September 13 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Saturn, Venus.

September 13  Birthday interpretation.

As a September 13 Virgo, you are the type of individual who has a tremendous inherent sense of enthusiasm and optimism for life.

With such qualities you are certainly one who will always be keenly receptive to exploring any new experiences that may open up in your life.

Today’s world can offer a tremendous range of potentials and opportunities, and for those of the September 13 birth date it is a matter of facing the challenge of becoming able to identify and evaluate, those particular opportunities that will prove beneficial for them.

A problem for you, is that on the one hand you can tend to always have that feeling that there is something better in the way of opportunity just waiting around the corner, and on the other hand, believe yourself to be restricted and held back in some way by other matters or obligations, with result that you miss out.

The reality of this aspect of your nature is to understand, and to accept that, you are the only one who can direct your own course through the ups and downs in your life, and at the end of the day you will find that it will be your abilities for clarity of insight and accuracy of discrimination that will ultimately bring you, your desired success.

As a September 13 birth date you can tend hold very high expectations in that you can tend to expect to be entirely satisfied when it comes to any object of your devotion. This is an aspect of your personality that can apply to not only matters related to your personal relationships, but also to those of your working environment and career.

One problem that you do face however is that even with the best of your intentions; your personal loyalty can tend to waver at times.

As a September 13 birth date you are one who will have a very strong mind, and you are certainly one who will not like to be challenged in any way. You have that inherent mental ability to be able to skillfully defend and present your views and opinions in a very elegant and effortless manner.

Take some caution however, because some September 13 birthdays fall on the fixed star “Denebola” which is a star in the constellation Leo, and located in the Lion’s tail. In more ancient times it was believed that this star brought forth honors and wealth as well as  misgivings and regrets.

There is a considerable amount of fire energy associated with this September 13 day that in turn can have some effect upon your thoughts and thinking patterns. The result of such influence can be that you are likely to feel somewhat muddled and confused at times.

As a person born on the September Virgo birth date, your life path involves that of you overcoming your tendency to organize your world about you in such a manner, and to such extent, that you will find that you are existing in a personal environment of habitual routines.

This pattern necessitates that you sit back and take an inventory of your own inherent potentials, and then to apply the will and self-discipline necessary in order to cultivate those potentials and talents to bring them to fruition. Where you totally commit yourself in this undertaking you are likely to be amazed at the results.

The lesson here is that, while habitual and automatic behavior might save time and energy where tasks involve little in the way of thought or change, you should not abandon or ignore your personal potential by sitting back and allowing your life to drift just because it is convenient and comfortable to do so.

The colors of honey yellow, pale yellow, cream and a grayish/white resonate well with this birth date, and the gemstone known as “amazonite” can help to open up your mind and clarify your thoughts.

On the home front, the September 13 will strive for a home environment that projects an atmosphere of comfort, contentment and happiness.

Square angular styles are likely to appeal where it comes to your home décor and furnishings rather than those of curved or rounded shapes.

Things of a delicate nature should appeal to your September 13 nature. Fine crystal ware, vases; bowls, glasses etc are ideal for display and attractive to the eye.

The sound of water movement can be very restful and calming for you, so that you might like to consider having some form of moving water feature piece sited in your lounge or other living area. This could be a small fountain or even a fish tank with a waterfall reticulating system

Birds can be an attraction for those of this birth date, so that you could well gain great pleasure from some bird pictures, paintings or photographs, adorning your walls.

Consider keeping some form of substantial diary or organizer handy in which to maintain in an organized manner you thoughts, plans and projects.

In your bedroom, consider a pillow filled with lavender, as this can be a perfect relaxation tool to help to sleep.

On the out doors front, the September 13 will enjoy rural areas and landscapes. The natural fauna of the countryside, and in particular wildflowers, can prove to be of great inspiration for you.

In your garden you will favor an organized layout in clear-cut defined areas. You might like to consider incorporating some unusual rock features or carved stone sculptured garden ornaments.

A water feature in the form of a fountain or birdbath could provide an attractive interest.

The growing and medicinal herbs could be a particular hobby for those of this September 13 birth date.

In your garden consider growing some azaleas as bordering features and, a pomegranate tree where climate permits, is a tree that is in tune with this particular birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 5. The thirteenth day of the ninth month reduces to four, and the number four signifies that of the qualities of reason and order.

The 257th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five provides for the motivation to be able to change and to adapt. These are qualities that can inspire you to seek out and identify alternative options in life.