September 5 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

September 5 Birthday interpretation.

The September 5 Virgo has a path in life of conducting an ongoing search for the finer things in life as related to, and expressed, in the form of humanity’s search to align with that of a higher reality.

In the main, as a September 5 birth date, you are one who will have a pretty open and forthright personality when it come to your dealings and inter-relationships with others.

Having said that however, you can in other ways, become a somewhat close-minded type of individual on occasions. This can come about due to other certain influences associated with this birth date that influence an effect of making you suspicious and cautious in respect of anything that you find unable to be explained by way of logical reason.

An interesting study for you as a September 5 would be to seriously examine some of the underlying scientific potentials associated with the world of the unknown.

A quality associated with this particular birthday is that of an invisible protection existent throughout life.

Family is something that is very important to those of this birth date.

While there is much from your background that is worth retaining, there are areas where, as a September 5, you will need to strive in order to identify and remove any inherited traits or characteristics that may in any way, hamper your best interests.

You do not wish to feel limited in any way by past conceptions of who you are and what you can do, in order for you to become successful in life.

You are one who will need to be free in order to experiment with the limits of your inherent resources and talents, in order that you can derive the enjoyment from, improving upon and exceeding those limits of the past.

A quality also inherent in this birth date is a talent for the art of compromise. This in turn, might indicate a talent for great possibilities in any arena involving the need for political skills.

Influences associated with this September 5 birth date indicate an individual who is likely to enjoy an attractive physical appearance and a natural beauty.

You are endowed with a natural inherent charm, and have a highly developed sense of beauty and the aesthetically pleasing things of life.

You have an inherent desire to be the vehicle whereby a more civilized behavior can exist in the world. As example, in more ancient times you might well be a knight in Armour battling for law, order and justice for others.

The only danger related to this characteristic of your personality is that you could at times project the impression of being overly pretentious to others.

The figure eight is a beneficial image for those of this birth date and you might like to consider owning something, a picture or carving for example, that incorporates such design. Alternatively, just casually drawing such a design now and then can be a quite inspiration when you are in thought and contemplating.

Dress wise give consideration to wearing some soft but heavy fabrics at times, as these can be not only comfortable, but also will suit you well. Color wise, gold and green are ideal colors for the September 5 to wear.

Other colors that resonate well with your birth date are, yellow, lime green, charcoal, bluish green, cranberry red

The ‘opal” is a mineral gemstone that can help to inspire your sense for that which is beautiful and uplifting.

On the home front, the September 5 tends to be an extremely social person, and you will like your home to project an inviting impression upon your visitors and friends.

In layout you will like your home to be comfortable but without to many distractions.

As a September 5 birth date you have a highly developed sense for beauty and the stylishly pleasing things of life.

You have a refined taste where décor and decorating is concerned, and you could have a very keen interest in the restoration of period furniture pieces and other old period items.

As example, you are likely to favor your home furniture to be in those more classic lines, with shaped decorated features and ingeniously hidden drawers and hideaways.

Your bedroom décor should be in keeping with, and designed to indulge your more romantic side, with matched linens and color schemes that will help to settle and calm your active mind.

On the outdoors front, the September 5 will be attracted to outdoor environments that provide for adventurous and energetic activity.

These could take the form of traveling to exotic and unusual places, engaging in skiing or rock climbing, or some other form of adventurous outdoor activity.

In your garden you will prefer a clean-cut and well-organized layout with well-tended lawns, brick or stone paths and well-defined garden growing areas for plants and flowers.

A herb garden could be of particular interest for you in which to grow herbs such as fennel, ginseng, aloe vera, cloves or garlic etc.

Birds can appeal to you, so consider incorporating a birdbath or a hanging bird feeder as not only an interest for you, but also for visitors and friends.

A nice little cubby bench or seating where you can slip away to contemplate or perhaps catch the sunrise in the morning, or watch the moon and stars at night, will be a place to enhance your feeling for well being, comfort and peace.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 6. The fifth day of the ninth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of change, uncertainty, adaptability, flexibility and versatility.

The 249th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six helps you to improve your appreciation for beauty, balance, and the synchronization of opposites.