Saturn in the 9th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Interest in religion, philosophy, higher education. Religious systems are judged on the basis of their practical value and significance to society, especially over the years. Strive for higher education, which leads to respect and professional success. They want to achieve personal recognition through advances in education, philosophy and religion. Your attitude towards religion, philosophy and politics is very conservative, and your approach can be narrow or rigid. On the one hand, you may not believe in what is doubtful and intangible, demanding proof of any idea presented to you. You check every idea carefully and systematically. On the other hand, you may persist in your philosophical or metaphysical views, refusing to change them or be open and receptive to the views and opinions of others. In general, your outlook on life is serious, and you may feel that life or God will punish you if you are not constantly on your guard.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

Big moral problems. Struck by Saturn gives a one-sided, narrow-minded approach to morality, bigotry. A person is characterized by increased exactingness towards others, the imposition of moral principles. Life constantly checks him for ethics and honesty. On the way to getting an education meets obstacles. Strict teachers. In culture, it accepts what has already been tested more than once. He is hostile to non-traditional religions. Delaying trips is possible (passport control, etc.). Ambitions are focused on expanding long-distance contacts. Judge, controller, standards developer.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The ocean of wisdom has its own common sense sharks. This person wants to understand all life phenomena seriously and deeply; more precisely, he feels that it is right, but he is far from always able to do it, which greatly oppresses him. Sometimes, in order of compensation or despair, he tries to slide on the surface (unlike Jupiter in the 9th house; it is teeming with cobblestones and covered with sand). The ideal “I” has high requirements for a person, which he tries to displace into the subconscious, which with a harmonious map easily turns out (with a struck one much worse), but gives a deep feeling of dissatisfaction with himself, his general superficiality and uselessness, as if God does not respect him, which leads to characteristic external compensatory actions: self-assertion at the expense of others, projections, etc. With the defeat of Saturn, the ego’s attack on the ideal and its merciless profanation is possible; in parallel, somewhere in the transcendental spheres, another, ephemeral ideal is being created, intended for life in the Kingdom of God when it finally comes on Earth. The study goes along the path of accepting oneself as a creation of God, or, in any case, one’s personal, karmic program, which must be carried out diligently, and let the mark be put by karma, which so loves to knot and whip over the edge. Relationships with spiritual teachers and students are very serious, often with the subtext of a deep fear of the expansion of consciousness and the (potentially catastrophic) restructuring of the world view. Indeed, it occurs deeply and is accompanied by a strong, sometimes long and painful psychological crisis, but as a result there is a significant renewal and deepening of the personality and the ideal of “I”. Before traveling to distant countries, there is often a deep fear, and when comprehending foreign cultures, the initial reaction is stiffness, indecision, self-doubt. Working out gives a great spiritual authority, felt in all roles and external images of the “I”, and such penetration into a once unfamiliar culture that a person is perceived as its innate carrier (or also feels himself).

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This person has knowledge in the fields of religion, philosophy and law. Such people need to strengthen their self-discipline. They get into arguments with their father or superiors. They can work in the field of politics. Receive little help from father; one can expect their interest in programs aimed at increasing public welfare. May suffer from stomach ailments. They believe in fate, are interested in astrology and can live in seclusion.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Interest in philosophy, religion; often hold positions of authority in educational, scientific and religious institutions. There are many professors. Travel for prestige, not leisure or pleasure.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conceptual structures. You need a consistent and understandable philosophical system. However, finding such a system is hard work. A refined preoccupation with your mental faculties can make you work too hard or force you to be very harsh and rude about life. This behavior can provoke mental exhaustion, similar to muscle spasm. You end up rejecting moral constraints. Do not focus on the desire to prove the abilities of your mind, let them develop at their own pace. Stand under the protection of a conservative philosophical system, but do not become an impregnable fortress of strict beliefs. Don’t stop learning. Strive persistently and stubbornly for knowledge, and your mind will eventually turn into your most chain, most worthy possession. A cultural perspective. Your quest to explore the world is constrained by equal caution. The desire to reconcile the influence of these contradictory features with each other meets a lot of pitfalls on its way, because every imprint of society, formed in childhood, has a huge impact on your personality. If you grew up eating hamburgers, then you believe that hamburgers are exactly what people should eat, and aversion to exotic cuisine will show the rigor of your imprints. Should you insult the hostess by rejecting the raw fish dish she has prepared so carefully, or should you just endure it with courage? To grow above yourself, you need to expand your knowledge in the field of culture, and not only with your own head, but also with your hands and feet. The task is to focus your strength on this; it’s worth the effort. Higher education. The ambition of Saturn’s symbolism suggests that you are very powerfully attracted to the topic of acquiring higher education. It can be a positive indication of readiness and great effort in learning, or negative, showing that you do not really want to get an education, but just want to be seen as an intellectually developed person. You are pragmatic about higher education; this approach is useful as long as it helps to apply abstract knowledge to real life; however, it is harmful if it leads you to materialistic beliefs. Saturnian sensitivity to the topic of power suggests that you want to establish yourself in society through your own efforts. This pursuit is beneficial if you are able to take full responsibility of your position in society as a springboard for further research, and destructive if you end up becoming narrow-minded, rejecting experiences that go beyond the realities you understand. You are a graduate of a school of ordeal that studies truth. Direct experience is the best teacher; even if it confuses you from time to time, it is still the only reliable source of revelation. At the beginning of your life, you have a gross and unpolished truth, and later you may regret some of your assumptions and ideas. However, over the course of your life, your experience of the search for truth grows and deepens, and ultimately you prove the right to own an inexhaustible source of wisdom. To proclaim the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth, you must show all your courage. You want to protect yourself from danger, evade a direct answer, and attract authoritative people as protection. But be bold, for lying is harmful. It’s better to say nothing at all than to speculate. Truth is the purified essence of experience, the ideal society. Your ideal society would emphasize responsibility, integrity, and order. Each person would serve as an example for others so that they would not bend under the weight of the burden taken upon themselves, regardless of its size. In your ideal world, observance of the strictest discipline and obedience to the adopted law would reign, not based on fear of punishment, on the basis of a sincere belief that this is necessary if we want to preserve civilization. Formal rituals would play a huge role in the socialization process, for stability is at the very top of your list of ideals. As the ruler of the world, you would be the supreme sovereign: responsible, unshakable, but just, never taking advantage of your majestic position.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such people are very conservative about everything that happens and are distinguished by a staunchly dogmatic approach. They do not trust anything new, but at the same time they are very sincere and strive to obtain fundamental knowledge in all spheres. The process of comprehending one’s own higher “I” is stable and steady. Such a person can be a successful scientist, a productive philosopher, a famous educator and a knowledgeable university teacher. He can excel in publishing, preaching and politics, as well as in areas related to the need to use the gift of speech. Foreigners and foreigners are attracted to him, but relations with them do not always develop well. Youth is marked by dogmatism in the philosophy of life, and only in mature years does a person become wiser and gain patience. His mind is deep and his sense of humor is original. Fanaticism and intolerance are possible, bad relations with relatives are possible. Such a person either avoids traveling abroad, or devotes all his time to them. He is consistently interested in religious and philosophical issues, which he considers exclusively in the light of their practical value and social significance. Higher education is seen as a means of achieving credibility and professional success. Ambition leads such a person to an authoritative position in a religious organization or educational institution. Such people always care about their moral reputation, their religious views are conservative and traditional. They are not able to take a broad view of the world and accommodate opposing points of view. Everything is treated diligently and contemplatively, a tendency towards Puritanism is possible. Interest in geology, archeology and political economy is noted. Often such people turn out to be power-hungry and pessimistic, purposeful and hardworking. Often they are interested in astrology and esotericism. They are distinguished by the depth of thought and the tendency to get to the bottom of the truth. The desire for knowledge and wisdom often leads such a person to the path of asceticism, skepticism and fanaticism. There may be an interest in abstract knowledge and abstract sciences that such a person is able to apply in the practice of life. There is a tendency to accidents on long journeys. Serious conflicts with relatives of the life partner are possible.


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