Scorpio Horoscope


Scorpio Horoscope
Date Range: October 23 – November 21
Day: Tuesday
Color: Rust, Scarlet, Red
Element: Water
Most Compatible with: Cancer, Pisces

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – Scorpio is probably the most suited zodiac for social life, Scorpio can make friend easily and one of the type of friends that everybody’s ever want. Scorpio is very faithful to everyone that close to him, Scorpio is willing to help anyone and will always stick by his friend in times of trouble. Scorpio is determined and dedicated to his goal, whenever he sets on something, he will try to clear that goal using all of his ability.

Weaknesses – Although Scorpio is dedicated to his goal, sometimes a Scorpio will not hesitate on using dirty tactics in order to achieve that. Scorpio is resourceful but is also manipulative and distrustful; especially for people who a Scorpio deemed as stranger or unimportant to him. A Scorpio also has his own stubborn moment, even though people can advice him not to use back handed tactic, most of the time the Scorpio will not be willing to listen to such advice.

Scorpio Relationship with People

As a friend, a Scorpio is the best type of friend that you can ever have. Scorpio as a friend is faithful, loyal, dependable and reliable. Unfortunately, although it is easy for a Scorpio to get a friend, a Scorpio usually does not have that many people that can be called as close friend, usually because Scorpio demand something in return of the help. Scorpio is also prideful and demand respect from their friend. But for someone they consider the true friends, they are willing to give their all just to make sure that their friend are not going into trouble, but Scorpio does not take betrayal very well and will cut ties immediately.

As a father, in family a Scorpio father is actually cares so much for his kids but most Scorpio fathers are very strict and stern, they shows a little amount of love to their kids. The mindset of a Scorpio father wants him to teach his kids discipline from the early age so that his kids won’t fall into the wrong way, but it usually cause a drift with his kids because kids at those age don’t usually understand the hidden intention of their father.

As a mother, a Scorpio mother is somehow a bit different to how a Scorpio father teaches her children. A Scorpio mother will also be strict and stern with her children, but she also shows a lot of love. Scorpio mother will not hesitate to scold her children if she found them acting wrongly, but she gave her children a lot of space. All in all, a Scorpio mother is cares so much on her children well being but will not let anything that could led her children choosing the wrong way.

As children, Scorpio children are known for being very quiet and reserved, but they will always listen to what their parents said and are very obedient. Things usually changed drastically for a Scorpio in adulthood, the silent Scorpio children can turn up to be disobedient to the parent if the Scorpio fined the parent’s order to be wrong. Scorpio children love their parents, although there might be some little conflicts with their parents; however Scorpio children will always respects their parents.

Scorpio Sex and Love

Scorpio Career

In career, Scorpio excels all many categories, Scorpio is resourceful, Scorpio is determined, Scorpio is focused, and Scorpio is a professional who will not let his personal business to interrupt his job. Scorpio is also hard hearted and tough, they fully expect some obstacles will come on their way and is not going to back down from that. Some of the best career choices for a Scorpio includes; detective and cop, scientist, physician, researcher, psychologist, business manager and sailor.

Positive Qualities


Scorpio is brave and courageous, no matter how difficult the time is, Scorpio will not be afraid to jump in and still be calm.


Scorpio has balanced nature that is not good or bad, they are not easily confused and mature, but they can sometimes be childish and selfish too.


Scorpio wants success, Scorpio wants financial stability and Scorpio wants power. Thus Scorpio always sets a high bar for himself and will do anything to achieve that goal.


Focus and determination are keys for a Scorpio, when they are doing something, nothing can faze them and they are fully focusing on what they are currently doing.


Scorpio is faithful and will always stand by the one he called friend, a very dependable friend that will help you whenever you need one.


Most of the decisions and judgments made by Scorpio are thanks to their instinctive nature, Scorpios is intuitive and logical at the same time.

Negative Qualities


The major negative of the Scorpio trait, Scorpio is manipulative towards other people, especially if those people can be used to further achieve his goals.


It is difficult to get a Scorpio to open up to you; they are only expressive towards people that they consider close.


Scorpio is easily jealous and envious towards other people achievement, especially if said achievement overcomes his own.


Scorpio easily hold grudges, they are also easily offended. Scorpio will always try to get the revenge towards people who hurt their feeling.

How to Make Scorpio Women Attracted to You

It is difficult to get a Scorpio woman into a relationship, especially if you just met, it takes a lot of time to get a Scorpio woman to open up, and so it is important to be patient. A Scorpio woman should be put at the dominant position in a relationship and need to be respected, be a good listener and teach her new things. Scorpio woman hates disloyalty and hold grudges easily, so do not misuse her trust or you will not be forgiven for the rest of her life. Scorpio woman is romantic and faithful, loyal and passionate; she will respect you back if you are able to respect her.

How to Make Scorpio Men Attracted to You

Scorpio man is curious so in order to get him attracted to you, you will need to be a little bit secretive. Do not open up everything about you in front of him, keep him curious and over time he will be the one who open up to you. Scorpio man appreciates more than physical appearances, Scorpio man likes confident and intelligent women, and he also seeks someone who can respect his authority. Scorpio man prefers to be the dominant side in a relationship, but they will love their romantic partners faithfully; and will not forgive when someone betrays them.