September 10 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin


YOUR RULERS – Mercury, Saturn.

September 10 Birthday interpretation.

The September 10 Virgo birth date identifies with an individual who has a tremendous energy resource together with that of good leadership skills and a powerful pioneering spirit.

You can be a risk taker, and this quality constitutes an essential aspect of being a pioneer in whatever field of endeavor you may undertake.

As a September 10 birth date, you are endowed with the ability to be able to initiate new ideas, concepts and projects. In addition, you can be skilled at cultivating, guiding and developing such ideas, concepts or projects through to a final successful conclusion.

The September 10 has an inherent eye for detail, and in this respect you can be very adept in quite swiftly identifying any potential weakness in another party’s idea, plan or project.

There can be times when you might find it a little irritating to be able to so quickly identify those little errors in the world around you.

Having said that however, your inherent ability to be able to quickly identify that mistake or error can often result in the prevention of a more severe problem or set back at a later stage of progress.

One of the major lessons in life for the September 10, is to develop their skills for mental discrimination. In other words, learning to know when the right course in any activity or event is to let matters be as they are. There is no necessity for you to feel at any fault for any imperfections or your own, and in particular, for those of others.

The September 10 strives to utilize the analytic qualities of Virgo for self-examination, and this can indicate that highs and lows can be quite strongly experienced through out your life.

Generally, as a September 10 Virgo, you are likely to be the one accepted for leadership and, any such leadership undertakings will tend to place you into a variety of experiences where you can try out and assess your abilities to be able to maximize the beneficial results of any particular situation.

By your very nature you have the qualities that will tend to attract people, events and things of the world around you.  Alternatively, you will not be hesitant or reluctant to go into the world, to seek what you are looking for.

As a September 10, you are one who enjoys variety in life, and this extends to material things. Finances allowing, you would not refrain from having more than one home at different locations or more than one motorcar etc.

The adverse potential of this aspect of your personality is that you will have a consistent sense for restlessness. To help to counteract this aspect of your nature, you must endeavor to learn to develop patience, and to be able to stop and think for a while in order to avoid making any impulse decision based upon no logical reason.

The colors of orange, crimson, and geranium (reddish orange) resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of wulfenite – a yellowish orange stone, and Cinnabar -a reddish stone, are gemstones that can help you to encourage your desire for variety.

When considering jewellery pieces you might like to acquire a piece that incorporates an arrow design as this is an image that can help to inspire both your sense of initiative and bravery.

On the home front, the September 10 can, irrespective of the size of any dwelling, be able to create an environment for their comfort, contentment and happiness.

By your nature you are likely to favor the more square cum-angular styles for your room décor and furnishings over that of curves or rounded shapes.

You will enjoy well-crafted and stylish type furniture that is somewhat reflective of the Victorian age, with an emphasis toward the darker colors.

Your color scheme décor should hold some relationship to those tones of your sign element of Earth, and you should also incorporated some objects or items made from natural materials such as wood or fibers.

You do have an attraction for things of a delicate nature, and some fine crystal ware, vases, bowls or glasses would be attractive for both your eye and for display.

You will need some work area within your home where you can retire to in order to fix things and to think.

The word “harvest” holds an association with this September 10 birth date so consider having some things around the home that relate to the harvest. These could take the form of a bowl of nuts, fruit in a bowl or some dried flower displays.

On the out doors front, the September 10 will enjoy natural landscapes with interesting features. Examples could be, geological formations, interesting woodlands, impressive water features such as lakes, rivers and waterfalls, and geothermal regions.

Your garden can also reflect such interests in the form of some unusual rock features or some stone or carved sculptured garden ornaments for example. A weather vane and, with your interest in small birds, a birdbath or feeder are likely to be garden features of enjoyment.

You are definitely likely to have an interest in the growing of herbs, so that an herb garden or patch will be a feature among your vegetable and flowerbed growing areas.

If you happen to live in a rural country environment you could have an interest in the processing and preserving of fruits, vegetables and pickles etc.

In your flower garden area consider growing some white geraniums for luck.

Your special magic numbers are 1 and 2. The tenth day of the ninth month reduces to one, and the number one represents that of initial stages, innovation and resourcefulness.

The 254th of the year reduces to two, and the number two assists your path in life with the capacity to be able to both stabilize your mind and reflect upon things.