September 12 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Saturn.

September 12 Birthday interpretation.

As a September 12 Virgo, you are an individual who has a keen sense for personal self-development, and in many ways, you can tend to give greater concentration to this aspect of your personality than to that of financial success in life.

Irrespective of this aspect of the September 12 personality, you are definitely one who will be attracted by business and commercial activities. In the commercial aspect you can tend to find the arena of retailing an attractive trade and vocation. This is an arena in which your attitude and personality will fit well.

For those of this September 12 birth date, while the act of winning may personally be a satisfying feature, what it is also of great importance to you is the manner in which you achieve your winning or success. You are unlikely to bow to devious methods.

As a September 12 birth date, you are one who is inherent of a personality that has a great deal of vitality, and is jam-packed with positive energies.

You are the type of person who will take interest in, and will like, unusual and exotic type objects and items. Things from overseas and far and away countries will appeal to you, and not only for your personal in-home pleasure, because they could also form products in which you might deal on a business level.

The term “meditation” holds a strong association with this day, and this is a quality that is likely to have a very big influence over the whole of your personality.

Your sense for imagination can assist to allow you to able to visualize your concepts, dreams, ideas, hopes and desires in a very concrete manner. This is an ability that will form a very great asset to you during your lifetime.

You enjoy a great benefit of having that ability to be able to convert your thoughts into pictorial images, and once you have envisioned your particular objective, goal or goals, and have given the time necessary in order to connect with your inner resources, then there will be no stopping you from your path and objectives.

As September 12 you enjoy that inherent ability to be able to identify, locate, and pull together any of the resources that you may need in order to achieve your objectives. You will instinctively, be able to visualize as, and how, the necessary components of your plan will compliment each other and fit together to form an inner game plan, that is thoroughly structured and outlined, before you set off on any course of action.

As part of your nature you have a cautionary wisdom to appreciate mistake of the past, whether those of your own or of others. You are able to learn from them, and to avoid any repetitions of such mistakes.

You are the type of person who will like to see where you are going, and as result you are likely to want to investigate as to who might have been there before you. You appreciate, understand and will feel far better equipped where you can learn from the successes of others, or to profit from their mistakes.

In respect of this aspect of your personality, you could be one who is likely to take a great interest in such things as maps, charts, and graphs etc, whether they relate to great travelers, voyages, or the historical tracks of commercial enterprises for example.

As a Virgo born on this September 12 birth date, you have a strong inherent sense of what is right or wrong. In you, this translates into the form of a very loyal moral code and one that will drive and determine your actions and beliefs.

While you are not the sort of person who will dismiss the ideals and values of others outright, you are certainly one who will hold strongly to values and beliefs, traditional or otherwise, that you personally, value and cherish dearly. Consider the values inherent within the constitution of United States of America for example.

At your best, you possess those persuasive abilities to be able to inspire, and to motivate others to join in support of a noble and worthwhile common cause.

The colors of, orange, tan brown and a golden yellow resonate well with this birth date of September 12.

A gemstone of “amber” can help to inspire your senses for understanding, and a gold finger ring that incorporates a “ruby” stone can help you to become more motivated and energetic in your outlook.

On the home front, the September 12 can find that a sense of moral well being is important factor in life, and as result you are likely to want to make your home environment reflect your relationship with the world.

As example, you might like to create a personal coat of arms that embodies symbols and values that are personal to you, and then to hang your design in place as a regularly reminder of such values.

Decorative planters can be a  way in which you can express your personal creativity, as can be the keeping of flowers within your home on a rotational basis that is in keep with the seasons of the year.

Bird life can form a particular attraction for those of this birth date. As result you might derive great enjoyment from a series of bird pictures, paintings or photographs, as additional decorative features in your home.

On the out doors front, the September 12 will have a particular interest in, and an appreciation for rural environments in the form of farming and agricultural activities.

As a hobby you would certainly derive enjoyment from the growing and selling of your home grown agricultural products on stall at the monthly farmers market, or perhaps at your front gate?

Where restricted to only a garden arena, then there is no reason not to be able to continue your agricultural interest with an agricultural themed with a garden.

A place where dependent upon size, you can grow a wide variety of produce for home consumption, and possibly some for sale.

It would not be unusual for the September 12 to engage in organic growing and medicinal herbs could be a particular hobby.

In your garden flowerbeds consider growing different flowers for different season in order to have flowers on hand for your home through out the year. As examples, lilacs in spring, azaleas in summer, chrysanthemums in the autumn, crocus for winter.