September 21 Birthday



SYMBOL: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

September 21  Birthday interpretation.

The September 21 Virgo is by nature a very practical individual, and one who has a strong inherent desire to be secure both financially, and professionally.

In addition, they are by nature quite mechanical in that they will generally have the ability to be able create, repair or fix just about anything they set their mind to.

As a September 21, you will appreciate, and can quite speedily come to grips with, most types of tools or gadgetry such as hand and electrical tools, computers and electronics, through to the more simple but skill require items such as needles used for needle work or knitting.

While by nature you are a very independent type of person, you are also one who is forever endeavoring to seek out those patterns and perspectives in life, in which you can establish both a belief and trust.

As example, as a September 21 birth date, you are not the type of person who will just readily accept the doctrines or teachings of religious bodies just because they might form part of your family upbringing. You will inherently desire to discover that which works for you.

There is a certain inner intensity associated with this September 21 date, and this will manifest in you in such manner, that you are one who will have a tendency to think in numerous intricate, and somewhat complicated ways.

This is a characteristic that can tend to result in you experiencing a considerable build up of internal tension.

At the point that tension is released however, it results in you becoming charged up and inspired, with both a sense of purpose and mission that can lead you to achieve your objective results and ultimate goals.

The qualities of justice and fairness hold association with this birth date, with the result that such qualities will form and all-important part of your life.

It is likely that others will tend to look to you at times to help to adjudicate and resolve disputes. This will be because others will identify, recognize, and have faith in you to act in a genuinely independent manner when it comes to seeking a resolution to a particular matter or problem between parties

Sensitivity is a factor associated with this September 21 birth date, and in particular, a sensitivity where related to the needs of others. As a result of this quality, it would not be unusual to find that you were inherent of some form of natural healing ability.

While you are by nature a relatively kind, generous and sensitive person, it would be unwise to ignore that at the same time you do have a very strong inner core of steel that forms part of your character. This is a very powerful inner resilience that will be a great source of strength to you throughout your life.

As example, it will take an extreme form of opposition or force to prevent you from pursuing and achieving your goals in life.

The star “Markeb” can be located in respect of some September 21 birthdays, and in more ancient times this was deemed to indicate goodness, educational involvement, journeys and voyages.

Irrespective of whatever way, manner or method you explore life, you will, as a September 21 birth date, desire to actively seeks knowledge, because for you, your mind and imagination will be nourished by facts and details.

As example, the activities of reading or writing, the playing of word games, or card games and puzzles can provide for excellent brain nourishment. In addition, you could in particular, find your self very adept at playing card games because, as a September 21, you are likely to have an excellent memory capability.

Born on this 21 September birth date, yours is a path of unconditionally propelling yourself into life, and of continually projecting yourself into new experiences. Yours is an on-going mission of seeking perfection together with the desire to capture forever, something of beauty.

As example, consider some ancient small exquisite creature entombed forever in piece of “amber”. A creature that can be seen and examined while in a captive state of suspended animation.

At your best you are able to capture these feelings to yourself as well as conveying them to others.

The colors of medium yellows, ginger, and taffy yellow resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “amber” and “malachite” can help to inspire your imagination, and a brooch or tiepin that incorporates “pearl” will encourage your skills in developing a healthy optimism in others, plus your potential to act with strength when acting in support of others.

On the home front, the September 21 will enjoy a home atmosphere projects both a measure of elegance and beauty

You also have a sound appreciation for things, objects and items that are of a delicate of nature such as fine crystal ware, delicate glass ornaments and fine porcelain chinaware.

As a September 21 you are likely take comfort from things made from natural fabrics and should consider incorporating items of such nature within your home. These could take the form of afghan throws, woven items and cotton table linens for example.

Hand-loomed fabrics such as flax or spun cotton are pleasing to you, and you might like to consider having your own weaving loom as a hobby interest.

In your kitchen consider incorporating floor tiles in black and white, as this combination can help to enhance the justice and fairness aspect of your personality.

Where you do enjoy cooking, you should keep a special diary of successful recipes.

As a September 21 birth date, your kitchen is likely to be well organized with cupboards, racks and systems designed to accommodate and keep handy all of your culinary tools, gadgets and equipment.

On the out doors front, with a birth date that tends to hold a strong association to the power of Earth, you are likely to gain calm and inspiration from the simple pleasures of nature. Just sitting on the grass or lazing on a shady part of a beach for example.

For you, your garden could well take the form of a naturalist’s laboratory.

Those of the September 21 birth date can often take a great interest in the cultivation of, and research into medicinal herbs. Herbs for you are dill, fennel, and parsley. Medicinal flowers such as arnica, hollyhock, and lavender also appeal.

If not herbs, then the activity of organic gardening or farming could well be one of your particular interests.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 4. The twenty-first day of the ninth month reduces to three, and the number three identifies with that of growth, development, and creative expression.

The 265th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four adds the contribution of the elements of order, organization.