September 2 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin



September 2 Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this September 2 Virgo birth date tend to indicate that life should go pretty well for you, and that you are likely to enjoy a wide range of possibilities opening up to you during your life time.

Those of this September 2 birth date, tend to be considerably “giving” by nature in that they will willingly reach out in order to give helpful service to others.

You have an inherent desire to be liked and accepted by those around you, and in this respect, you have a personality that is well suited to your becoming involved in any form of social type activity that involves that of providing help and service.

A caution for you is to avoid stepping over the boundaries whereby you cross over from being a server, or freely giving helper, and end up becoming a servant to the demands of others.

You are, by your very September 2 nature, a polite and gentleperson, and one who will feel very comfortable when among the company of like-minded people. You are likely to arbor any form of crudeness or bad language.

Certain aspects associated with this September 2 birth date tend to identify with an individual who has a personality of a mystically minded nature.

You are endowed with an inherent interest and curiosity in the mysteries of nature, and your fields of study and inquiry could well lead you to take a keen interest in such subjects as religion and psychic matters.

Alternatively, your interest arena could also encompass your becoming involved in some form of exploration and adventurous activities.

In respect of such interest it is extremely likely that you will have a strong interest in such items as maps, old charts, topographical charts, and blueprints etc.

Born on this September 2 day, you have a path in life of unreserved willingness to accept that which life presents to you, and to do so with a purity of motive, intention and an accepted sense of faith and confidence in the outcomes.

At your best, your life is a witness to and a minor representation of the drawing back of the veil of mystery that shrouds the act of creation itself.

The colors of crimson, orange, indigo, and yellow resonate with this birth date. Consider wearing something in an orange when you might wish to inspire and re-enforce your sense for courage.

Consider acquiring a “fire opal” gemstone, whether as a jewellery piece or as an ornamental item, as it will help to inspire your thoughts and aspirations in life.

In order to encourage a more positive influence on your life in the form of achievement and personal success, consider acquiring and wearing a pendant that incorporates a seven pointed star made from the metal of bronze.

On the home front, the September 2 will like a home environment that projects a welcoming and comfortable image.

In addition, and in keeping with your true nature, some thought-provoking features should be considered. These could take the form of some intriguing and unusual artworks such as solar systems, psychic concepts or travel and navigational drawings or maps.

Maps, charts, a world globe, navigational equipment such as a compass are all items that are likely to be of interest and found within your home.

Books can be an important part of your life, so that bookcases to house your many book subject interest are likely to form important features in your home. For those of a more modern ilk, a computer can form another measure for the storage of substantial volumes of scanned materials.

In keeping with your Earth element influence you will enjoy collecting and displaying dried flowers. Other collectible items that are likely to be of interest for you, will those more of a unusual nature such as matchbook covers, souvenir menus, and small, attractive stones of a semi-precious nature.

In the kitchen and cooking area you will desire an environment that is tidy and organized, with suitable storage systems to cater for your tableware, cutlery, and storage for foodstuffs and kitchen ingredients.

On those more quite occasions, when you are relaxing and are settling back for some quiet time in the evening, consider doing so by candlelight. In particular, try some purple colored candles, as these can help you to improve your insight and understanding of the world of the unknown.

On the outdoors front, the September 2 will derive enjoyment and pleasure from a natural environment that provides for interesting aspects and features.

As examples, natures wonders in the form of unusual topography, geological formations, impressive water features, or geothermal activity with “geysers” are all the sort of things that can inspire your mind and imaginations.

The same concept of interest should be expressed in your garden, and these could take the form of unusual rock features, and natural material sculptures or garden ornaments for example.

The cultivation and growing of medicinal herbs such as fennel, ginseng, aloe vera, cloves or garlic could be of particular interest for those of this birth date.

An intimate patio area with a set of wooden chairs and table would be and perfect setting for warm evenings, and also an ideal place for the September 2 to relax and to contemplate.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 3. The second day of the ninth month reduces to two, and the number two identifies with that of attraction, receptivity and duplication. This is the typical number of sub consciousness and the wonderful potential of the mind.

The 246th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three provides the power of support to your powers of development. This is an indication that you will be capable of seeing through to a successful conclusion, any concepts, ideas or creations that may originate from your mind.