September 15 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus

September 15  Birthday interpretation.

This September 15 Virgo birth date, identifies with an individual who can be not only very demanding of themselves, but also the same when it comes to others.

This is a quality of your personality that can tend to project the image of your being a somewhat threatening, sinister, and extremely aggressive individual when it pursuit of your objectives, and goals in life.

The September 15 has some remarkable energy reserves that supports their ability to be able to maintain the pace, and to keep on going, at a time when others around them need to give up, and take a rest.

While this may be a valuable quality to have, you must take some  caution to appreciate that nobody can maintain a “full on” pace indefinitely, so you should endeavor to try not to make unrealistic demands upon yourself.

Where you give some consideration to trying to reduce your workload, you are likely to discover that you have other new talents of which you were unaware.

The ambition and drive qualities inherent in your personality are excellent assets to have, however, as a September 15 birth date, you will need to give consideration to cultivating a little more “forgivingness” and “consideration” in your outlook and dealings with others.

Born on this September 15 day, your challenge is to learn how to apply your willpower, and the power of your mind, in order to direct your inherent force of vitality toward avenues for positive, creative self-expression.

This can be achieved through avenues of education, and the learning’s there from being applied in ones daily life. To achieve this, you must be willing to “unlearn” any habits or routines of the past that might tend to distract or side track from your path to success.

In this respect, you may, as a September 15 birth date, need to learn to be a little more patient with yourself.

The September 15 might be described as an ongoing student, and is certainly one who should pursue ongoing further education via courses, workshops and seminars in order to learn new ideas, concepts and techniques.

With your intelligence, and a mind that can be literally brimming over with thoughts, ideas and concepts, you can find that your mental energy outputs can tend to overcome and exhaust your physical side.

Don’t overlook your physical fitness, and give sound consideration to your nutritional and dietary needs. Take time with your meals and eat in a relaxed atmosphere, and consider taking some additional vitamin and mineral supplements.

The path of this September 15 day identifies with that of, the creation, building up and establishment of a sound honorable reputation and, doing so by way of pursuing, supporting, or engaging in worthwhile endeavors for the sake of personal satisfaction, rather than for just monetary reward.

As example, for you respect is an important factor in life, and it’s your belief that your qualities of respect and esteem in the eyes of others is something that has to be earned. Having said that however, is does not necessarily infer any superficial desire to have, or to hold power.

This is a path in life that can involve the bestowal of some form of long-term remembrance, in the sense that ones achievements become recorded in the archives of history. Whatever arena this might involve, one might like to consider as to how you might wish to be remembered.

The colors of white, cream, gray/blue, deep green, and light green resonate well with this September 15 birth date, and the gemstone of

“Star sapphire” can help to strengthen your resolve.

On the home front, the September 15 will like a home environment of comfort, contentment and happiness.

In your home décor, solid colors in subdued shades such as the colors of a wheat field will be the best for you. From such a base you can develop your additional décor color schemes.

Energies associated with this September 15 date tend to suggest a person who is particularly artistic by nature and, in this respect, you might like to have a particular room or space set aside in which you can engage in your artistic activities.

Consider some triangular décor designs for this room or area as such patterns can tend to inspire your creative thinking.

There is an aura of nobility associated with this birth date, and this could reflect in your having an interest in matters of an aristocratic nature.

You might for example conduct a research of your family history to locate a family coat of arms for display in your home. If there isn’t one then you might even like to create one of your own.

Things like monogrammed silverware, or linen ware are likely to appeal to your personal feelings of pride and heritage.

On the out doors front, the September 15 will enjoy the sea shore, and can find that sitting on, or strolling along a sandy beach, can be a very good mental therapeutic activity.

You will also tend to draw power from the earth, so that the simple action of just lying in the grass or sitting in a field or a garden can help to settle and calm your active mind.

In the garden, the September 15 will like a tidy and well-defined garden, and you should consider having some unusual rock features pieces to stimulate you interest.

These could take the form of some carved or sculptured stone/rock garden ornaments, or an attractive water feature such as a fountain or birdbath for example.

An herb garden could be a particularly interesting hobby interest for you.

In keeping with your interests the unusual and aristocracy, you might like to consider having your coat of arms design, real otherwise of your own design, featured somewhere in your garden.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 7. The fifteenth day of the ninth month reduces to six, the number that represents love, balance, and complementary activities. This is a path of building and establishing a sound and honorable personal reputation.

The 259th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides that instinctive inherent sense of confidence that one will ultimately overcome so that that victory is assured.