Saturn in the 5th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

A heavy duty towards your children or a difficult birth. The work is related to speculation, schools, places of entertainment. Striving for power. Often love is with an older, more mature partner. A loving relationship leads to heavy responsibilities. You may find it difficult to be at ease or to give vent to your feelings as you hold back, try to be overconscious, and worry about the impression you are making. You can be very persistent in any sport or work creatively, striving to excel, because you really want to be noticed, recognized, to be considered as someone special. While you can truly be outstanding, you need to learn how to relax and just enjoy life.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– indicates that a person has one child, and if two, then one of them is late. For such a person, all entertainment is “meaningless” if it does not lead to the satisfaction of personal ambitions. Love experiences are associated with a career, social claims (office romances). In creativity, he is traditional, follows in the mainstream of the beaten track. This position gives responsibility, thoroughness in the performance of any creative work. Entertainment – only on “calendar” holidays.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Sage. Saturn in the 5th house in a symbolic confinement. External images of “I” are created by a person with great difficulty and require a long and careful study, the main thing is to overcome the complex, and sometimes the phobia of the scene is defeated, when a person is afraid to be in the center of attention. Meanwhile, fate will definitely put him on one stage or another, so that he understands how imperfect the image of him that he can offer at the moment, and starts working on it. The first human reaction is hatred of the idea of reincarnation as such. “I don’t want to play anyone! Leave me alone, I want to be myself! ” – such a position is not true, since “being yourself”, from the point of view of karma, just means playing the roles that it offers to a person with maximum brilliance, without reducing them to one single, albeit publicly available role of the Depressive Gray Mouse. It is with the greatest difficulty that the role of a Man who Loves People is being developed here, since a person resolutely does not believe that his love can be needed at least by anyone, most likely, in childhood he was brought up in this belief. Hence comes an extreme distrust of someone else’s love and an intolerable atheism. That is, a person can even feel the Divine presence, but he does not believe himself and believes that his sensations are a deception of one kind or another, and when a person dies, everything turns into oxygen or hydrogen sulfide, whoever is lucky. The study consists in a thorough and in-depth finishing of those roles, the performance of which requires life under the slogan: “I may be bad at it, but I was instructed to do it, and I will do everything I can.” Sometimes it turns out very well, which is difficult for a person to evaluate; this, however, is not required of him.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

These people work hard – as teachers, preachers, or parents. Emotionally they are cold and disappointed in love. They are susceptible to digestive ailments and must eat light food. They can deeply study questions related to antiquity, as well as make dubious investments.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

Heavy responsibilities for children or difficult childbirth. With good aspects – ability in music, art, at worst – organizational. Toastmaster, entertainer, entertainer. With bad aspects – impotence, frigidity, financial losses.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Conscious person. The imperative of a conscious person is your pain point. You are so sensitive that stage fright becomes a bottomless trap. You want to defeat the fear of audience criticism, which at worst seems to you to be openly antagonistic, and at best, you are simply discussed on the sidelines and while criticism is hidden. When you are young, your “style of play” is rude and too cheeky, but over the course of life it becomes sophisticated, conservative, calm and authoritative. Less is better; intentional restraint is often interpreted by others as calm depth. The challenge is to transform vulnerability into strength by slowly ditching dumb and secondary roles and ultimately achieving a solid star position. Study your playstyle diligently and realize that being strong is the key to your safety. Romance, giving love. Grooming risk is a very serious problem. Romance is irresistible to you, but the possibility of rejection provokes a powerful and unrelenting anxiety. Before taking active action, you envision all possible forms of rejection so that you don’t be caught off guard by the pain of rejection. Of course, such a position leads to the set goal in very rare cases, because romantic relationships hardly thrive in the presence of such powerful pessimism. On the other hand, you may not notice the very real danger and throw yourself at your loved one with such brute force that he will turn away from you, and the result of everything is the very rejection that you are so afraid of. To be successful in love, you need to treat your loved one with care, without losing ground with your feet. The challenge is to realize that success in romance comes from patience and maturity. A gentle persistence leads you to your goal. A sexy spectacle. You feel the burden of doing the whole love show. An increased susceptibility to risk and failure is accompanied by a deep desire to overcome fears and a desire to ultimately prove to yourself that you are a brilliant lover. Too much failure or long-term frustration can cause rejection of yourself, other people, or both. However, curiously enough, rapid sexual success produces exactly the same result. It is necessary to go towards the goal slowly, gradually. Sex here is understood in its most physical forms, love relationships are abundant, sometimes there are even too many of them for your partner. The traps are impatience and frustration, and the task is to become confident and proficient in sexual intercourse with the help of gentle attention, to turn brute force into an exquisite product. Every time. when given the opportunity, give your creativity a physical form. Saturn is a symbol of mundane reality, comprehension of matter, therefore your natural arena is a sphere of solid structures. Of course, thinking is involved in the creative process, emotions are also a natural component of creativity, but structures are emphasized here. This can be understood in the literal sense of the word as sculpting or urban planning, or in a completely different way – as resource management, the combination of necessary components into the final product. The challenge is to make your work creative and equally make creativity your work. Competition lives within you, but you can consider yourself a person unlucky, so you need to win the very chance of success. You feel ashamed by your own fear and therefore risk everything, dare everything. Avoid the traps of inconsistency, either by refusing altogether to win a chance of success, or by engaging in reckless adventures from time to time. The challenge is to appreciate every small victory on the way to improving your skills. Don’t worry about the rules of any game putting you at a disadvantage, learn these rules cover to cover, and don’t bet when the odds are against you. Safety and success are achieved only with moderate risk.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

There is a tendency towards composure and depression. Rejection of love and serious problems with children are possible. Failure to understand other people leads to many misunderstandings. If such a person does not learn to radiate, give and take care of others, his creative manifestations will be very chaotic. He needs to take risks, only wisely based on an accurate calculation. Often such people turn out to be good teachers, disciplining their wards. Their attention is drawn to older people who are able to look at life seriously and purposefully. Excessive shyness and sexual problems are possible. Disorganization of life can lead to a waste of energies, talents and abilities for nothing. Greater personal organization inevitably leads to the development of true love and true devotion, as well as to achievement in science and success in creativity. The life of such people is full of heavy responsibilities associated with their own children. They possess aptitude for music, visual arts and building management. They know how to invest money wisely, they can get considerable benefit from doing show business. There is a pronounced desire for power and a leading position in society. Therefore, such people often become leading politicians. They prefer to love older and more mature people. Speculation and excitement can cause serious losses. Love relationships involve heavy responsibilities. Difficulties of an intimate nature, up to disappointment in love, are likely. Creative self-expression is restrained, there is a tendency to self-restraint. Excessive shyness and inability to behave sincerely and openly do not allow them to know the happiness of love. They need to learn not to withdraw into themselves, but to meet others halfway. Only sincere and warm relationships will make them happy. Sexual difficulties are sometimes associated with mental retardation. It may be difficult to contact children due to excessive severity and pettiness in handling them. Coldness of feelings and inability to love are often noted. The life of such a person is full of disappointments, obstacles and delays in love relationships. Compensatory painful intensification of erotic interests is often noted. The death of a loved one, antipathy to entrepreneurship and losses due to excessive entertainment with which such a person tries to excite himself are possible. Possible marriage with a person who has lost a life partner. Investment in real estate brings success.



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