September 19 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

September 19  Birthday interpretation.

Aspects associated with this September 19 Virgo birth date, identify with the qualities of not only good fortune, but also a positive support for those individuals who endeavor to make their own way, in order to make something of themselves in this world.

Other factors associated by this September 19 date point toward an individual who has a willingness, and is prepared to take risks in life. This can be particularly so, where career or business projects are involved.

In the commercial arena, the September 19 birth date indicates that you could be quite successful in any business undertaking that involves a connection with travel and the travel industry.

Calm self-reliance is a quality associated with this birth date, and you are the type of person who is unlikely to bow down and lose your way under undue pressure.

You are endowed with an inherent understanding and appreciation that even the most complex of problems or situations in life can be overcome, when given the time and, they are dealt with in the most appropriate manner.

As a September 19, you have that inherent confidence in your own ability to be able efficiently deal with any matter or challenge that you may encounter in life, and in whatever form that may take i.e. business, career or personal.

As example, you can just as easily efficiently organize a party or social trip away at a moments notice, as indeed you can likewise deal with your business matters.

You have what can be deemed a fascinating charm that intrigues people. With the benefit of that quality are able to smooth away the rough edges in order to arrive at uncluttered solutions.

You are capably able of ironing out problems, tidying things up, streamlining, and refining all forms of matters or undertakings.

Other values associated with this September 19 birth date suggests that you are likely to face numerous occasions throughout your life, where you will have to make a choice between that of you personal relationships i.e. your love life, and those of your business or work commitments.

In this respect therefore, the September 19 is likely experience quite a number of tumultuous relationships.

As a September 19, you tend to have strong appreciation for education and not only for the retention of knowledge, but also that of adding thereto your own thoughts, insights and opinions. As example, you could take an interest in researching and setting out a detailed record of your own family history.

Even where you do not take up such a detailed interest, you are certainly likely to be the one in the family to take responsibility for the keeping family type records such as birth and marriage certificates, old family books, historical records, photo albums and other historical family curios.

Born on this day, yours is a path of delving into new areas of human expression in order to discover the potential that exists within.

This necessitates that you remain reasonable about your current status while at the same time endeavoring to open your mind in order to be able to see, and to understand the ultimate possibilities.

As example, although we may be able to gain some insight to the end product, we are unable as yet, to be able to fully identify or appreciate the measure of our full potential.

The colors of white, rust, scarlet, delft blue (bluish white) resonates well with this birth date.

Agate in the form of “banded Brazilian agate” is a gemstone to fire up your inspiration, and “amber” in the form perhaps of a pendant, will help with your memory recall.

Sapphire is a stone that can tend to inspire you to arrive at the right decisions when faced with emotional issues, and any item comprising of a square piece if the metal tin, can encourage good favor and fortune.

On the home front, the September 19 will have a strong interest in things that are beautiful to the eye.

A curio cabinet in which to display decorative objects would be a wonderful addition to your living room. This could house such items as, fine crystal ware, fine porcelain chinaware and other delicate type items that are aesthetically pleasing to your eye.

Some built-in bookshelves with either columns or decorative wooden moldings would also be pleasing to your sense of order and aesthetics.

Where you do enjoy cooking, you will want an organized kitchen area with quality kitchenware and cooking utensils, together with some well organized systems in order to hang or store things so that each of your kitchen pieces and tools have a set place of their own.

Wickerwork type furniture being a natural material could be a particular favorite type of bedroom furniture for those born on this birth date.

As a measure to help to inspire confidence in yourself, you might like to consider acquiring a traditional ships steering wheel to hang somewhere prominently within your home.

On the out doors front, the September 19 will enjoy a garden that provides an arena of color, shapes, and designs while at the same time expressing a slight atmosphere of confusion.

You should incorporate things in your garden that will stimulate your interest, and these could take the form of a lattice structure on which to grow flowers or climbing plants, garden ornaments, or a water feature such as a fountain or bird.

A collection of small seats or rustic chairs to move about the garden might be an interesting addition.

Yours is a birth date associated with wild flowers so that an inclusion of such flowers within your garden areas should be both interesting and satisfying for those of this birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 1 and 2. The nineteenth day of the ninth month reduces to one, and the number one represents that of initial developments, initiative, inventiveness and singleness of purpose.

The 263rd day of the year reduces to two, and the number two emphasizes the concealed nature of your mission in life. This is a number that adds the capacity to reach within and to be able to reflect upon your experiences.