September 17 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

September 17  Birthday interpretation.

As a person born on this September 17 Virgo birth date, yours is a path in life of learning and developing upon the lessons and values learned by those who came before you. Inherent in this path is the understanding of your own obligation and responsibility to pass on your knowledge, qualities and values learned, to others.

As a September 17 birth date, you have an inherent fundamental sense for simplicity, purity, innocence and compassion, and these are qualities that could be identified with that of the teacher, social worker, a doctor, or some other field of medical professional for example.

By your very nature, you will suffer great difficulty in accepting that there are elements of cruelty in life, and you can at times prefer to simply turn your eyes away in order to ignore them.

Having said that however, it is important for you to feel that you are of use in this world, and that your life will have meaning and will count for something.

It is a reality that many born on this September 17 birth date can be found engaged in the social services, working with people who are suffering distress and set-backs in life. Others can be strongly attracted to those professions and vocations within the medical arena.

These are activities through which you can utilize your knowledge, skills and compassion in order to reach out across the grief of ignorance and selfishness to provide help unto others.

As a September 17, while you are playful by nature and one who will want to investigate, and to explore your own creativity. You are also one who can be a very dedicated, responsible and hard working individual where a situation or occasion demands.

The September 17 can have a tendency to self analyze, and perhaps at times a little too much. Where you find yourself doing so then you should try to divert your thinking over to some other more lighter matters.

Dress wise, the September 17 is likely to favor the light color materials, and designs that express clean cut simplicity. White or cream could be a particular favorite for you however, such shades can emphasis any marks, stains or spots, and these are something that can prove considerably irritating for someone with your personality.

The colors of white, cream, royal blue, navy blue, and aquamarine (bluish green) resonate well with this birth date.

The “Celestite” stone (a blue- tinged or white crystal mineral) is a gemstone that can help to inspire your sense for good ideals, and a “moonstone” can help to keep you to maintain your links and memories of the past.

On the home front, the September 17 is one who will favor a home décor that projects elegance while at the same time an aura of simplicity. As example, cupboards and bookcases inbuilt into the walls will allow for increase floor space, and simplicity of furniture lay out.

This September 17 birth date can generate two opposing types of personality when it comes to general tidiness. Some September 17’s can live in an environment of general untidiness hanging on to all manner of bits and pieces, while others will be absolutely meticulous in disposing of, or tidying up anything they deem of no immediate or current use.

You can have a strong attraction to things that are of a delicate nature as well as beautiful. These could take the form of fine crystal ware, vases, bowls, glasses, crystal paperweights, or fine porcelain china.

As someone who is likely to enjoy reading, you could have quite a collection of books. Other collectibles of interest to the September 17 could take form of a stamp collection.

In the kitchen, the culinary arts can provide another great creative outlet for you. Where you do indulge in this art then you will prefer to possess quality kitchen and cooking utensils, with an organized storage system whereby each and every piece has its own particular place.

On the out doors front, the September 17 is very much an outdoor person. This is a birth date that tends to drawer power from the Earth, and as result, even the simple pleasures of just lazing in a grassy field or sitting in a shady part of a sandy beach, can be both a calming and inspirational influence.

The activity of gardening is likely to be one of your favorite past times. If you live in a city and don’t have a garden, then window boxes or pot plants are likely to be prominent features in your home.

Influences associated with this day suggest that the growing of vegetable could be a great interest and if not possible, then an herb garden will be a good alternative.

Consider incorporating some garden items to stimulate your interest such as a rock garden, some carved garden ornaments, or some form of attractive water feature such as a water fountain or birdbath for example.

A small green painted garden shed as a place in which to keep your garden implements and tools. Green is a color associated with earth.

Consider hanging an old-fashioned lantern over your front door to attract good energies.

Virgo rules over all types of wild flowers so that flowers of such nature should resonate well with you. White flowers should appeal to those of this birth date and in particular the white lilac.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 9. The seventeenth day of the ninth month reduces to eight, and the number eight signifies that of the natural to-and-throw flowing motion of everything in creation.

This is a number indicative of comfort and success derived from an ability to be able to manipulate the physical world.

The 261st day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes that sense of satisfaction and fulfillment upon successful completions.