September 24 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, 

September 24  Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this September 24 Libra birth date, tend to indicate that you will have a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. In addition, you are one who is as exact in your demands upon yourself as you are with those of others.

What you must take into consideration however is that it is important to remember that justice involves not only that of judgment, but also those factors of mercy and forgiveness.

Other aspects associated with this September 24 birth date indicate that you have an inherent great strength of will, and considerable courage when you become faced with difficult and problematic situations.

You can have a tendency to become quite irritable, and at times this can arise due to an enormous amount of fire energy inherent within your personality. This may not happen to often, but when you do get into an irritable frame of mind or mood swing, then everybody around you will feel it, and suffer some effect from it. On such occasions, anyone that happens to know you well, will realize it best to keep a low profile, and leave you be for the time being.

You are by nature, the sort of person who likes to be accepted by the numerous people that you meet in life. This can be just as important to you as those of your more personal intimate relationships.

You are continually testing the limits of your personal attractiveness through your strong and direct interchanges with others, and although by your very nature you prefer and even insist upon creating harmony with all and everyone around you, you tend be quite surprised as to how many forms of opposition that there are in your life.

To you, it seems that for every action you take, there is another, opposing action or reaction to your movements and desires, and you can then find yourself reacting to the reaction. This is something that can tend to go on and on.

Having said that however, you are by nature considerably uncomfortable when it comes to any form of argument, dispute, or upset and will tend to do everything you can in order to make matters right. Even to the point self-compromise.

September 24 is a birth date that identifies with one who has a sophisticated mind, excellent imaginative powers, and the sort of personality that is forever searching for the knowledge and life experiences that will help them to develop and grow.

As a Libra born on the September 24 birth date, yours is a path in life of social development. This is the concept of drawing you away from and out of personal concerns, and directing you into the broader arena of group association. This path opens up opportunities to practice non-judgment and unconditional acceptance of others while at the same time invites you to broaden your risk-taking measurement, and to express yourself without inhibitions.

As example, consider becoming involved in the organization of group functions that involves and includes a wide diversity of people, of culture and age groups.

The colors of medium and dark green, bright yellow, and that of pastel pink resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral gemstones of “rainbow jasper” and “green quartz” will help to extend the limits of your social environment and, where you might need to re-enforce your strength when faced with opposition, consider wearing and emerald ring on your index finger.

On the home front, The September 24 will feel comfortable in a home environment that is both well ordered and beautiful.

You should endeavor to surround yourself with beauty and colors that resonate well with your particular personality. These can take to forms of objects, artworks, home color décor schemes, and furnishings for example.

When considering your furniture you are likely to find that furniture made from fruitwoods, and designs that incorporate the form of scrolls or vine shapes can be particularly appealing to you.

Using visually attractive artistic objects for practical purposes is something you enjoy doing. As example, utilizing a nice crystal piece for the purpose of storing spare coins, keys or other everyday items.

In your kitchen a set of bronze weighing scales sited in a western position of your kitchen will help you feel more considerate and understanding of those who might disappoint you.

In your bedroom, you might like to consider catering to your love for the finer things in life by incorporating some silk fabric furnishings.

Jewellery and jeweled accessories will appeal to the nature of Ms September 24, and in particular earrings. You are quite likely to have quite a collection of earrings stored in your dressing table.

On the outdoors front, the September 24 will prefer gardens that are well planned in design and provide for an organized visual atmosphere.

You may not be the most enthusiastic of gardeners so that you will need a garden that will require the minimum of care and attention.

Grass lawn areas surrounded by shrubs and interspersed with some artistic designed urn-shaped planters, together with flowerbeds of white roses can help to generate a harmony of balance within you.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 7. The twenty-fourth day of the ninth month reduces to six, and the number six signifies that of beauty, balance, and the harmony of opposing factors.

The 268th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides the healing influence of peace, security, and satisfaction. These are factors that will supports your feeling for self-confidence in your approach to life.