Saturn in the 4th house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Great responsibility in the home and family. Strict and conservative parents, in old age they are a burden. Alienation from the family, hard struggle to support the family. Profession – real estate trade, construction, rental business, agriculture, production of household goods. Under old age – loners, stay-at-home or connected with the house by special circumstances. Your childhood or your relationship with your parents was associated with limitations, lack of love or happiness – as a result, later in life, it was difficult for you to allow other people to get closer to you. You felt deprived of something – whether it really was or not. Your youth may be characterized by emotional separation or suppression of your needs and feelings, or at least so you can remember. It is very difficult for you to forgive your parents and forget your grievances due to the limitations you experienced as a child.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The person has an uncomfortable home. He makes increased demands on the safety of the home. Family relationships can be difficult – there is not enough warmth, but common concerns and responsibility unite the family. A person is attached to a father or mother out of guilt or due to moral reasons. This position gives interest to the land. A person can have significant real estate. Strong rear.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Hermit. Saturn in the 4th house in a symbolic confinement. This position implies that life positions are very deep and need to be carefully worked out: first awareness, and then coordination with the real conditions of existence. Initially, there will be big problems with the house in life, most likely, a roof will leak, and a poisonous snake or another, somewhat more pleasant creature will be hiding in the underground, which forces a person to seek a mental home and protection within himself. With harmonious aspects to Saturn, this can be done, at least in part. When stressed, strong phobias arise, the roots of which are poorly understood. That which manifests itself outwardly is quite enough to completely ruin a person’s life, and in severe cases, make him a permanent patient of a psychiatric hospital. The difficulty is that the life position (and not without reason) is purely pessimistic: a person is mortally afraid of the world and therefore dreams of hiding from it and, in an aggressive version, destroying it. Overcoming this position, which often comes from early childhood, is very difficult, not least because it is deeply repressed. The study follows the path of wisdom, which alone is able to oppose its light to the black horror that waves in waves from the caves of the subconscious. In turn, wisdom is an indirect result of ministry under the motto: “Without having my own home, I will help others build it.” Religiousness will appear, first of all, as a relief of constant internal tension associated with an irrational (or real) feeling of a threat to one’s existence. At home this person will most likely be uncomfortable, the skeletons in the closets are too expressive or the children are somehow unkempt; but systematic cleaning and constant elementary attention to household members can move the most difficult internal problems of a person off the ground, which, by the way, with a harmonious map, can be completely invisible to a superficial glance.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

This combination indicates success away from the place of birth and at least many opportunities favorable for traveling abroad. These people act well in natural surroundings. Significant education is not very important. They make good parents, and they are associated with people who have yogic power. They are renounced at heart and can lead a simple life. They can become owners of significant property. They may have chest and heart conditions; the mother’s health may be poor. Success is likely in agriculture, printing, and the automobile industry.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

When Saturn is struck – strict, conservative parents, in old age they are a burden. They live far from their family. Often – limitations in life, even in old age. Professions: construction, agriculture, rental business. In old age – loners, homebodies.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Microcosm. The position of Saturn in the 4th house indicates seriousness and great conceit. Privacy, secrecy is a complex topic. At times it seems forced rather than voluntary, more like being sent to solitary confinement than being in a safe place, as if you have been effectively banned from contact with other people. At other times, you feel that your solitude is overshadowed by pedantic responsibility and you must literally steal your loneliness, jealously defending it. Traps swarm around the fear that you may never achieve truly balanced egocentricity. How can you be the center of everything while remaining humble? The task is to realize that your essence is inviolable; it is the source of the power hidden in the depths of your self, like the roots of a giant oak tree. Personal safety. Safety is coupled with responsibility, especially the feeling that you have to follow some fundamental family tradition, whatever the cost. You probably think it would be selfish to do things differently, even if the responsibility you are entrusted with is extremely burdensome. The severity of these traditions can be troubling, but you obediently follow them rather than trying to figure them out. This behavior reflects in part your basic conservatism, your special sensitivity to strong, reliable structures. You are circumspect, working like “the little pig building his house out of bricks” to assert the lasting value of the home and family. While we all fall into the traps of shame in our families and we try to get out of them, you in particular must work long and hard to overcome any crippling influences of shame. The task is to honor the past, but not to sacrifice oneself. Emotional clichés. Your family was highly structured, marked on the one hand by an unyielding respect for authority and, on the other hand, by a sense of fragile austerity. It was difficult for you to define your role in the family. You could feel insignificant, unwanted or unloved, or, conversely, very significant, like a bird in a gilded cage. In any case, the alienation is explicit, and sometimes implicit, unconscious. This is loneliness both at the very top and at the very bottom of marital status. But you learned how to fulfill your desires and at the same time not fall into the trap. Whatever you have, whatever you do, whoever you are – you have achieved this most of all and have learned the most firmly. A parent, “internally connected” with a person. What can we say about the paternal symbol in the maternal realm? Indeed, it may turn out that the father is the parent who has an inner connection with you, but it is more likely that your mother has taken over the role of the father. For you as a child, she was the personification of authority and external structuring force. This position is often associated with the “absence” of the father, his psychological neutralization in some way, and not necessarily physical absence. Private intuition. Can you trust yourself? You want to get help from leaders, but you may be scared to use it for fear that you might not be worthy of your best counselor. The key to solving this problem is self-esteem, developed long and hard; self-respect that can be transformed into faith – true faith in oneself. Honor the justice of your inner leaders; At times they can seem unforgiving, cold and even insensitive, but in the end they are always on your side, helping you to become strong, powerful and mature. The state of real, sincere adulthood is very difficult to achieve for each of them. Your leaders want you to reach this rare state.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Such a person usually has a lot of responsibility for his own family. She constantly takes care of elderly relatives and is afraid of her own old age. Possible early loss of one of the parents, or serious problems in connection with them. Such a person is completely attached to the family and tends to live in the past. At first glance, a person gives the impression of being independent and self-reliant, but is afraid to break away from the family and leave the parental home. His life changes for the better when he leaves his native place. Often he feels unsuitable for life and not hardworking enough, but these feelings make him work doubly, which guarantees great achievements. He tends to be proud of his ancestry and family, loves antiques and can excel in the real estate business. A spiritual attitude to life helps to overcome the limiting worries and excessive emotionality. The parents of such a person are strict and conservative, he has to diligently look after them. Home life is full of limitations and addictions. Often, such people are alienated from their own family and struggle hard to maintain their well-being. They achieve success in the construction and production of household goods. They very carefully take care of household chores and show rare zeal in handling property and inheritance, which they try to preserve and increase. By old age, they become lonely couch potatoes and associate their entire life with domestic existence. Property gives them a lot of anxiety. They are characterized by a propensity for acquisitions and chronic dissatisfaction with the family environment. An abundance of worries and many obligations weigh them down and interfere with success. Such people have a good sense of earning money, show rare caution and thrift. They are often quite painful in the early years. Possibly special food selectivity due to excessive tension in the digestive system. The first two-thirds of life is full of great difficulties and difficulties. Everything acquired is persistently protected and stubbornly held. Material losses are more than compensated for by spiritual gains. Throughout his life, such a person is looking for truth and truth, expanding the spiritual horizon and deepening ideal needs. We can say for sure that the life of such a person is difficult and difficult. The people around them give them little joy.


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