September 14 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Venus.

September 14  Birthday interpretation.

Born on the September 14 Virgo birth date, you are one who will have a very clear and very strong sense of ethics in relation to morality and social stability. These are qualities that are likely to gain you considerable respect in the eyes of others within your circle of friends and associates.

Other aspects associated with this September 14 birth date, indicate that you are endowed with a very strong sense of individuality. This can be a valuable quality to have in our present day societies where there are constant pressures upon people to conform to the status quo.

As a September 14, you will have an instinctive sense of dignity and sophistication. As result, you might be inclined to take up, and dedicate your skills and efforts toward some form of worthy cause or, become engaged in an activity of study that involves the laws of nature.

You are keen to convey to others your strong sense for what is right, and the reality of events and actions. In doing so however, you should take some caution because you can have that potential to unintentionally project your views in a somewhat authoritarian or domineering manner.

You should therefore, endeavor to express your views and sense for what is right and correct, supported by sound knowledge, and in a manner that perhaps projects, a little more modesty on your part.

The September 14 can have that tendency to become quite fragile and emotionally worked-up in mind and thoughts or confused at times, and especially so, on those occasions when you might become upset or unduly worried about things.

To counteract this particular aspect of your personality, it will be necessary for you to cultivate a type of internal resilience or inner disciplined control that will enable you to hold together the numerous aspects of your multiplicity of energies.

This should be one of the prime objectives in life for those born on this birth date.

A good guideline for dealing with such emotional events, and especially so before you might be dealing with an important confrontation, or making some form of major effort, is to engage in, and utilize some simple breathing techniques.

Take a little time to conduct some slow but regular deep breathing actions. This overall activity can help to not only calm you emotions, but also clear, centralize, and clarify your thoughts.

Diet in the form of vegetable juices and fresh fruits are another beneficial factor that can help to strengthen your emotional balance and inner constitution.

Born on this September 14 birth date, you are one who will have an inherent desire and yearning for discovery and adventure.

Yours is a path in life of exploring the world around you, and this is a pattern that will require that you combine your frank and honest approach to life with that of an adult sense of responsibility.

When at your best, you have that ability to be able to translate your natural charm into something that is positive and constructive.

An example could be, writing or reading stories for children or the conjuring up tales to recite to them at bedtime.

The negative aspect to this path can be a temptation to become a bit of a “Goody-to-shoes”.

The colors of green, yellow and grayish/blue resonate well with this birth date and, the gemstones of “sodalite” and “blue lace agate” will help you to be more practical in outlook and to keep your feet on the ground.

On the home front, a sense of moral well-being is important factor in life of the September 14 and as result, you will like your home environment to reflect your particular nature, and relationship with the world.

In addition, through the influence of “Venus” over your birth date you will certainly like your home to project an atmosphere of well-ordered beauty.

You can relate to your own particular nature by keeping some unusual objects within your home. As example, you might like to create a personal coat of arms that embodies symbols and values that are personal to you, and then to hang your design in place as a regular reminder of such values.

To encourage a sense of stability in your life try hanging a picture of a bull or oxen on the north wall of your bedroom.

In your kitchen, you can find that organizing the kitchen area according to colors will help to satisfy you sense for organization -as will having your cooking utensils, implements and gadgets neatly stacked into handy rack systems.

On the out doors front, you will appreciate the calming influences of the sounds and the visual of the rural countryside.

You can capture some of those rural influences within your garden environment through the use of trees, bushes and plants. Trees to attract the birds, flowers to attract the butterflies and plants to provide for your culinary endeavors.

The September 14 will need a well organized garden but also one that provides for some areas of privacy.

To meet your natural interests for the unusual in life, you might like to consider creating your own coat of arms as a display item somewhere in your garden.

Place some yellow colored water jars or containers around your house to help keep your thoughts clear and your mind on track.

As a September 12 you could well find great enjoyment in the development of an organic herb garden.

You might like to consider growing different flowers for different season within your garden flowerbeds. In this way you can have fresh flowers on hand through out the year. As examples, lilacs in spring, azaleas in summer, chrysanthemums in the autumn, crocus for winter.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 6. The fourteenth day of the ninth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of uncertainty, changing conditions and constant motion.

The 258th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six adds the important influence of balance and the harmonizing of activities to this path in life.