Scorpio Woman


October 24 TO November 22

SYMBOL: The Scorpion

Slogan: I Desire, Therefore I am.


The Scorpio woman can be extremely secretive by nature; she can be a very trusted friend or, alternatively, she can be a most fearsome enemy.

The Scorpio sign is the most mysterious and intense sign of the zodiac and, in keeping with those qualities, the Scorpio woman has an ability to penetrate into the very essence of another person’s being. She has been endowed with a pair of the most piercing of eyes to achieve that purpose!

The sign Scorpio is the sign that is most closely related to the most feared and most fascinating aspects of life – that of Death and Sex.

Both of these aspects “Death and sex” are filled with, and associated with the power of the unknown and, both are also extraordinarily transforming in nature.

The positive and wise Scorpio woman will use sex as a healing tool; will always view sexuality within the context of love and, will never confuse one with the other.

Alternatively, the negative Scorpio woman will abuse sex, and will manipulate her personal magnetism in order to gain power and control over others.

This is the most rejuvenating of all the signs, allowing the Scorpio girl to recover and rise up after every crisis and to perfect herself through out her struggles of refinement.


The positive Scorpio woman is one who knows how to make money and, in particular for others, from which she in turn, can derive her own income.

In this respect the Scorpio woman can be very successful in such vocations as that of investment banker, financial counselor, stockbroker, or business agent. She is also an expert at recycling and making the most out of the least.

Contrary to the positive aspect, the negative Scorpio girl can be a constant borrower and, one who is unlikely to ever repay that which she might owe.

Until the Scorpio girl can appreciate, understand and accept that true wealth lay in knowing how to circulate resources, she will remain as a somewhat tight-fisted person of cheap outlook in life.


A Scorpio woman is very sexually aware, and for some, the sexual aspect of any relationships will totally dominate her common sense. This can result in her finding herself in somewhat compromising situations due to the fact that her passions have been so highly stimulated and, to the very point of total obsession.

In astrology Scorpio is referred to as the sign of frozen fire. This indicates that our Scorpio girl contains an enormous amount of inner power just waiting to be released.

Many Scorpio women find that this frozen fire represents sexual repression as they struggle to release their sexuality in healthy and holistic ways.

In general, the Scorpio women is very faithful to the people they love, however they can also portray the considerably strong traits for over possessiveness and jealousy within their relationships.

Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorn are the signs most compatible to the Scorpion woman. Virgos can make good friendships and a Libra combination can be very romantic.

Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Aries can present a real challenge to the Scorpio girl as indeed those of signs Sagittarius and Gemini who may not prove the easiest to get along with.