September 6 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Saturn.

September 6 Birthday interpretation.

This September 6 Virgo birth date identifies with an individual who is a good conversationalist.

You are a knowledgeable individual, and this together with your ability to be able to enter into discussions over a wide spread of subjects and topics, can result your being an extremely interesting person at times in the eyes of others.

As a September 6 however, you will be wise to remember that it is also important that you give the time in order to listen to what others have to say at times.

As a September 6 birth date you are endowed with an inherent talent for projecting peace and harmony around you. These are qualities that you will enjoy in both your home and working environment as well as within your more personal relationships.

When there are those times or events that do occur and tend to interfere with your balance in life then you will be the sort of person who will be able to readjust things in a calm and harmonious manner.

Your September 6 personality is a rich balance of both air and earth energy, and in this respect you do have a tenancy to take a more rationalistic view of your environment and the world about you.

In this respect, you are by your nature one who is likely to be attracted toward investigation of the physical world around you, and this could well lead you to becoming engaged in a working environment that involves research and the sciences.

September 6 is a birth date that holds particular connections with that of the artistic and the beautiful.

As example, you could find difficulty, if not an active irritation, in being placed a setting where the color schemes tend to clash and to project an atmosphere that is out of harmony for you.

Detail is important to you. and where entertaining you will desire every thing to be in its place, and in order. Table settings evenly spaced, the appropriate wines for each course of a meal, and appropriate background music to match the atmosphere of the occasion.

This indicates that, not only can you a good host to your guests, but also a somewhat impressive partner on the romantic front.

Another influence associated with this September 6 birth date suggests that you are one who is likely to enjoy working with your hands.

In this respect, it is more likely that you will work with you hands mainly for the pleasure of creating something of functional and practical use, rather than doing so for any artistic reasoning.

Born on this September 6 birth day, yours is a path in life of identifying sources of power within the inner aspects of your nature that can be utilized and acted upon in order to deal with events or challenges in your life.

This is a format that endows you with an inherent instinctive ability to be able get down to the real basics by peeling away any superfluous, concealing layers.

As a September 6, you are in mental control of the differing aspects of your personality, and you have the inherent ability to be able to assemble and organized such forces in order to deal with any situation or matter at hand.

You are not one to ignore or deny the more primitive urges of humanity, and in reality, you can find that you can use them to your advantage.

The colors of bright green, olive green and beige resonate well with this birth date.

And the minerals of “hematite” (A black or blackish-red to brick-red mineral) and “sodalite” (a deep, rich blue stone with white inclusions) can act to help to inspire your inherent quality for common sense.

On the home front, the September 6 will like a home environment that is not only a place for peaceful retreat, but also forms an emotionally uplifting sanctuary in which to conduct family affairs, and to entertain, friends and visitors.

You will need an organized and tidy home with plenty of storage facilities and display cabinets in order that everything has its place.

Those of the September 6 birth date appreciate heirloom pieces, and in particular, old crystal ware and glasses. It is likely that any crystal ware that you collect will be more for display purposes than for actual day-to-day usage.

You will love antiques, but in keeping with your sense and need for harmony, you are likely to be highly selective in your choices. For you, any antique acquisitions will need to not only feel right to you, but also will need to match, and to blend in with that which you already possess.

Most folk born on this date will have an inherent interest in their ancestry and family lineage. Consider acquiring and hanging a large family tree on a wall in you home. As you progressively investigate your family history so can you fill it in with the names of your ancestors?

Working from home can be of particular appeal for those of the birth date and, where this applies to you, then you should make sure to keep firm boundaries between that of your working and family areas within the home.

In your work area or office consider incorporating some square patterned designs in your décor to encourage your sense for a detailed, and scientific approach and outlook.

On the outdoors front, The September 6 will enjoy an outdoor environment that involves features that can help to inspire both the mind and the imagination.

In keeping with your Earth element influence you are likely to really enjoy and take a delight in gardening and a rock garden for either flowers or vegetables could well be a place for peaceful activity.

An herb garden could be a particular garden hobby for you.

Some unusual garden features in the form of ornaments, gadgets or shaped stoneware are all things that can help to inspire both your mind and your imaginations.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 7. The sixth day of the ninth month reduces to six, and the number six relates to that of balancing and reconciling of polarities.

The 250th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven contributes the ability to be able to step back and to review and examine the significance of your lessons in life.