September 30 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, 

September 30  Birthday interpretation.

Born on this September 30 Libra birth date, you will be one who is likely to be energetic, determined and quite idealistic by nature.

The September 30 can be quite devoted to the objective of harmonizing their relations with others however, you can face the potential difficulty of trying to find that middle ground between that of theory and that of practice.

The qualities inherent in your personality could well indicate that you could develop a leaning toward becoming involved in activities related to some form of environment issue or campaign. Having said that however, in the more general sense, whatever path or avenue that you decide to undertake in life, you will certainly have the determination and mental strength to see it through.

In contrast to the harmonizing aspect of your nature, others can discover that you are not an easy pushover, and that you have a strong and positive ability to stand up for yourself when necessary. In fact, you can react and strike with considerable ferocity in circumstances where you may feel let down or threatened. Take caution however, that there will be times and circumstance where you should endeavor to temper your anger.

Other influences associate with this September 30 birth date, indicate the strong likelihood that you will have an strong inherent sense of relationship towards matters of earth and nature, together with, a sense of spirituality that all things in life form but part of the overall Divine.

The quality of “truth” is a very important factor in the life of the September 30, and you are the type of person who can experience considerable concern and difficulty when involved with people who might be devious, or are not straightforward with you.

As example, while you may not really want know about something of a detrimental nature in respect of somebody your care for, you will in your heart really have a desire to know what in fact went on, or did occur.

This sort of scenario can be the cause for great confusion for you as you will have that tendency to swing to-and-throw and back and forth between your desire to act on the reality of a situation, and your inner desire and need to avoid disappointment or distress.

Music can be a great influence for you, and you are likely to love nothing more than retiring and withdrawing from the hassles of every day affairs into the world of music. As a September 30, there is every likelihood that you will be the type of person who will enjoy a continuous flow of background music whether in your home, or in your working environment.

With your inherent love for nature and the natural world, musical pieces that incorporate natural sounds such as bird or whale song could be of particular pleasure to your senses.

The September 30 is likely to derive great pleasure from dance, dance movement and dance music. Dance can provide the perfect format and opportunity center for the romantic activities of the September 30.

Take time to relax and to create a harmonious and peaceful environment for yourself. Cater to you more sensual side by taking a massage with oils to help to calm your mind, and to lower your stress levels.

As a September 30 birth date, yours is a life path of searching for adventure and new experience. This is a path that carries with it that inherent willingness to be able to take risk in order that you can learn and develop your levels of competence.

By your very nature, you are one who will desire to master and overcome whatever circumstances you are involved in. In other words, you are not one to sit back and observe, but one who wishes to actively take part in life’s experiences.

As a September 30 birth date, you are one who is driven to stretch yourself to the limits in order that you can feel that sense of power and success when you achieve your objectives and, at times your successes can be to the benefit of many.

The colors of coral, pale pink, orange and the pale colors of aqua blue, peach and lavender resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral gemstone of “jade” in shades of green or yellow can help to inspire your sense for achievement and a piece of turquoise carried about you can constitute a good luck charm for the September 30.

On the home front, the September 30 will appreciate symmetry in design and décor within the home together with items and objects that project an air of beauty and harmony.

Color scheme décor should favor such colors as pale aqua blue, peach, and lavender.

Marble stone with its color and texture is an excellent material for the September 30, and you might like to utilize some marble pieces somewhere within the home. These could take the form of small tabletops or attractive sink fittings. A replica statuette of “Venus” could well form an attractive and prized object in the home.

The sensory qualities of your nature will tend to favor for the lighter floral type smell so that some lavender whether as cut flowers or scent sachets can be a perfect choice for you.

On the out doors front, the September 30 will have a great appreciation for nature, its sights, smells and sounds.

Gardening however is not your great forte, and you are likely too much prefer to be sitting back and having afternoon tea with friends within an organized garden environment. This could take the form of a substantial garden center, a local In with tea garden, or a stately home garden.

Your own garden or yard should be an area for easy maintenance and preferably a maintenance carried by another. You will of course enjoy a nice garden so you may have to consider a partner in life who is keen on such an activity.

You will like a well organized garden area and could well be somewhat of a collector of old items to place about the garden. These might take the form of antique pieces such as an old well-worn wooden wheelbarrow, old urn type planters or a sundial centerpiece for example.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 4. The thirtieth day of the ninth month reduces to three, and the number three signifies that of growth and development.

The 274th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes the qualities of planning, surveying, and that of gaining an insight and understanding of an event or situation. These are qualities of immense value and to be utilized prior to your moving out into a new adventure or undertaking.