September 1 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin



September 1 Birthday interpretation.

This September 1 Virgo Birth date identifies with an individual who is quite talented in a number of areas. In addition, they will have an inherent strong desire for structure in their life.

This September 1 date is an extremely physical day, and in this respect, you are likely to be a person who will be able to enjoy an excellent physical fitness throughout your life.

While in general you are likely to take an overall interest in most types of sporting activities. It is more likely however that, as a September 1 birth date, you will tend favor, and take a greater interest and enjoyment from activities that require a certain amount of disciplined elegance and nimbleness.

Such sporting activities for example, could take the form of some of the martial arts, sword fencing, dancing and acrobatics.

This is a birth date that is strongly linked with the “messenger” influence of the planet Mercury, and in this respect, it could indicate that you would be well suited to being able to establish connections between that of an idea or ideas, through to the ultimate form or forms that they will become in practical reality.

Perhaps one of your greatest qualities, is that inherent visionary outlook that provides you with the ability to be able to recognize, and to distinguish, as to how a given situation or circumstance can be improved, and then to be able to take the necessary action needed in order to improve it.

Give consideration to the fact however, that there is a very big difference between that of constructive criticism and negative thinking.

As a September 1, you will find that at times, you will tend to encounter and identify too many potential problems, and to the point that you are unable to progress any further.

To avoid such frustrating setbacks you should take the time to investigate and examine in detail every aspect and potential of any situation or circumstance, before you make any decision to take action.

As a September 1 birth date you can be very assertive when it comes to matters in which you have a strong belief.

By your very nature, you can be very quick to stand up to defend others who may be in need. In this respect therefore, you could be an excellent candidate to become involved in charitable activities, and certainly so, where the raising of funds is involved.

While is may not be overly obvious to others in your circle of friends and associates, you are one who possess a considerable sexual energy that might, in some September 1 cases, be more limited to your mind and thoughts.

Dress wise, the September 1 will have a leaning towards a sense for gentleness and softness. In this respect you might like to consider clothing in the form of natural wools and hairs such as woolen sweaters, cashmere type garments and other soft fiber casual wear.

As a September 1, you are the type of person who will generally feel quite comfortable and at home wherever you may be. This is a beneficial trait because you are certainly one who will like to travel both at home and overseas.

The path of this day is that of developing upon your inherent inspirations, inclinations and gifts, while in tandem, responding too, and acting upon your inner inspirations, ideas and concepts for the purpose of growth and development.

As a September 1 birth date, you may discover that many of your experiences in life can be based upon, initiated from, and arise out of issues or circumstances that have been a source of dispute and conflict for many generations.

As example, consider a study of your own family genealogy and family tree in order to identify, and to understand the historical patterns of your ancestors.

The colors of burnt orange, indigo, light yellow, cinnamon, and a soft blue resonate with this birth date.

The minerals of “citrine” (a semiprecious yellow quartz resembling topaz) and “aventurine” (a translucent to opaque stone incorporating several shiny minerals, which give it a glistening effect) can help you to capitalize upon your intuitive potentials and possibilities.

On the home front, the September 1 enjoys an atmosphere that expresses an element of clarity in design, and this could be represented in the form of clean-cut angles and sharp square corners as compared to rounded or curved effects.

Home décor colors should be aimed to achieve a soft cum subdued and restful effect.

You should consider incorporating some of your Earth element influences within your home, and this might be achieved by having some dried flower arrangements, some natural wood novelties of utility items such a tableware pieces or bowls and/or some rural scene landscape pictures or paintings.

As a September 1 birth date you are likely to have strong feelings for family obligations and loyalty, so that treasured family references such as photographs and inherited family items could well feature as display items on your walls, in your cabinets, or in valued family storage albums.

Purple is a good color for you, and you might like to consider it as one color to incorporate in your bedroom. If not, some purple flowers, and in particular some purple tulips, could be of great influence and help to you in expressing your reality of nature.

On the outdoor front, your clarity of design characteristic will apply and you will be comfortable with a garden area and layout that is clean-cut into defined partitions.

Straight tidy pathways with set blocks of flowerbeds, and a separated similar given layout for vegetables should you grow them, will be good for your sense of orientation.

Consider a herb garden to support your culinary activities.

A small secluded patio area with some comfortable chairs and tables would be and ideal place for not only intimate entertaining, but also as a place to which you could retire at times to think over, and contemplate your next adventure in life.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 2. The first day of the ninth month reduces to ten, and the number ten represents that of the personification and finalization of the process that commenced at one.

The number ten identifies with a perfect expression of the seeds sown at the onset of a cycle in life.

The 245th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two contributes the elements of reflection and receptiveness to your journey in life.