Saturn in the 3rd house


Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

Discipline of mind and practicality, thoughts are expressed only after thinking everything well. Through perseverance and methodical thinking, the ability for mathematics and science. They work in a publishing house, printing house and print media, accounting, secretaries, researchers, librarians, writers, scientists. When making contracts, be very careful when rewriting agreements. Except for business, they are not inclined to travel. You are serious, and it may not be easy for you to have a casual conversation in society, to maintain friendly, friendly relations. You try to be very careful and critical of people who tend to exaggerate or talk about a subject that you don’t really know much about. You keep thoughts and opinions in your head until you think it over thoroughly, and at times your silence creates inconvenience to the interlocutors. Your mind is well adapted to concentration, but you may lack breadth of understanding.

B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives monotony, slowness of speech. A person carefully expresses his judgments, narrows the scope of his intellectual perception too much, follows the canons. Primary school is an ordeal for him. Primary education brings guilt. Fears of punishment are associated with studies. Problems in relations with brothers, sisters, neighbors: a person makes high demands on them or they are on him – they strive to organize and control it. Sister, brother take on the functions of parents. Quarrels with loved ones, loss of a brother, sister, trouble at school. More skeptic in words than in deeds. Difficulties with paperwork (travel cards). The work is connected with travel. Fateful trips.

Francis Sakoyan. Planets in houses

The bitter lessons of fate are addressed to the lower principle of man. In general, Saturn requires an in-depth study of the house in which it stands. A person must withdraw into himself and carefully understand his attitude to the relevant problems and circumstances of his life. If he does not do this, frustrations, neuroses and phobias arise, which are partially repressed, but a person’s life (except for completely harmonious destinies) spoil quite strongly. A person with Saturn in the 3rd house as a whole does not trust people (the Moon in Capricorn gives distrust to the world as a whole – external and internal, and Saturn in the II house – distrust to the outside world), having, of course, grounds for this, as, incidentally, and any other person. But for him this distrust will be emphasized: as if a chilling cold seizes him upon entering a room filled with people. In addition, communication at times is directly contraindicated for him, solitude is required, during which there is a comprehension of relations with others and restoration of strength. With the defeat of Saturn, the inner image of another person will be ugly and scary, and this should be dealt with. Such an attitude naturally gives rise to hostility from the social environment, sometimes turning into direct aggression. In a harmonious version, this is a serious, restrained, reliable, somewhat reserved and seemingly very intelligent person who you want to trust and consult with him on all significant issues. A study is very important here, which primarily concerns the development of a social ethics adequate to one’s karma, and in particular the solution of the following question: who should love whom and who should serve whom – am I to people or are they to me? Saturn in the 3rd house gives difficult school years and youth, when you have to study a lot. The contrast of the change of harmonious IV and I houses to Saturn III, which turns on when the child goes to school, is especially felt. This person hardly grasps on the fly, at least not everything, especially if the III house is not in an air sign. Fate and circumstances force him to increase his concentration of attention and narrow the field of interests for a deep study of any subject, otherwise the person does not remember or understand anything. Working through is sometimes replaced by attempts to ignore the action of Saturn and flickering a kaleidoscope of subjects in teaching like the Jupiter variant, but with much more negative consequences, in particular, the development of a phobia towards the idea of learning in general. From people with Saturn in the 3rd house dry, strict teachers come out, sometimes with a very deep knowledge of the subject. The study emphasizes the purposefulness and effectiveness of training.

Indubala. Planets in homes. (Indian tradition)

Such people may have disagreements with relatives, a lot of anxiety related to their brother; there may be an abortion or loss of a child. On the other hand, their occupation is stable, they are involved in a labor partnership with significant opportunities, they have a fairly long life, they are brave enough, skillful in practical activities, and have decent physical strength. They have a melancholic and sometimes rude mindset.

Het Monster. Planets in houses

They work in publishing houses, printing houses, editorial offices: secretaries, accountants, writers, scientists. Except for business, they are not inclined to travel. With bad aspects – bad relations with neighbors, brothers, sisters.

Bill Herbst. Horoscope Houses

Surrounding people and objects. You are naturally gifted with the ability to seek out details, to concentrate on the structural features of any environment. You are very receptive to established rules of conduct; you strive to obey the restrictions of your environment on your freedom of movement, even if they frustrate you. The trap lies in your tendency to be too active. Excessive excitement drains your nervous system, causing at least a temporary stop in its work. The challenge is to concentrate your nervous energy on only a small number of activities, taking one step completely before taking another. You are especially susceptible to mental rules, you are often disturbed by the feeling that formal procedures must be followed to the letter. You are constantly working on improving the mental apparatus, slowly and diligently, step by step, tracing the logic, “debugging” the program. The trap is to give yourself up to the service of duty so much that you stop even thinking about entertainment. If this happens, you can become cold and even self-loathing, either rejecting rationalism altogether, or becoming an ambitious cynic who pours a bucket of cold water over the heads of those who like to soar in mental fantasies. The challenge is to allow your mental skills to mature into a semblance of fine wine, until uncertainty and fear turn into an astonishingly durable susceptibility, an unassuming and prosaic pragmatism so strong it cannot be shaken. Curiosity. You tend to be more interested in knowledge than curiosity in the usual sense of the word. This urge is quite wonderful and fits perfectly with your temperament as long as the urge to acquire knowledge is rewarded with real satisfaction at the end of the search process. However, sometimes you treat your curiosity like homework, which is assigned to you by an invisible and strict teacher, but this attitude is a trap for you. The challenge is to perceive curiosity: as something that provides you with the structure that, through understanding, allows you to strengthen the security of your world. Soft but firm authority and a coherent structure are the key concepts in this section. If a child gently perceives instructions, rules and masters the hierarchy of power, then his skills will develop slowly but steadily. Learning can turn into a lifelong work, a process of slowly seeking a better realization of life. Otherwise, primary education may later be seen as a time of trial and trauma. Basic education is a topic that needs to be taken seriously. The educational process moves along a scale, on the one hand, bearing the burden of fear of mental inadequacy (“I am stupid and incapable of learning”), and on the other hand, the desire to try the mind, master knowledge (“I can, in the end, study everything that I want to. ”) Communication. You tend to speak sparingly and pragmatically. The shorter the better, and you prefer to first think about what you are talking about, and only then open your mouth. When you do decide to speak, other people should listen carefully to your words, for there will be few of them and they will be selected carefully. The style of speech in this position of the planet is concise and expressive, sometimes slow or ponderous, and extremely rarely reveals your true inner character. Your voice is a mask, very important, but still a mask. If other people want to communicate with you and understand you, then they should not listen to the emotional coloring of speech, they probably will not get anything from it. They need to focus on the structure and content of what you are saying.

Universal interpretation. Planets in houses

Patient, tactful, inclined to discern facts and real arguments. Possible serious problem with your own children. Often such a person grows up completely alone. Lack of love in early childhood and lack of quality education are likely. Able to write very detailed letters. With a keen mind and ability to concentrate, he speaks very orderly and consistently. Full of many unfounded fears. Sometimes it seems to him that everyone is angry with him. This leads to a feeling of inappropriateness to the environment and determines the development of depression. The mind is disciplined and practical. Such a person expresses his thoughts only after thinking everything thoroughly. Through perseverance and methodical thinking, he shows an ability for mathematics and natural sciences. Works successfully in publishing and printing houses. Effective as an accountant and secretary, writer and teacher, editor and administrator, researcher and librarian. Very careful when making contracts. He only goes on purely business trips, he is not inclined to travel without purpose. There may be tensions with siblings. Obsessing over the negative and thinking about troubles awakens self-pity and grumpiness. During school and vocational training, he encounters many difficulties and disappointments, knows how to learn from his own mistakes, of which he makes more than enough. Difficulty in education is irritating. The mind is depressed and overly cautious, apprehensive and anxious, anxious and distrustful. The state of mind improves with age, becoming more conscious, thoughtful and capable of concentrating on the serious and wise. This person is reliable, tactful, diplomatic. He reflects methodically and calmly, concentrates easily and exhibits a rare mental composure. Has a gift for thorough research and writing. Thoughtful, melancholic, often at odds with relatives. It is possible the formation of cunning and sneakiness, as well as a tendency to conduct an unfair struggle to achieve a position. The young years of such a person are marked by constant anxiety and painful vigilance.


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