September 20 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

September 20  Birthday interpretation.

The September 20 Virgo is inherent of a particularly astute swift thinking mind, that is combined with excellent analytical abilities.  In this respect, you are likely to be a particularly avid reader with interest in a wide range of subject matters.

Being a September 20 birth date, you will not only be a very reliable sort of person, but also one who is highly organized, and structured by nature.

There are times in your life when you will begin to wonder as to how much of your energies you should really commit when it comes to matters of your professional goals, and your relationship harmonies in life.

While as a September 20 you can be satisfied with relatively little, you can often become tempted to step out beyond that more intimate, protective, and personal circle that you tend to create for yourself, in order to take advantage of, and to enjoy the wider potentials that the world has to offer.

Certain qualities associated with this September 20 date relate to that of communication, and an inherent interest in the passing on of knowledge to others.

In this respect therefore, teaching is likely to be a particular aspect in your life and, this quite possibly could be your chosen vocation.

Financially, the September 20 will be the type of individual who will lean toward caution and will live within their financial means. It is highly unlikely therefore, that you would become embroiled under pressures of debt.

Having said that however, within your inner self you are likely to have dreams for more excitement in life, and the opportunity to act a little more impulsively at times.

The problem for you is to find ways in which you can incorporate your desire for a greater personal freedom, while at the same time satisfying your overriding need for personal security.

The answer for you can lay in your seeking out a spiritual path or philosophy that concentrates upon that of an inner freedom so that you will be less concerned with outer influences and restraints

This is a birth date that merges a sense of beauty together with a search for purity in everything that you do or have.

As a September 20 you will have a strong sense for community with result that small town living should be of great appeal for you. This is the type of living environment into which you can, by your very nature, make a very genuine contribution.

As a practical person, mechanical by nature, and with a natural ability to be able to fix things, one possible path for your community involvement could be through some form construction activity or enterprise.

As a Virgo born on this September 20 day, you have a path of exceptional receptiveness and alertness to your inner inspirations.

You have a life that, in the eyes of others, can seem to be charmed in that you seam to be able to make your way through life in a protected manner, and to avoid many set backs that seem to confront others.

For you, life seems to shape and affect circumstances in a miraculous way, and it’s through your outlook, attitude and way of life that you attract and enjoy that constant safeguard.

The colors of brown, beige, reddish brown (burnt sienna), yellow, slate gray resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “citrine” and “rutilated quartz” can balance your mind, and keep clear your communications pathways. To assist your focus and concentration, consider wearing a pendant that incorporates a yellow topaz gemstone.

On the home front, the September 20 will favor a home decor environment that features plenty of smooth curved shapes. Such shapes should be present in internal room constructions and your furniture.

A bay window would provide a suitable cubby type place in the home to which the September 20 can retire a times in order to think, dream, organize, and create.

Furniture manufactured from blond toned wood could be particularly pleasing to your eye, and a substantial desk or principal table piece, could comprise a valued possession.

You are likely to have a particular appreciation for hand-loomed fabrics such as flax or spun cotton, and in addition you might well like to consider buying a loom for yourself in order to see what you can design and make.

In keeping with your need for organization, your kitchen area should incorporate plenty of storage facilities to house your kitchenware and cooking utensils, so that everything has its set place for quick retrieval when needed.

To encourage your inherent interest in teaching you might like to consider buying a silver-framed mirror and positioning it in your study area, or any other place in the home where you likely to sit to converse or pass on your thoughts to others.

On the out doors front, the September 20 will like out door environments that provide for wide rolling countryside with clumps of trees and bush areas. As example, a golf course environment would certainly be of appeal to you.

You will appreciate a similar type of environment lay out within your garden, with wide lawns, scrubs and bushes, small trees, and tidy flower borders.

An herb garden could be a major attraction for those born this date, and you could take a keen interest in the growing of medicinal herbs.

Where you do grow herbs they should be grown separate from flowers or other plants.

This is a date associated with wild flowers so that you should look to grow such flowers within your garden. You should enjoy strolling though your garden to view the wildflower, the herb garden, and the trees and bushes.

Add an appropriately placed garden chair or chairs in which to sit at times in order to read or simply to sit back and contemplate as your thoughts direct.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 3. The twentieth day of the ninth month reduces to two, and the number two identifies with that of division, duplication, and the principle of the life force in action.

The 264th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds to this path the qualities of natural development of creative expression that in some magic way supports the seemingly miraculous way that events of your life develop. Even the challenges in your life seem to be predestined.