Second House in Astrology


Second House of Money and Property. It has to do with what you own and what you will acquire, with your income and financial prospects. This is the home of movable property, things that you carry with you. The second house speaks about your attitude towards money and property, it tells you what objects you prefer to surround yourself with. To some extent, it gives an idea of ​​your ability to earn and manage money. The second house often indicates what activities and projects can be most profitable for you.

In almost every traditional astrological textbook, as well as in many “humanist” or New Age texts, the interpretation of the 2nd house is primarily related to money. The details are discussed in detail such as the money you earn; how do you work to acquire money; will you have a lot of money or little; what will you do with money, etc.

We live in a society where money is important. The “poverty rate” is measured in dollars (the phrase itself emerged from the tally lists) because we are, after all, the product of the struggle for existence, and our financial affairs greatly affect the levels of comfort and freedom we achieve in the struggle for survival.

But psychologically speaking, the interpretation of the 2nd house at such a purely physical level is unsatisfactory. Traditional texts try to broaden their interpretation by adding the phrase “personal resources,” but this phrase is vague. But despite the bias towards psychology, interpretations of the 2nd house in many texts are almost completely reduced to money.

In fact, the 2nd house contains information that substantiates the self-awareness that manifested itself in the 1st house. It’s about self-esteem. Indeed, nothing else can contribute to deep self-comprehension, except for the assessments and judgments that you make about yourself. These assessments and judgments are your main “possession” – this is your point of view on yourself.

Being yourself means that your baggage of experience is fluid, spontaneous, very mobile and consists of only a few conclusions. Having an “I” is a completely different experience, and although you cannot really have yourself, you really identify with those objects in your world that symbolize the earthiness of your feelings. Everything around you that can be called “yours” helps you to really define yourself – your car, your house, your toothbrush.

The first house is too spontaneous to really consider it self-centered. Self-actualized or self-centered are more appropriate terms. But the 2nd house is a natural area of ​​manifestation of egocentricity – me, mine, mine.

Egocentricity is central to research on the topic of self-esteem in 20th century psychology. Shame and guilt are the predominant emotional illnesses of our time – this is an inner feeling of worthlessness or inadequacy, and often this feeling is not clearly manifested or consciously perceived. It is from this area that you should begin re-evaluating and reworking 2nd house interpretations.

Money is the main yardstick in our society, so special attention is paid to it when interpreting the 2nd house, but we must remember that a reckless, forced pursuit of money, which replaces emotional self-esteem, indicates a blockage in the soul, similar to a feeling of shame or guilt.

The second house indicates our characteristic attitude towards work. Although it will be shown later that the 6th house demonstrates a mental approach to organizing work, manifested in the person’s ability to understand the tasks assigned to him, the 2nd house demonstrates a more fundamental property: our basic style of self-organization (what underlies the organization of our work).

The second house also symbolizes the reward that we expect to receive for our work – these are bodily pleasures and those pleasures that objects outside our body give us. Eating food, luxurious clothing or gorgeous interiors are all 2nd house pleasures. This is not an appreciation of 5th house art, these pleasures are not about those around us and the originality that we find in the 10th and 11th houses. No, this is pure pleasure, ordinary sense enjoyment of an earthly being. The Second House determines the zodiac sign Taurus and the planet Venus.