant, and one who can be trusted implicitly never to divulge anything that has been told you in confidence.

The subject of physical fitness is an important factor in the life of the September 7 and many people born on this date shop tend to be great customers for health food stores.

They are likely to prefer not only organic type foods, but also will keep a considerable store of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements in the home.

The stomach, and in particular the lower intestinal tract can tend to be very sensitive physical area, and your digestive system can immediately react on those occasions whereby you may become emotionally upset.

To counteract and minimize and such effect you should endeavor to avoid any form of eating over self-indulgence at those times when you might be under any for of mental or emotional stress. Where you have learned to adhere to a good diet and to eat wisely you are likely to enjoy a long and healthy life.

To maintain your health condition, consider taking up some form of physical activity that involves a form of disciplined focus. Yoga or Tai- chi could be good a practice in order to gain control over your focus and energy.

On the outdoors front, rock or mountain climbing could be good physical activities that will test your skills and endurance.

The colors of navy blue, cream, pine, and a cream foamy green resonate well with this September 7 birth date.

On the mineral front, the “amethyst” and “amazonite are gems that can help to enhance your sense for balance.

An “onyx” stone mounted into a finger ring will enhance your sense for confidentiality, and some red “amber” pieces or ornaments can help to inspire you sense for focus on any task to hand.

On the home front, the September 7 can tend to be an extremely social person, with result that you will like a home environment that provides for an inviting impression upon any visitors and friends.

You have a highly developed sense for beauty and style, and the more pleasurable things of life.

You have a refined tastes where décor, decorating and presentation is concerned, and as result are likely to enjoy such things as fine napkins, towels, tea towels, and handkerchiefs.

In general, as a Virgo you can be quite handy when is comes to craft works, and in this respect you might enjoy making some of your own linen ware or rugs from more unusual or older materials.

To encourage your Earth element influences consider keeping some dried flower displays within your home, some landscape pictures or ornament and items made from natural materials such as wood.

In the main, animals relate well to you with your gentle and tender Virgo nature, so that cats, kittens, dogs and puppies for example could well form, some treasured members of your family.

On the out doors front, the September 7 will tend to enjoy the environment of a well-organized garden, whether their own garden or some form of public garden or garden center.

You will enjoy working in a garden and then being able to retire to an intimate patio area equipped with a wooden table and chairs with perhaps a sunshade or umbrella. This can be a perfect setting for you to relax during your spells of gardening or just sitting back on quite, warm evenings.

Consider growing some lilacs in your garden, as they can be particularly appealing for you. Some white tulips are also ideal for the September 7 to include in their garden

You are likely to gain great pleasure from the visuals and actions of small birds. As result you might like to consider having a birdbath or a hanging bird feeder in the garden in order to encourage these small visitors for the entertaining delight of yourself and your visitors.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 8. The seventh day of the ninth month reduces to seven, and the number seven signifies that of victory and that feeling of satisfaction that comes with success.

The 251st day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the influence of rhythm and balance.