September 23 Birthday


YOUR SIGNS – Virgo/Libra.



YOUR RULERS – Venus, Saturn, Mercury.

September 23  Birthday interpretation.

This September 23 Libra birth date is positioned at the very beginning of the sign of Libra and, as result, it is likely to have some association with the characteristics identified with the preceding sign of Virgo.

The September 23 birth date identifies with one who might be described as a “people person” because you love and relish the excitement of interchanging with others. Cheerful by nature, you are one who will take a very vivacious approach and outlook as you move forward into life.

While those of the September 23 birth date can be considerably fastidious or fussy at times, they are by nature thoroughly honest individuals.

You will like to laugh, will always enjoy a good joke and take enjoyment from being able to inspire and raise the spirits of those around you.

As a September 23 you will have a great sense of humor, and you have that inherent ability to be able to lighten up the atmosphere in situations that might involve disagreements or difficulties. When you are around, it is more than likely that everyone will end up having a good time.

Although you are a fun person by nature that does not in any way negate the fact that you are a very hard working individual when it involves those more serious involvements of life.

In your working environment, you are not only likely to tend to commit more hours into your work, but will also tend to be able to work at a much faster pace than that of your colleagues.

As a September 23 birth date you are endowed with that particular ability to be able to come up with new ideas and concepts. You can have a problem however in that at times you can find it difficult to be able maintain your enthusiasm for long enough in order to see the final results.

You are by nature, the sort of person who likes to be accepted by the numerous people that you meet in life. This can be just as important to you as any relationship of an intimate personal nature.  While you may still be somewhat unsure of yourself, you will tend to test your attractiveness at every opportunity.

As a September 23 you should take some caution to be careful of a certain degree of naďveté in all of your inter-personal interplay. This is because you can often lose sight of the need to be a little more astute, perceptive, discerning and discriminating when it comes to your dealings with others,

As a person born on this September 23 birth date, your path in life carries an insatiable appetite for that which is new. You are one who will always want to be in the forefront of what is new and unusual, and this is a pattern that makes you a bearer of news for what is to come.

For you, the key to life is that of utilizing positive application for the betterment of humanity.

As example, you will be passionate about anything that is new and innovative.  You love to try the latest gadgets electronic or otherwise, and are likely to be among the first to have a videophone, or to make a call from space station or shuttle.

Dress wise, you are always one who will be well presented and make a good appearance. You are endowed with an inherent sense for color coordination and will enjoy the textures and feel of fine quality fabrics.

The colors of chartreuse yellow, bright yellow and pastel blue resonate well with this birth date, and the mineral known as “Alexandrite” (a greenish variety of the Chrysoberyl mineral) – is a gemstone that can help to enhance your mental though processes.

On the home front, The September 23 will appreciate an environment that projects an atmosphere that is both beautiful and orderly.

Any form of art pieces that project an image of speed will inspire you to be your dynamic best. As example, a statue or picture of a running horse or horses could be particular favorites for you.

The beauty of marble should appeal to your sense for texture and color, therefore some marble sculpture or marble tabletops would he welcome items to grace the home of the September 23.

With your inherent sense for the finer things in life a padded silk headboard could be an attractive and comfortable addition in your bedroom.

With your cheery and jovial outlook to life, a collection of books, videos, or DVD’s related to the subject of comedy could be a perfect to have around the home.

There is a strong possibility that you will enjoy dancing so that some area whether within the home, or in the garden, should be considered for not only those social occasions, but also for your own time alone enjoyment.

On the outdoors front, the September 23 may not be the most enthusiastic practical gardener. They will by nature however, want a well-presented and tidy garden area with flowers, flowerbeds and pathways that will require the minimum of ongoing maintenance.

A substantial hedge grown around the home can help to generate and inspire a positive energy that is favorable to success.

Flowers that relate well to this September 23 birth date are forget-me-nots, tulips, and the rose acacia.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 6. The twenty-third day of the ninth month reduces to five, and the number five signifies that of mediation, adaptability, and change. It is a number that assists the reorganization of processes into their next phase.

The 267th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six contributes the element of beauty and balance to the pathway into the future.