September 16 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

September 16  Birthday interpretation.

The September 16 Virgo birth date identifies with an individual who can have a very powerful attitude when it come to matters, or issues that are close to their heart. In fact, there are not too many people who will have such strongly held views as you do.

Furthermore, the September 16 is one of those rare people who will be more than prepared to actually take action in order to back up their opinions and beliefs.

As a September 16 Virgo, you will hold very strong values when it come to the subject of your family. Your family will be very important to you and you will be one who will wish to keep your family close by, and to maintain, strong family ties and relationships.

This is a birth date that is brimming with the quality of enthusiasm, and particularly so when it come to the subject of romance. As a September 16, you are certainly endowed with that roving eye and a strong desire for romantic interests.

As a September 16 you are endowed with a highly active mind that is always brimming with ideas, concepts and thoughts over many subject matters.

With such a host of mental activity, it can be difficult for you at times to be able to find time to develop or concentrate upon the many forms of ideas and thoughts that your mind dreams up.

There are those times when you are able to give due concentration and attention in order to bring an idea to fruition, and then at other times you might just lay back to allow that mass of mental activity to subside until a particular inspiration prompts you to more into action, and into some more balanced and orderly practical activity.

A day planner or diary is the perfect tool for the September 16 as a way to record and set out your thoughts and ideas for immediate or future action.

There is an emphasis for good ethics and morals inherent in all of the Virgo birth dates. In respect of this birth date, this can be expressed as an ability to tell good stories and to engage in activities of an adventurous nature.

Since this September 16 birth date holds a strong association with the appreciation and enjoyment of foods, you are likely to have an excellent pallet for good foods and wines.

The right wines for the particular meal courses, the right table setting lay out etc. In fact your interest in this particular arena of life could be such that others might look upon as somewhat of an “aficionado” of fine foods.

Food is an important element in life and nutritional imbalance can affect our moods and outlook to some degree. Since this particular birthday suffers some lack of air energy, you should look to your diet to counteract balance. For the September 16, those foods of a lighter consistency can be of great help.

As a Virgo born on this September 16 day, you have a life path of understanding and appreciation for your inherent gifts in life and, an inspirational dedication to that of contributing to the building of a better world around you.

The potential negative aspect of this path is that of momentarily overlooking your initial ideal, and then building purely for the sake of being active.

As a September 16, the activity of being around and involved with younger people can help you to maintain your perspectives in life.

The colors of cream, beige, teal, pink and a mellow green resonate well with this birth date, and the gemstone known as “pink rhodochrosite” can help to influence and stimulate your highest motivations.

On the home front, under the influence of your ruling planet Venus, you will be one for who beauty of surroundings, will be a particularly important of life.

You will have a strong attraction to things that are not only beautiful, but also of a delicate nature. These could take the form of fine crystal ware, vases, bowls, glasses, crystal paperweights, or small carved glass pieces. These are not only perfect decorative objects but also attractive, and pleasing to your eye.

The September 16 will generally have a strong affection for animals, and in particular, cats are likely to feature highly. In the event that you are unable to keep a pet then some pictures or photographs of cats or kittens would be nice to have on your walls.

With your strong sense for family values, a photo album specifically for family events and activities would appeal as indeed in today’s world, a computer record of your family tree and photographs could possibly provide you with another hobby interest.

On those occasions when you might wish to create a sense for some personal peace and tranquilly try retiring to your bedroom or, even languish in your bath, while burning a blue colored candle set in a white colored holder.

On the out doors front, the September 16 can take great pleasure, and gain great calming influences, from the most simple of outdoor activities such as, simply strolling along a sandy beach, or just sitting or laying back in a grassy venue.

Such activities are a reflection of the fact that those of this birth date tend to drawer power from the Earth

As a September 16 you will like a neat and orderly garden area, and could take particular delight in such garden features as, white picket fencing and gate, and pathways of stepping-stones or some other unusual design construction.

Other garden items to stimulate your interest could take the form of unusual rocks in a rock garden, carved or sculptured garden ornaments, or some attractive water feature in the form of a fountain or birdbath for example.

The “Violet” is flower that resonates well with your birth date, so you might like to consider a special setting in the garden to grow these attractive small blooms.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 8. The sixteenth day of the ninth month reduces to seven, and the number seven identifies with that of victory, achievement, security, and a temporary pause between cycles in order to review, and to appreciate the progress made before once again resuming the mission to reach the peak.

The 260th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight provides the quality of flexibility to your path. This is a quality that will support your capacity to be able to pause to re-evaluate your progress and if and where necessary, make re-adjustments to your course in life.