Saturn in the 8th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Great self-control and restraint in relationships, fear of encountering violent emotions. The father had a strong influence on the person. He was not always at his best, and the person is afraid to repeat his mistakes and weaknesses. The opinion of others about him is very important for a person. For success, it is necessary to destroy the wall separating from the partner, and show him not a mask, but a real face. Dealing with partner money, corporate finance, taxes, inheritances, which are always associated with responsibilities. They must develop a sense of justice in the treatment of material values, since they are responsible for both other people’s and their own property. You may be annoyed by the fear of the unknown, of change, the fear of death. You resist change with all your might, rather than welcome it with curiosity and a passion for adventure, which makes it even more difficult for you. On the other hand, you are very concerned about pooling your strengths, and especially material resources, with others. You would like the property and property of other people and yours to be in perfect order.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– – the weakness of the outer armor is felt. The person feels the threat of the invasion of otherworldly forces. Extreme manifestations are partially neutralized. There is some time to prepare for the impending danger. Excessive vigilance, control in property, sexual relations is peculiar to a person. There may be serious chronic illnesses. Danger from falling, hypothermia. Threats from officers of the order, military personnel, chief, father. Situations conducive to self-transformation arise at work, while on duty, performing duty, alone, in isolation. Fear of loneliness. All Saturnian emotions are exacerbated: feelings of guilt, envy, fear of default. If Saturn is spawned – difficulties with inheritance, with public money. This results in litigation. Professions: Attorney, Notary, Correctional Officer, Tax Collector.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The fear of death makes a person attentive to life. For this incarnation, a person has outlined for himself an in-depth study of stressful situations, borderline situations and transitions from one egregor to another. First of all, this means that all kinds of crises and marginal states will be resolved for a long time and with great difficulty, so that a person can take his time to figure out what is happening and not let the most important moments of his life take a frivolous course. Unfortunately, people often completely misinterpret the signs and trials of fate, and tend to study only in educational institutions, and even then it is not at all what they should. Saturn, on the other hand, tries to fill the gaps in education, training directly on the skin of a person, and sometimes reaching the bones, which, by the way, governs. Here, the study gives high results: a detailed knowledge of karma and the true level of free will of people and collectives, as well as an understanding of the laws of birth and death, the transition from egregor to egregor and their specific ethics. However, for this you need to overcome a number of protracted depressive crises (external and internal) and learn to find sources of energy, will and enthusiasm in the completely waterless deserts of desperate selfishness and self-love. With the defeat of Saturn, strong irrational phobias, fear of dying of hunger or thirst, and others are possible; if it is harmonious, crises and tense situations are overcome consistently and successfully. Relations with the collective are harsh, a person will have high requirements for group ethics, and he is inclined to blame anyone for its shortcomings except himself. There may be a subconscious fear of the group and a desire to achieve success at its expense and gain power over it; all this is the essence, signs of insufficient study of the VIII house, in particular, there is not enough patience and effort in order to adapt in the group and understand its interests, aspirations, and also, last but not least, feel its warmth and charm and repay in kind. The attitude to occultism is threefold: it scares, arouses mistrust and at the same time attracts with potential opportunities, for the realization of which, however, it will take a lot of efforts, and a person along the way will change a lot, not necessarily for the better; here the temptation of unfounded vanity is strong in connection with the possession of esoteric truths and skills.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This indicates a person living separately from his child, who has eye diseases, attachment to yogic forms of knowledge and has a reputation as a master in his work. There is a tendency to lie or treachery. Life expectancy can be good if Saturn is not located in the 8th house in Aries. Diseases of the excretory system may be found. This person may also be uncommunicative.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

They deal with money, taxes, inheritances, are responsible for other people’s property. Struck Saturn – death from a long illness. With bad high planets – nightmares, with good ones – a deep understanding of the secrets of life.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Union. The position of Saturn in the 8th house speaks of a strong sense of responsibility in intimate relationships. It may indicate working hard to create long-term intimate relationships. Or it indicates anxiety. You may fear that it is you who are responsible for every failure in the partnership, and not only for the failure in the relationship itself, but also for any problems that arise in your partner’s life. You may distrust other people’s motives for acting, believing that they will kick you as soon as they sense your shortcomings well enough. These concerns are not unfounded – they need to be investigated with attention. Make a long-term agreement and fulfill commitments gradually, step by step. Even when you feel the onslaught of intimacy, remind yourself to move slowly. The trap is the desire to receive from others that which you have not given away. The challenge is to choose your partners carefully and then get to work hard. Moderate your sensitivity to other people’s reactions, your fears and fears of being criticized or humiliated for not changing fast enough or well enough. You know very well not only what should be changed, but also how to make those changes. Do not blindly follow the rules and patterns that come to you from outside; Forcing change out of fear of rejection will do nothing good. At the same time, don’t give up the work of changing yourself just because other people are pushing you towards transformation. The task is to be responsible for yourself for who you are, and not for who you think you should be. Remain calm, don’t protest, while continuing to gain strength through a measured forward movement. Your fears of ego death are only as strong as the power you give them, so celebrate the tiniest triumphs over inertia. And most of all, treat yourself gently and forgivingly. You can change, time works for you Sexual fusion. You want sexual relations to be tangible, not ethereal, but this desire is so demanding that it can overwhelm the very ability to have such an experience. You are afraid that if you “let go” of yourself, you will destroy yourself, so you hold back. The closer you get to the fulfillment of desire, the more you are pulled back. Sometimes you cannot achieve liberation, and you consider it a personal failure. This is not true. This is the result of being too heavy, too serious. You are suspicious of the desires that your loved one has for you. This is your defense against fear of rejection. The challenge is to patiently develop the capacity for sexual relaxation. Don’t forget, the path leading to the top of the mountain is long, the path is long. And only with this in mind, you can enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. Focused intuition. You feel that it is not enough for you to have intuitive abilities; you often need impeccable knowledge. These are too high expectations. You also fear the consequences of intuitive perception, believing that other people will kill the messenger. Finally, you fear that you are actually insane, that your intuition is unreal, and that you are the victim of some form of self-deception. Behind every trap are your real concerns, but none of them are true. The challenge is to work hard to develop intuitive abilities and slowly develop the belief that invisible worlds do exist and can be of great pragmatic value. Money means responsibility, whether you have a lot or a little. Often times, you face frustration – the reward for your patience is not as great as you hoped. Fortunately, Saturn improves over the years, like fine wine, and maturity can bestow powerful common sense on you. However, this can be achieved when you carefully manage the resources that partnerships provide you. Money that easily falls into your hands is like counterfeit money; you should reject get-rich-quick plans. The task is to be like a little pig, who builds a house of bricks.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person is always ready to take responsibility for managing his partner’s money and the finances of others. This aspect favors bankers and investors. Earns money with difficulty, showing excellent hard work. He knows how to not only save everything he earned, but also responsibly multiply. He takes sex very seriously, is interested in psychology and extrasensory perception, and studies with interest the post-mortem existence. Differs in enviable longevity. Demonstrates aptitude for jurisprudence, for solving problems of taxation and politics. Often associates a career with solving inheritance issues. With the defeat of the planet, there is a noticableness, unusual sexual desires and strange gastronomic tastes. Such a person should develop a sense of justice in relation to material values, since he is responsible not only for his own, but also for someone else’s property. When the planet is defeated, such people are often deprived of their due inheritance or dragged into legal disputes over entrusted values. They often suffer from late payment of taxes, or lose money as a result of lawsuits. In the absence of capital, it is difficult for them to satisfy their professional ambitions. With a positive development, they are able to successfully earn as a result of dexterous transactions using the funds entrusted to them. Possibly prone to nightmares and strange experiences of paranormal experiences. A deep understanding of the secrets of life is noted. Often marriage brings such a person significant financial difficulties, and business cooperation does not bring profit. Such people are distinguished by enviable stamina in overcoming obstacles and amazing endurance in difficulties. Often the implementation of the plans of such a person is hampered by his excessive distrust of others, a tendency to melancholy. A tendency to injury and accidents is often noted.



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