Saturn in the 7th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A sense of responsibility and justice. Late marriage or a serious, mature partner looking for a career. They work conscientiously and bear responsibility. You take your obligations to others very seriously, especially in close one-on-one relationships. Your strong sense of responsibility towards others makes you a reliable partner, but you often feel that marriage or some other binding obligation between you and another person is too burdensome, too constraining, and therefore you seek to avoid them. Close relationships can be more of a job for you than a pleasure, and it can feel like you are constantly “working” rather than enjoying it in marriage. However, you are persistent and in the end you will overcome all difficulties.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– – a strong factor in the stability of marriage, but not because of a strong emotional connection, but out of a sense of duty, common economic interests, and a sense of guilt. A partner can also be a burden. A partner is older or demanding, strict, seeks to organize everyone according to his vision of the world. The older the partner, the kinder. A marriage of convenience to someone older than himself but with a good career, or late marriage. A person is just, he fulfills all contracts punctually, he will not betray (if Saturn is not defeated). If Saturn is afflicted and weak, seeks to escape responsibility, has a “tarnished” reputation This position of the planet is one of the factors of celibacy and childlessness.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

You are no more defenseless before the world than it is before you. Saturn in the 7th house at a symbolic climax. Usually unworked Saturn produces a deep repressed phobia, consistent with the character of the house where it stands. In this case, a person, deep down in his soul, is terrified of the enemy, but not of any particular person, but rather of a hostile and dominant world as a whole. Enemies come across such that it is difficult to seek reconciliation with them, in particular, because their intrigues affect very sensitive places of the psyche and human life. Combat operations require high precision, concentration, concentration and the ability to wait, sometimes for a very long time. Attempts to take a fortress by storm instead of a long siege usually end in painful failure. Working out gives wisdom, good knowledge and understanding of the enemy and the ability to put him in such conditions when he will either surrender without a fight, or go to a mutually acceptable compromise and may even become an excellent partner; but this requires, first of all, to see and defeat the internal enemy: cowardice, irresponsibility, inattention and disrespect for the external world and other qualities of the lower octave of Saturn. In partnership, this person is restrained, silent. He does not like to throw words into the wind, trying to fulfill his promises. He is secretly ambitious and fears rivalry from his partner, but how reliable and how he will behave in difficult situations is difficult to say, it depends on the level of study of Saturn; in any case, it can be noted that courage in battle is given to him with difficulty, but having acquired it, he becomes stronger than many. In a marriage, especially at a young age, it is possible to project one’s duty and responsibilities onto a partner, dryness, stiffness, excessive seriousness. A marriage with a large age gap is possible, and then it is very important that the partner shares his knowledge and experience with the person, otherwise the marriage may fall apart: Saturn does not approve of idlers, especially in the house of its climax.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people can get a dubious spouse or partner from other lands. They travel a lot and are employed in various jobs. On their way, they meet black market dealers and may be involved in illegal activities. Classical texts mention that such a person is diplomatic, suffers from colic and hearing impairment. These people are fickle, callous at heart and have a tarnished reputation.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

A sense of responsibility, justice, ability to organize business. With Saturn struck – someone’s betrayal, lawsuits.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Reflected awareness. You came to Earth in order to reveal the reserves of the responsibility accumulated within you and to achieve the maximum possible degree of moral and psychological maturity. And the whole life around helps you to find what you want. Your opponents are stubborn and stubborn, consistent and surprisingly patient. For no reason, close people suddenly reject you from themselves – or force you to do the same for one reason or another. It is as if you are present at an incessant trial, are in an endless difficult competition with ill-wishers – and it is due to this that you deepen your awareness of yourself and understanding of the true mechanisms of the functioning of your own soul. You crave justice – and only face the realities of life that do not allow you to achieve what you want in one go. You are trying to establish yourself in a married life – and you constantly come across misunderstanding and coldness of your partner, some difficulties in mutual understanding and cooperation. You periodically get involved in relationships that bring you a lot of new difficult responsibilities. You are tested daily for maturity – and you stand it. The environment and partners require discipline and internal order from you – and they get what they want. And all because in this way you gain a unique opportunity to achieve an understanding of yourself and be content with the search for inner orderliness. Your opponents are stubborn and stubborn, your enemies are extremely tough and serious – but this is what keeps you from falling asleep in self-satisfaction – and you get the opportunity to strengthen your position precisely thanks to such a hard and cold environment. Although you know how to take the position of your interlocutors and perfectly understand the driving motives of your associates, nevertheless, you always strive to establish relationships within strict limits and with careful stipulation of the “rules of the game.” You take any form of partnership too seriously, not allowing yourself and others to let the interaction take its course. You skillfully suppress your opponents and wisely restrict your partners if your common interests so require. You carefully examine the positions of your partners and successfully look for weaknesses and mistakes. Despite the seeming coldness, you are responsive to the troubles of your neighbors, and therefore without hesitation and contrition you take responsibility for others. True, in return, you require complete obedience and control on their part, otherwise you simply cannot cooperate. Marital relations interest you no less than any other person, but you are noticeably different from most in the arrangement of your family life. A happy, stable marriage with an older or even older partner is possible. You tend to establish a marriage relationship seriously and for a long time, and therefore marriage can be postponed many times and therefore come at a later age. Sometimes choosing the right person is so painful and difficult that after many years of searching and thinking, you are left alone. No matter how long your marriage is and outwardly harmonious, for you it is always a serious job and a lot of mental and physical labor. Otherwise, you cannot – you simply cannot afford to “rest on your laurels” or make your neighbor work hard, doing chores for you. You are characterized by some alienation and isolation, you are as if “in a case”, and others constantly urge you to “relax” and “relax.” But these calls disappear in vain, because you are simply ordered internally and quite clearly follow the rhythm established within you. In a relationship with any ill-wisher, you always rely on a clear position that allows you to systematically and consistently fight for your rights and freedom of action. By persistence and perseverance, you deprive your enemies of the initiative, they are simply tired of fighting with you, seeing how deep and solid the foundations of your perseverance and steadfastness on the part of partners can be expected any trouble, since sooner or later your neighbors do not stand up to your orderliness and determination. Try not to “get hung up” on your partner, learn to give him at least a relative freedom of action and be prepared for the fact that sooner or later people part to go their own way. You should be wary of being overly attached to the people around you, as breaks in relationships and the departure of associates can fundamentally upset your health, causing an all-consuming wave of depression and sadness. When organizing relationships, do not shackle others in the shackles of promises and obligations to be faithful forever. Contracts, obligations. You are characterized by a tendency to conclude rigid, strictly defined and comprehensively agreed agreements and contracts. You negotiate difficult issues with great difficulty, as you clearly lack flexibility and diplomacy. You have an overly clear vision of the shortcomings of the other and cannot help but criticize him and try to persuade him. It is intransigence and stubbornness that can cause the breakdown of many important agreements. In the execution of contractual documents, you invariably show rare attentiveness and scrupulousness. You possess the amazing art of impeccably clear and rigorous formulation of specific provisions of agreements, you almost certainly know the question of the legal soundness and legality of certain clauses of the agreement. In general, you are characterized by a keen interest in legal and legal issues, however, the concrete implementation of the negotiation process presents a significant difficulty for you. The task is to master the method of controlled flexibility when considering the position of a partner in the negotiation process. To do this, it is necessary to clearly subdivide the contradictions into the main and the tertiary ones – and not insist on the latter. What you call cooperation is most often similar to the movement of climbers in a single bundle, or it is a joint process of developing patience and perseverance. Achieving creative compromises is not an end in itself for you. You pay much more attention to developing firmness and patience in yourself, and in your partner – to the manifestations of resilience and intransigence in critical situations. Cooperation with you is characterized by enviable stability and constancy – if it gets better at all, if you are not abandoned by partners at the first stages of joint activities. You are capable of organizing the group process with amazing clarity and strictly determining the framework and rules for cooperation with others. But usually you lack flexibility and compliance, and therefore in the end you are often alone – and forced to put your plans into practice without the help of employees. You like to work in small groups, isolated from the wider environment, strictly structured and ordered in both time and space of responsibilities. Adventurism is not peculiar to you – you like to work reliably and gradually, you do not like leaps and breaks of gradualness. For you, team management is about maintaining strict norms of mutual commitment and the strictest coordination of efforts. With others, you yourself work conscientiously, but you criticize others without restraint if you get the opportunity to evaluate the results and methods of their work. In short, not everyone can cooperate with you. The challenge is to channel the available energies of patience and constancy into organizing your own work, without interfering with others in their own creative manner. Partners or partnerships. Your natural partner embodies the ideals of patience, concreteness, and consistency. You are astonishingly selective in your choice of partners, which is why they turn out to be surprisingly mature, serious and clear in everything. Their reputation must be solid and solid. A partner should inspire you with unlimited trust – otherwise you would rather be completely alone than deal with unreliable, windy and unnecessary people. Behind the coldness and outward callousness of your companions lies a deep sense of responsibility and the desire to fulfill their duty to themselves and other people to the end. Often you show excessive criticism in assessing the positions and behavior of your colleagues, but this does not prevent you from productively interacting with them. Natural partnerships should be low-emotional, extremely meaningful and strictly organized. In this case, their severity not only does not limit your possibilities, but also allows you to develop a special sense of inner freedom – when a person learns to rely on his own strength and expects from partners only the return of decency and commitment turned in their direction. In partnerships, you cannot stand imbalances and violations of mutual obligations, you strive to establish and with all your might maintain a balance of rights and freedoms of each of the partners. Finally, you discourage social and pair conflicts, because you believe that no sort of clarification of relations can replace the productive and unswervingly creative co-creation of individuals bound by mutual constraints and obligations. The image is an instrumental quartet performing a complex classical piece in the chamber music hall.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Marriage and relationships with partners can be frustrating for such a person. There is often a large age difference. In general, such a subject has many problems with others. It is advisable not to marry until a certain age, until agreement is reached with oneself and the outside world. In relationships with the opposite sex, such a person exhibits rare caution, which may be the result of early disappointment in a loved one. He is responsible and looks like an adult. His aspirations and desires are aimed at achieving success in areas related to the public in one way or another. If the planet is defeated after achieving success and recognition, such a person may suddenly find himself out of work and be left aside. Although he is outspoken and friendly, he always needs periods of solitude to replenish his energy reserves, otherwise health problems will arise. Misuse of energies leads to loneliness. In all important relations and public affairs, such a person is extremely responsible and just. He connects his fate with serious and mature partners striving for high career achievements. A late and difficult marriage is possible, in which a person strives for balance, strength and duration of the relationship. As partners, such people are very responsible and obligatory, always work conscientiously and show enviable discipline. They are reliable workers and trustworthy companions. They are interested in jurisprudence, are talented in management, they are able to organize their own business, they formulate the terms of the contract well and can well ensure their future well-being and improve their career through cooperation with others. An affected planet attracts cold and heartless partners who are eternally critical of everything and everyone and represent a burden for such a person. Serious litigation with enemies, betrayal of colleagues and losses in legal proceedings are possible. One way or another, these people tend to be drawn into relationships that bring serious responsibilities with them. With a good development of events, the life partner turns out to be sincere, prudent and loyal, constant in love and serious about property. Relationships with others are full of challenges and obstacles. Serious failure in trade and in signing contracts is possible. Throughout his life, such a person learns to overcome difficulties, and therefore, as a result, acquires invaluable experience in dealing with obstacles. The married life of such a person is very stable, since marriage is rarely concluded impulsively and thoughtlessly. Damage to the planet can be a sign of celibacy, or an indication that marriage will be a source of trouble and misery. Connections and contacts with the environment are unstable. Such a person is forced to fulfill his duty and duties, as he is bound by numerous obligations. Professional success is possible in science, law and the art world. The main thing for such a person is the honesty and decency of the partner, his seriousness, conscientiousness, loyalty and devotion.


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